Rumored AMD Navi Radeon RX GPU “66AF:F1” Benchmarks Leak Out – Faster in Graphics Throughput, Moderately Within the help of in Compute Workloads – Wccftech

Rumored AMD Navi Radeon RX GPU “66AF:F1” Benchmarks Leak Out – Faster in Graphics Throughput, Moderately Within the help of in Compute Workloads – Wccftech

AMD Navi GPUs are launching this twelve months but we haven’t of course purchased any knowledge on how they’d compose and what the specifications would peep like till now. Over at CompuBench, we would need our first itemizing of anAMD Navi “Radeon RX”allotment which delivers attention-grabbing results.

AMD Navi “Radeon RX 66AF: F1” GPU Performance Benchmarks Leak Out – Faster in Graphics, Slower in Compute Workloads

The itemizing at CompuBench used to be revealed byDylan522pover at the r/hardware subreddit. The positioning lists down the specifications and performance metrics of amachine codenamed “66AF: F1”and from the principle influence, this appears like a subsequent-gen allotment per the Navi GPU as this explicit machine id hasn’t appeared sooner than. Now one thing to reward is that this machine will be per the Navi GPU structure or something entirely a lot of ensuing from this truth I am treating this info as a rumor however the outcomes are very attention-grabbing so let’s settle a peep.

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The purported AMD Navi GPU comes with 20 CUs which would amount to 1280 Slouch processors. Now, this would be actual if AMD retains their CU create the same with 64 shaders per CU and the GPU is, in fact, that contains 20 CUs since CompuBench does has a behavior of reporting the compute unit depend incorrectly.

By manner of performance numbers, we first bear to test out whether or no longer we’re comparing the a huge collection of devices within the identical OS and API as CompuBench can yield variable results when customers urge a lot of OS/API. A machine working in Windows/DirectX API would be mighty sooner than a machine working in OSX and the use of both OpenCL or Vulkan APIs. By manner of performance results, the principle tests are pure graphics the attach the rumored AMD Navi GPU posts mighty bigger results and performance numberswhen compared with the Radeon RX 580. This practically suits the AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 territory.

In compute benchmarks, on the opposite hand, the card is practicallythe same to the Radeon RX 580which is what we had furthermore been waiting for since AMD Navi GPUs used to be tailormade for optimum graphics and gaming performance in wish to compute horsepower. The affords withMicrosoft and Sonyfor his or her subsequent-abilities consoles made that mighty very particular. So it’s easy to negate that the desktop PC and notebooks ingredients would be getting a the same treatment.

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Now if wecompare the machine to the Radeon RX Vega 64graphics card, the compute performance of the Vega allotment is practically double however the AMD Navi GPU manages to come stop to it in some graphics and bandwidth intensive tests which demonstrate that AMD would be relying on HBM2 VRAM, even on their mainstream playing cards. Other that you just can judge motive within the help of that is also the use of GDDR6 which furthermore delivers some noteworthy results as a 256-bit wide interface can roam as excessive as 448 GB/s which is stop to the 512 GB/s bandwidth of the Vega 56 and Vega 64 ingredients and per chance more inexpensive to implement.

With all that mentioned, I mute are searching to claim that that is valid pure speculation of the allotment being per a Navi GPU. The most easy credible knowledge available honest now would possibly per chance be that the AMD Navi GPUs will feature the 7nm project node and a revamped structure that is designed for gaming first. The GPUs will be oldschool in everyupcoming subsequent-abilities consolesand is also aiming alaunch of 2H 2019with mainstream gaming being the priority purpose market. We are in a position to preserve you posted after we have more knowledge on AMD’s Next-gen Navi graphics playing cards.

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