Razer Viper overview

Razer Viper overview

Our Verdict

The Razer Viper could additionally possibly be the most consuming esports mouse on the market honest now from a pure efficiency standpoint. Its gentle weight and ambidextrous notice give it a large bonus in the case of accessibility, making it regarded as one of the valuable total most consuming gaming mice on the market lately, too.


  • Lightweight
  • Very ideal efficiency
  • Genuinely ambidextrous

In opposition to

  • Roughly pricey

While you have confidence agaming mouse, what most frequently comes to mind? Within the occasion you’re anything luxuriate in us, the first component that jumps into your head is a huge, tubby chunk of plastic that wouldn’t question out of plot as a prop in a science fiction film. Alternatively, with the Razer Viper, extra is stripped away in present to raise a lightweight gaming mouse that’s designed for two things: traipse and accuracy. 

Here’s fully an esports peripheral, meant to enhance efficiency in high-traipse games, luxuriate in Counter-Strike: World Offensive andOverwatch. Now now not finest does it finest weigh ideal 69g, but it no doubt makes vow of optical switches unbiased like these we treasure within theRazer Huntsman Elite. And, the bonus? Razer became ready to realize this without making a mouse that feels extremely flimsy.

The Razer Viper hits retailer cupboards on August 2, and could additionally problem you benefit $79 (£89, AU$134). In contrast with diversified esports-minded gaming mice luxuriate in the $69 (£69, AU$99) Logitech G Pro, the Razer Viper is a tiny on the pricey aspect, but the optical switches and the extremely lightweight notice could additionally support to accomplish up for that. 

The Razer Viper is designed from the bottom up for esports, so whenever you’re ideal attempting to procure into your favorite single player game, there are loads of more affordable gaming mice available. But, whenever you’re attempting to procure a leg up for your favorite aggressive games, that you would be able to also attain a lot worse than the Razer Viper.

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Because of the the Razer Viper is designed to be an esports mouse more than anything else, it’s lacking many of the flair that diversified equally priced gaming mice characteristic. It doesn’t enjoy the button overload of one thing luxuriate in the Razer Naga Trinity or the OLED snarl of the SteelSeries Rival 710, but that doesn’t topic – the notice clearly suits the wants of its area of interest.

The Razer Viper is a lot smaller than some diversified gaming mice, measuring in at 4.99 in x 2.61 in x 1.49 inches (126.73 x 66.2 x 37.81mm; L x W x H). Here’s to be anticipated from a mouse the put the valuable selling level is its lightweight nature, but it no doubt could additionally operate a bonus to anybody with smaller fingers. 

Including to the accessibility bonus, then, is the truth that the Razer Viper is in point of fact ambidextrous. Hear us out: there are moderately about a mice available which are ‘ambidextrous’ in that they allow customers to swap the left and honest mouse buttons. Razer, nonetheless, takes it a step further and has the equal button structure on either aspect of the mouse, meaning you’ve access to the total buttons whether you’re left or honest handed. 

We enjoy now to deliver that we treasure the accessibility facet of the Razer Viper. It’s all too easy to omit that each person’s fingers ought to now not formed the equal manner, and that left-handed folks exist, so a mouse that gorgeous worthy anybody can vow is gorgeous awesome. 

Shifting on to the exact buttons, you’ve the usual left and honest mouse buttons, powered by Razer’s opto-mechanical switches. Then, there are two buttons on either aspect of the mouse, acting as benefit-forward by default, though that you would be able to also program them nonetheless that you would be able to also possibly be feeling. Clearly, there’s also a mouse scroll wheel, and while it feels wonderful with its textured rubber area cloth, it doesn’t enjoy any special capabilities luxuriate in diversified gaming mouse. 

On the underside of the Razer Viper, you’ll procure the dots-per-scramble (DPI) toggle. Razer do it on the underside of the mouse, in wish to adjoining to the mouse wheel luxuriate in quite lots of competitors, on legend of that manner pro avid gamers won’t by probability hit it within the course of a match, messing up their game. 

And, for how gentle the mouse is, it feels wonderful in-hand. The textured rubber aspects truly feel immense, and ought to support give a enhance to grip within the course of worrying suits. Your total mouse is made from plastic, but it no doubt feels trusty sufficient to extend to about a abuse, probably which potential that of the frantic clicking that can happen in a heated esports match. 

At last, the RGB lighting fixtures. It wouldn’t be a gaming mouse in 2019 without it, but we’re bowled over at how subdued it’s miles. Reasonably than having 10 diversified lighting fixtures zones spraying colour all over your desk, you ideal enjoy an illuminated Razer logo. By default it would ideal cycle via diversified colors, but that you would be able to also of route configure it to your liking within the Razer Synapse instrument. 

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Because of the the Razer Viper is rocking a 16,000 DPI sensor, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s extremely responsive, especially when that mouse sensitivity is cranked up. Now, in my understanding, we luxuriate in a slower mouse, as we play moderately about a single-player titles, but in esports titles traipse is the name of the game.

To that identical pause, the opto-mechanical switches on offer also support raise a immediate gaming expertise. Here’s thanks to the fashion the signal is delivered. You find, ought to you click on down on a unheard of mechanical mouse button, there’s a soar, which necessitates a instrument layer in present to prevent repeated clicks. Alternatively, on legend of every click on of the Razer Viper shoots out a single laser – which sounds awesome on its fetch – you don’t need any instrument to make sure that accuracy. 

Now, on the bottom this doesn’t seem luxuriate in a large deal. Whether via instrument or hardware, the job is getting performed, honest? Smartly, again on legend of that is an esports mouse, latency is the name of the game. Because of the Razer doesn’t ought to danger about repeated button presses on the hardware level, it became ready to procure latency down to 0.2ms. 

So, when playing Wolfenstein: Youngblood – admittedly, now not worthy of an esports title – we noticed a almost immediate response each and each time we clicked the mouse. It made a speedily-paced and frantic game truly feel wonderful. We’re cowards that don’t exhaust to spin procure destroyed in PvP shooters, but when we weren’t, we are able to finest have confidence that the outcomes would be worthy the equal.

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Last verdict

The Razer Viper could additionally possibly be regarded as one of the valuable valuable consuming esports mice on the market, especially whenever you’re into aggressive shooters. The lightweight notice, insanely low latency and subdued profile are all gigantic wins. And, we are able to’t praise Razer sufficient for the accessibility in making a in point of fact ambidextrous product. Undoubtedly, the most consuming real area we enjoy with the Razer Viper is the associated payment, and even then it’s ideal $10/£20/AU$35 more than the competitors. 

So, whenever you’re an aspiring pro esports player and likewise that you would be able to also possibly be alive to to search out the most consuming gaming mouse, one which won’t bottleneck your efficiency in any respect, that you can are also alive to to are attempting the Razer Viper. Even whenever you’re now not a talented gamer, it’s miles going to additionally possibly be worth it to search out whether your mouse is holding you benefit – if finest to halt the utilization of it as an excuse. 

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