Samsung Galaxy S20 review

Samsung Galaxy S20 review

Our Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S20 isn’t the most cutting-edge of Samsung’s S20 lineup – that honor goes to the Galaxy S20 Ultra – then again it’s nonetheless a extremely efficient cell phone with an ergonomic and tasty intention, and the introduction of as much as the moment parts treasure 5G, the 120Hz point out and upgraded rear cameras function it an prominent handset in its contain moral.


  • A truly out of the ordinary point out
  • Solid digicam efficiency
  • A great deal of vitality and 5G-ready


  • Worth is better, seriously for 5G
  • Erratic fingerprint scanner
  • Doesn’t make stronger all 5G networks

Samsung Galaxy S20 two-minute review 

What came about to the Galaxy S11? Samsung skipped a pair of numbers for its most stylish Galaxy S20, which takes over the flagship mantle from 2019’sGalaxy S10. While it will be an advanced jump, there’s lawful rationalization for it, as Samsung has packed plenty in: it is a huge upgrade, seriously if you happen to’re interested to win your first 5G cell phone.

The Galaxy S20 is much less expensive, and simpler to deal with, than theGalaxy S20 Plusand hugeGalaxy S20 Ultra, nonetheless that doesn’t mean right here’s a low-attach or low-spec instrument.

Here is what you may perchance even be getting: a 6.2-tear camouflage with a speedily 120Hz refresh fee, 5G download speeds (where on hand), high-spec cameras on either aspect of the cell phone, and a expansive battery as well.

Here is the cell phone to win if you happen to are looking out to check out out the unusual tech that Samsung has to present, nonetheless you don’t desire a monumental cell phone, or a monumental dent to your pockets. You may perchance ride for the Ultra if you happen to desire extra storage or a 108MP digicam, and may perchance stretch to the value mark, nonetheless for day-to-day utilize the S20 is going to be the handiest different for many folks.

Beneath the hood is a extremely efficient unusual chipset, either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 (where you are living will resolve which you’ll win) as smartly as either 8GB or 12GB of RAM, looking out on whether you purchase the 4G or 5G cell phone. And some folks will handiest be ready to purchase the 5G cell phone – you furthermore mght can read on below to uncover which versions are on hand to your space.

The digicam is one other highlight of this cell phone, with Samsung boosting a bunch of specs on the rear array. All three predominant cameras trust been improved (together with increased pixel sizes to beef up night time pictures by allowing extra light in), and there are also a pair of application tweaks to beef up the general skills.

The telephoto lens is even better than the one on the Galaxy S10 too, allowing you to shoot high quality 3x optical zoom pictures or stretch the total procedure to a 30x digital zoom. The Galaxy S20 Ultra has a better digicam general, nonetheless most folk will be extra than overjoyed with the shooter on this cell phone.

One other highlight of the Galaxy S20 is its 4,000mAh battery. It’s better than the cell within the S10, and we’ve chanced on the battery life to be critical with traditional utilize – this cell phone isn’t going to final you unprecedented longer than one day of traditional utilize, nonetheless what smartphone does?

The expanded potential has had one negative : it’s squeezed out the headphone jack. It is the identical narrative with the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, and it is the important thing time Samsung has dropped the characteristic from its S vary.

The Galaxy S20 is lacking a pair of of the tip-live parts that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is exhibiting off, then again it’s extra much less expensive, and simpler to care for or store to your pocket, and whereas it will also no longer be the most impressive instrument from Samsung in 2020, it’s a extremely efficient cell phone that can extra than fulfill most who purchase it.

Choose to read extra about what we mediate of the Galaxy S20? Read on below:

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Samsung Galaxy S20 begin date and value  

Brace yourself: you’re going to pay extra for the Galaxy S20 than the Galaxy S10 which means of its 5G upgrade, improved cameras and better 6.2-tear 120Hz point out.

Within the US, UK and Australia the Galaxy S20 5G attach is $999 / £899 / AU$1,499 for the model with 128GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. You may perchance be ready to add extra storage with a microSD card as much as 1TB, nonetheless if you happen to desire 256GB or 512GB of internal storage you’ll trust to purchase the S20 Ultra. 

The cell phone also can be on hand in a 4G model in some markets, together with the UK, Australia and UAE, priced at £799 / AU$1,349 / AED 3,199 for 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. These within the US are handiest ready to win the 5G variant.

That 4G cell phone aside, the addition of 5G map you may perchance even be paying extra for this yr’s nefarious model than for the nefarious-model S10. Within the US on the least,, the flagship inherits theGalaxy S10 Plusbegin attach – $100 extra than the nefarious-model S10. It also fits the $999iPhone 11 Expertbegin attach within the US, regardless that Apple’s cell phone has a smaller 5.8-tear point out, and that attach will get you factual 64GB of storage.

You may perchance be ready to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S20 now within the US, UK and Australia.

Originate and point out

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a 6.2-tear point out, offering precisely 0.1-tear extra camouflage proper estate than 2019’s 6.1-tear S10. It doesn’t dramatically alternate the general dimension of the cell phone, and its max resolution stays the identical as that of as much as the moment Samsung Galaxy S fashions at WQHD+ (3040 x 1440).

Samsung is nonetheless offering a default resolution of Fleshy HD+ (2220 x 1080), which appears extra than bright sufficient for many tasks, and saves battery; you’ll trust to transfer into the settings to swap to the easier resolution.

A expansive upgrade for the Galaxy S20 is the most 120Hz refresh-fee point out. Here is double the flee at which the purpose out refreshes on most telephones, together with old Samsung gadgets, and what it map in put together is smoother scrolling and animations.

Here is amazingly pertinent whereas you’re cell gaming as it permits for a extra immersive skills and also can come up with the threshold over an opponent, then again it makes day to day things treasure scrolling thru your social media feeds search smoother too.

This isn’t the important thing time we’ve viewed this on a smartphone – both theAsus ROG Cellphone 2andRazer Cellphone 2characteristic identical tech – nonetheless right here’s arguably the important thing time we’ve viewed it on a mainstream instrument. 

The unusual 120Hz refresh fee isn’t WQHD+-treasure minded even supposing which map it is basic to take cling of whether you wish the easier resolution point out or the faster loading image.

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Touch-sensitivity also can be upped, to 240Hz from 120Hz to function games extra responsive, by sensing your finger brushes on the camouflage at a unprecedented better fee than beforehand. This isn’t one thing we chanced on noticeable when we were using the cell phone, nonetheless these extra devoted to their cell gaming may perchance win that it makes a distinction.

We know an enlarge in camouflage dimension may perchance very smartly be off-striking for some (there’s pent-up quiz for smaller one-hand-pleasant telephones), and we trust lawful news and terrifying news about that. First the lawful news: whereas the S20 is taller than the S10, it’s also a chunk narrower, with a 20:9 aspect ratio, and the camouflage is handiest marginally better.

Here’s the terrifying news: there’s noGalaxy S10esequel (that was as soon as the smallest, and most price-efficient, of the S20 vary) to present these with smaller hands a 5.8-tear point out dimension. 

The S20 is as miniature as Samsung’s 2020 S telephones win, and whereas we just like the smaller entrance-facing digicam punchole and return of HDR10+ to the purpose out for punchier and further detailed photos when gaming and watching motion photos, a chunk of camouflage dimension vary may be unprecedented extra welcome. 

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

The Galaxy S20 has one amongst the handiest displays on hand on a smartphone moral now, and if you happen to’re after a high-live cell phone camouflage that doesn’t weigh down your pocket you’re obvious to treasure the 563 pixels per tear this cell phone presents.

The relaxation of the Samsung Galaxy S20 sports a familiar search, with two pieces of glass sandwiching an aluminum body. There’s nonetheless a curve to the moral and left edges of the camouflage, then again it’s no longer as pronounced as on the S10, which is ready to with any luck mean fewer accidental presses along the sides of the purpose out.

The S20 telephones are the important thing within the S vary no longer characteristic a 3.5mm headphone jack. That map you’ll trust to make utilize of an adapter (which isn’t included within the field) along with your most stylish 3.5mm wired headphones, or win a pair with a USB-C connection.

Image 1 of 4

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 2 of 4

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 3 of 4

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 4 of 4

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Here is the case with a bunch of flagship telephones now, and whereas it will also disappoint some, the characteristic is much less of a deal-breaker with increasingly of us using wi-fi and factual-wi-fi headphone and earbuds – and naturally Samsung has you lined with its containGalaxy BudsandGalaxy Buds Plus

The rear of the cell phone is fabricated from glass, then again it feels extra premium than ever. The raised digicam bump is our predominant bother point, then again it’s one thing that Samsung has had to enact in inform to consist of all that digicam tech. It does mean the cell phone will rock backward and forward if you happen to location it flat on a surface even supposing.

There are 5Galaxy S20 coloursin entire, nonetheless no longer all of these are on hand in every market. The alternatives are Cloud Blue (the handset pictured most in this review), Cosmic Grey, Cloud Crimson, Cloud White and Aura Red.

These within the US, UK and Australia will handiest be ready to take from the Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue and Cloud Crimson alternatives at begin, nonetheless you may perchance even be ready to win the others at a later date. It’s value pointing out that there aren’t any daring color decisions right here, and these are all reasonably subdued alternatives when in contrast with the Galaxy S10 color vary.

As on the S10 vary, the fingerprint scanner is embedded within the purpose out. We chanced on this to be faster and further legit than the probability on the Galaxy S10, then again it isn’t ideal with us on a out of the ordinary foundation having to retry our digits on the reader so as to entry the cell phone.

This isn’t a predominant relate, nonetheless if you happen to are looking out to quick free up your cell phone you may perchance are also looking out to endure in thoughts that in our skills a transient PIN code entry can every so recurrently be faster than using the scanner.


Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Samsung has made some basic steps forward with the digicam setup on the Galaxy S20 whereas you evaluate it to the Galaxy S10, nonetheless no longer all of the improvements are reflected within the stats you observe within the spec list.

We mediate it’s handiest if you happen to purchase the plethora of number-heavy digicam specs with a pinch of salt, and as a change trust in thoughts what they mean by the photos you furthermore mght can salvage. In every other case the S20 cameras may perchance search treasure a downgrade when in contrast with old Samsung gadgets, and that’s a ways from the case.

The predominant digicam, which stays 12MP, has an f/1.8 aperture. That’s theoretically execrable to the S10’s f/1.5 + f/2.4 dual aperture, which adjustments to suit the lighting conditions with the ‘wider’ f/1.5 atmosphere pulling in extra light for improved low-light pictures. 

Nonetheless, Samsung has increased the size of particular person pixels right here, from 1.4 microns to 1.8 microns. Mixed with the easier sensor, you needs so as to salvage extra aspect and further light with the Galaxy S20’s predominant snapper, and we chanced on that to be the case when taking pictures in darker eventualities.

There’s also a peculiar 64MP telephoto digicam, that also can sound treasure a huge upgrade over final yr’s 12MP telephoto digicam. Here the actual person pixels are smaller than final yr’s digicam, nonetheless the megapixel rely is unprecedented better and the aperture is wider (f/2.0 as a change of f/2.4 – smaller numbers are better). 

It’s a definite result general, taking into fable 3x lossless zoom that’s the handiest we’ve viewed on a smartphone to this point. There’s also 30x digital zoom if you happen to desire it, and whereas this isn’t lossless we chanced on it to be purposeful in some eventualities.

Beneath you furthermore mght can observe our examples of the zoom in action:

Image 1 of 5

An automatic mode shot on the Samsung Galaxy S20

An automatic mode shot on the Samsung Galaxy S20(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 2 of 5

3x zoom

3x zoom(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 3 of 5

10x zoom

10x zoom(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 4 of 5

20x zoom

20x zoom(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 5 of 5

30x zoom

30x zoom(Image credit ranking: Future)

Whenever you happen to need the last in zoom functionality the Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a game-altering 100x zoom, then again it’s unlikely that you’ll win unprecedented utilize for that in day to day taking pictures, and we chanced on 30x to be good sufficient. 

The Galaxy S20’s 12MP ultra-wide digicam has modified the least when in contrast with the S10 – the f/2.2 aperture is the identical, then again it has a smaller sensor with better pixels (1.4 microns over final yr’s 1 micron). That makes your ultra-wide photos a splash better, despite the incontrovertible truth that the S10 had a 16MP ultra-wide digicam.

We chanced on the total cameras to work brilliantly smartly, and if you happen to’re taking pictures within the automated mode you’re obvious to be impressed with the outcomes. You may perchance be ready to look at a pair of of the pictures we’ve taken below:

The Galaxy S20 Plus and Ultra both trust a time of flight sensor that’s lacking from this cell phone. Even with out it, the S20 is smartly able to taking some out of the ordinary-making an try photos.

The S20 vary also breaks unusual floor with the introduction of 8K video recording, and anti-roll correction (as much as 60 levels) as piece of Samsung’s Tall Staunch stabilization characteristic. 

You may perchance be ready to’t, then again, utilize both this better resolution and Samsung’s evolved stabilization tech on the identical time – Tall Staunch is nonetheless strictly a 1080p affair (it doesn’t even work in 4K).

While 8K recording is dinky to 24fps, it has one expansive profit: you’re ready to slash and edit videos with out sacrificing quality if you happen to’re exporting to 4K or 1080p. 

8K is a characteristic that’s nonetheless in its infancy on smartphones, and we imagine that nearly all folks will be overjoyed taking pictures at 4K or below, where you win extra care for a watch on over frames per 2nd, 20x video zoom (8K is stuck at 6x zoom), and smaller recordsdata (8K photos will eat about 600MBs per minute within the HEVC format).

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Whenever you happen to enact judge to shoot in 8K, you furthermore mght can hit the digicam button whereas you may perchance even be recording to purchase a 33MP nonetheless image. This is able to perchance perchance be purposeful if you happen to desire a top of the vary snap whereas you may perchance even be already filming video.

Samsung’s critical-yet-easy-to-utilize digicam app remains to be the handiest amongst smartphones, which means of unusual and returning parts. We continue to treasure the truth that you may be also swipe wherever on the camouflage to flip between the entrance and assist cameras, function a hand gesture to space off the selfie digicam timer, and double-press the bodily lock button to blindly begin the digicam app.

Original right here is Single Devour mode, which cycles thru all three rear cameras over the route of 10 seconds to salvage a unfold of photos and videos. It answers the ‘Ought to I purchase photos or a video?’ quandary with ‘Why no longer purchase both?’ 

You now not sleep with photos, ultra-wides, portraits, hyperlapse video, out of the ordinary video, and plenty of others, and we’re expansive followers of this characteristic – no longer every shot or clip is good, then again it stored us out of the settings menus and further engaged with what we were looking out to snap, and it modified the map in which we shot photos.

Camera samples

Image 1 of seven

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 2 of seven

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 3 of seven

An example of the ultra-wide camera on the Galaxy S20

An instance of the ultra-wide digicam on the Galaxy S20(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 4 of seven

A similar shot with the standard camera

A identical shot with the fashioned digicam(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 5 of seven

A 3x optical zoom image

A 3x optical zoom image(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 6 of seven

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Image 7 of seven

(Image credit ranking: Future)


The Galaxy S20 is the handiest first probability for mainstream customers to win5Gon their smartphone. Only 1% of smartphones that shipped in 2019 were5G telephones, and most of these were expensive variants of 4G flagships. 

The S20 is largely 5G by default – as talked about, in some markets you furthermore mght should always purchase a 4G model of the cell phone, nonetheless 5G is the norm, and download speeds will hover at spherical 200Mbps on common, 6x better than 4G speeds in some parts of the field.

This does, for sure, rely on 5G being on hand to your location from your provider, nonetheless despite the incontrovertible truth that it isn’t yet, Samsung is baking within the long speed-proofed connectivity.

There’s the important thing distinction between the 5G capabilities of the Galaxy S20 on one hand, and the S20 Plus and Ultra on the a bunch of. While all three make stronger the low-to-mid-band sub-6 technology, handiest the Plus and Ultra trust mmWave antennas, which pull down even faster speeds. 

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

The vary of mmWave is dinky – so you’ll should always nonetheless be reasonably terminate to a transmitter in inform to win a ticket –, nonetheless we were already getting 1.4Gbps in Could furthermore merely 2019 when we examined mmWave 5G in Chicago on Verizon’s newly rolled-out 5G network, using a clear instrument. 

So whereas the S20 is hasty (regardless that we’ve no longer yet been ready to hook as much as a 5G connection whereas checking out the cell phone, so we’ve no longer been ready to speed our contain flee tests), its better siblings will be faster in case your carrier helps mmWave. 

Sub-6 speeds should always be lawful sufficient for many folks – regardless that Verizon clients within the US should always nonetheless camouflage that it’s an mmWave-exclusive carrier, and so the S20 received’t be equipped at Verizon stores.

Efficiency and application

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

The Galaxy S20 is powered by one amongst two a bunch of chipsets, and where you are living will judge which model you’re getting. Whenever you happen to’re within the US you’ll win Qualcomm’s high-live Snapdragon 865 chipset, whereas these across the comfort of the field win Samsung’s equally high-live Exynos 990.

This review is in keeping with our time with the Exynos 990 model of the cell phone. We’ve yet to totally check the Snapdragon 865 model of the S20, nonetheless we trust examined the Galaxy S20 Plus working that chip and we had no complaints.

As to the Exynos 990-powered S20, we’ve skilled prominent efficiency one day of our checking out. It’s extremely efficient sufficient to enact the entire thing we need it to, whether that’s playing games or loading apps quick.

On Geekbench 5, the Exynos 990 model of the cell phone averaged a multi-core rating of 2699. That’s moderately plenty below the Exynos 990 Galaxy S20 Plus, which scored 3034, and the Snapdragon 865-powered S20 Ultra, which scored 3286.

The S20 is scoring a ways better than the S10 5G from 2019, which returned an common outcomes of 2197, and theOnePlus 7T Expert, which scored 2584. These ratings received’t mean plenty for the common user, then again it’s a definite result for the Galaxy S20, and we chanced on that it was as soon as reflected in day after day utilize.

The 5G variant of the cell phone we examined comes with 12GB of RAM. It will probably perchance be that some tasks will speed a chunk slower on the 4G model, as that handiest has 8GB of RAM, nonetheless plenty of flagships ‘handiest’ provide 8GB, and we’d nonetheless demand critical efficiency from that cell phone.

We haven’t encountered any components with the vitality on faucet within the Galaxy S20, nonetheless when we’re ready to smartly check the Snapdragon 865 model of the instrument we’ll make sure to exchange this review with our findings.

The Galaxy S20 is working Android 10, the most stylish and ultimate model of Google’s working scheme. Samsung’s contain One UI is overlaid, so it’ll search a bunch of to the application you furthermore mght can trust aged on a bunch of Android telephones that aren’t made by Samsung, nonetheless the intention is horny and it’s easy to make utilize of.

Samsung includes a bunch of its contain apps on the instrument, nonetheless if you happen to don’t desire these for your cell phone you furthermore mght can delete most of them and persist with Google’s contain pre-loaded alternatives.

You’re dinky to factual 128GB of storage on the Galaxy S20 – there isn’t a extra capacious possibility. This is able to perchance perchance be good sufficient location for the common user, nonetheless if you happen to’re planning to shoot a bunch of 4K video you’ll possible are looking out to function utilize of the microSD card slot.

The Galaxy S20 helps playing cards as much as 1TB – if you happen to desire unprecedented extra internal storage, you’ll are looking out to opt for the Galaxy S20 Ultra or Galaxy S20 Plus that provide 256GB and 512GB alternatives.

Battery life

If there’s one aspect each person is conscious of about 5G it’s that the expansive-hasty net technology is a battery hog, and with that in thoughts Samsung has geared up the Galaxy S20 with a 4,000mAh vitality pack, a significant enlarge over the three,400mAh potential on the S10. 

That’s surely paid off, as we’ve chanced on the Galaxy S20 to trust fetch battery life that can simply observe you thru a fat day of traditional utilize – genuinely we’d typically win home after a day of what we’d trust in thoughts to be rather heavy utilize to win the cell phone nonetheless had 20% or so left within the tank.

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit ranking: Future)

There was as soon as the irregular event where we noticed the battery life was as soon as being drained quick, nonetheless that was as soon as with seriously intensive utilize – shall we converse when we were using the cell phone with a high brightness and the 120Hz refresh fee grew to turn out to be on, so if you happen to’re taking fat profit of the camouflage tech on provide right here you furthermore mght can no longer are looking out to stray too a ways from your charger.

Samsung’s hasty-charging characteristic works smartly – if you happen to’ve the moral charger setup you furthermore mght can win from zero to 100% in below an hour. There’s also 15W wi-fi charging on provide, and whereas it’s no longer as hasty as the wired vary it’s constantly a purposeful possibility to trust.

Like final yr’s S10 handsets, the S20 vary parts Samsung’s reverse wi-fi charging characteristic, which enables you to make utilize of your S20 to fee a bunch of gadgets that make stronger Qi charging.

For instance, if you happen to’ve a pair of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus wi-fi buds you’ll be ready to fee these on the assist of your cell phone, and also you furthermore mght can lend your juice to a pal’s treasure minded cell phone, regardless that camouflage that this could drain your contain battery seriously quick.

 Lift it if… 

You are looking out to trust your first 5G cell phone

The 5G model of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the appropriate jumping-on point for any individual who needs to be futureproofed by connectivity. It’s no longer one thing that’s basic for many users moral now, then again it’s one thing you’re at possibility of like as 5G networks turn out to be extra ubiquitous. 

You are looking out to trust a flagship that’s easy to care for 

You’ll typically win that extra vitality in a smartphone map a better instrument, nonetheless that isn’t the case with the Galaxy S20, which we chanced on overjoyed to deal with. No longer each person will win a map to using this cell phone with one hand, then again it’s the closest you’ll win on a flagship Samsung cell phone. 

You are looking out to trust a high-live digicam, nonetheless you don’t need 100X zoom 

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a pair of camouflage-stopping parts within the form of its 108MP predominant digicam and 100x zoom, nonetheless you shouldn’t flip your nostril up on the rear cameras on the Galaxy S20. The auto mode works fantastically, and we got some truly impressive pictures from the cell phone. 

Don’t purchase it if… 

You’re on a funds 

The 4G variant aside, you’ll be paying extra for the Samsung Galaxy S20 than for final yr’s Galaxy S10. If strive and be future-proofed with a 5G model of the handset (and that’s your handiest different in markets treasure the US) then right here’s an expensive instrument. 

You are looking out to trust a expansive upgrade from the S10

While there are some impressive upgrades right here from Samsung, it will also no longer be sufficient to affect you to exchange to your Galaxy S10. Whenever you happen to contain final yr’s cell phone it’s unlikely you’ll be blown away by the improvements; right here’s a handset that’s extra at possibility of tempt these unusual to Samsung gadgets, or these upgrading from the Galaxy S8 or S9. 

You are looking out to trust a 3.5mm headphone jack 

It within the waste came about: right here’s the important thing Samsung Galaxy S handset that doesn’t reach with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Whenever you happen to’re determined for a connector that can play nice along with your wired headphones, this received’t be the instrument for you, regardless that there are sufficient different alternatives that this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for many folks. 

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