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    Social media makes a ‘silent’ comeback to Kashmir Valley

    Social media makes a ‘silent’ comeback to Kashmir Valley

    In this Jan. 30, 2020, photo, Kashmiri journalists browse the internet on their mobile phones inside the media center set up by government authorities in Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir.

    On this Jan. 30, 2020, photo, Kashmiri journalists browse the internet on their cellphones interior the media center build up by authorities authorities in Srinagar, Indian managed Kashmir.
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    Account for makes no present of the ban on these platforms.

    Nearly 65 lakh cell Net customers were able to make expend of the social media platforms after seven months on Wednesday, as theJ&Okay authoritiesextended ban on the high-high-tail internet till March 17 and fasten precondition for pre-paid cell cellphone customers.

    Basically the most modern uncover, on the opposite hand, is silent whether or no longer the ban uncover issued on January 25 on the social media platforms has been withdrawn or no longer.

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    “Upon regular review of affect of the directions for legislation of the telecom services and products on the overall security effort and maintenance of public uncover, theNet high-tail shall be restricted to 2Gtill March 17. Fastened-line Net connectivity shall proceed to be made out there with Mac-binding,” reads the uncover of well-known secretary, Home, Shaleen Kabra.

    The J&Okay Home department on January 25 had issued anuncover to restore 2G cell service, first time since August 5, on the cellphones however “allowed get entry to to the 301 white-listed web sites and now to not any social media applications allowing witness to witness communication and virtual non-public networks (VPNs) applications”. Since then, the Home department orders repeated the ban on expend of social media and VPNs.

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    Basically the most modern uncover is silent over the social media platforms and the expend of VPNs and is being construed by the customers as withdrawal of the ban. On the other hand, no person used so as to get entry to the platforms till Wednesday evening. “I’m now unable to make expend of any social media. Even get entry to on-line is most productive to whitelisted web sites,” said Reyaz Ahmad, a trader in Srinagar.

    The service suppliers, the uncover said, had been asked to get get entry to most productive after pre-paid SIMs are “verified as per the norms appropriate to post-paid connections”.

    Sources said the BSNL will in all probability be ready to restore mounted-land broadband services and products with Mac-binding in Kashmir to customers, as soon as formal orders attain it.

    “The get entry to facilities supplied by the authorities on e-terminals and Net kiosks besides particular arrangements for vacationers, college students, merchants and masses others. shall proceed,” the uncover said.

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