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    Vijay Mallya’s extradition more doubtless to support BJP in Lok Sabha polls, will impress Congress indispensable salvo against Modi govt – Firstpost

    Vijay Mallya’s extradition more doubtless to support BJP in Lok Sabha polls, will impress Congress indispensable salvo against Modi govt – Firstpost

    With the Lok Sabha election campaign at its top, with the first half of elections to be held on 11 April, every ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ by the ruling BJP might maybe well hang a vital wider political ramifications. And in this context, the increased possibilities of Vijay Mallya’s extradition might maybe well support BJP very much while costing Congress one of its salvos against the BJP.

    Inner an hour of the UK High Court rejecting Vijay Mallya’s utility to file an enchantment against his extradition expose passed by the Westminster Magistrate’s Court in December last year, Twitter users sprang into action and birthday celebration with hashtags paradoxically ‘welcoming’ the fugitive businessman to tweets of ‘elevate-relieve-Mallya’ flooding the social media dwelling.

    Vijay Mallyas extradition likely to benefit BJP in Lok Sabha polls, will cost Congress major salvo against Modi govt

    File photo of Vijay Mallya. PTI

    In December last year, Westminster Magistrate’s Court had ordered Mallya’s extradition to stand trial on charges introduced by the CBI and ED. Following which Mallya had filed an utility of enchantment to the UK High Court, which this present day while rejecting the Mallya’s plea, upheld the Westminster Magistrate’s Court resolution.

    Now, the fully possibility left for the beleaguered commercial tycoon is to enchantment to the UK Supreme Court to end his extradition. Following the rejection of his enchantment, now Mallya will rep a possibility to fresh oral submissions. If the court docket rep merit and Mallya’s licensed knowledgeable is ready to persuade the court docket by bringing in some new file or field fabric that can maybe well develop solid case for novel path, then fully Mallya can place himself from being despatched relieve to India.

    Mallya who fled the country in 2016 used to be arrested in April 2017 on an extradition warrant. After that a nine months path resulted in the Westminster Magistrate’s Court judgment.

    Mallya’s arrest and the Westminster Magistrate’s Court judgment ordering his extradition used to be viewed as a indispensable diplomatic consume for India. Then again, his enchantment resulted in the lengthen in extradition. Now, with excessive court docket rejecting his enchantment, it has extra increased the possibilities of Mallya’s extradition.

    Vijay Mallya had fled the country after defaulting on loan funds to the tune of Rs 9,000 crore to a consortium of 31 banks. India has been seeking Mallya’s extradition on charges of fraud and cash laundering.

    While Mallya’s protection has argued that his inability to pay the loan used to be attributable to ‘commercial failure’, the prosecution has claimed that Mallya had deliberately defaulted the loan.

    And this allegation of his ‘willfully’ defaulting the loan amounts, taken from several banks and the actual fact that he fled the country without making attempts to pay it earned him the ‘fugitive’ price.

    His rep away and extradition become a indispensable political field with Congress accusing the BJP of allowing him to hover the country. On the lots of hand, BJP pointed out the actual fact that every body the loans to Mallya had been sanctioned at some level of Congress-led UPA regime.

    Final month, the arrest of Nirav Modi, the predominant accused within the $2 billion Punjab National Financial institution rip-off case, in London by the Scotland Yard used to be projected as a indispensable boost to India’s efforts to elevate relieve the fugitive diamantaire.

    The arrest got here after a London court docket issued an arrest warrant against Nirav essentially based on a requirement by the ED for his extradition in a cash laundering case.

    His arrest used to be viewed on myth of solid diplomatic negotiations below Modi and helped the BJP express its claim of India rising as a stronger nation-remark below Modi.

    While the opposition and critics of the BJP govt rejected all ‘excessive claims’ as optics, the actual fact remains, that in a poll year such news is certain to support the BJP’s possibilities.

    ‘Mallya ran away with the no longer easy earned cash of of us’ used to be a yarn that used to be constructed round his rep away. He used to be projected as an ‘enemy’ of the country and bringing him relieve used to be projected as indispensable impart for BJP.

    Now with his enchantment been rejected, his extradition has become extra doable. Provided that it has took remark within the week when incumbent BJP goes to poll seeking its reelection, it is a ways mainly going to support it.

    And on the an identical time Congress who has been attacking BJP on this ground might maybe well lose one of its salvos.

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