No longer All Of us of a Caste Vote One Draw: Nitish Kumar Says ‘Work’ Will Defeat Mahagathbandhan Math

    No longer All Of us of a Caste Vote One Draw: Nitish Kumar Says ‘Work’ Will Defeat Mahagathbandhan Math

    Caste dynamics has been the bedrock of Bihar’s politics and this time, the opposition Mahagathbandhan has plan the social engineering starting stage. The RJD-led enormous alliance is searching on the caste calculation with EBC/OBC and Muslim votes to bustle ahead within the polls, but Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has other options.

    In an inviting interview with Community18 Neighborhood Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi, Kumar says the minorities possess lost faith on RJD and Congress, and the work executed by his govt will inform for itself. Within the wide-ranging conversation, the JD(U) chief also weighs in on so much of key pollfactors, expressing self belief that the NDA would buy all 40 seats in Bihar.

    Edited Excerpts

    Within the closing three-four years, you did no longer give any media interview, you weren’t considered anywhere, no one got to inquire you questions. Why did you discontinuance restful?

    I indubitably possess no longer stayed restful. I indubitably possess gorgeous executed my work. And no subject work comes in media’s recognize; they account and react on it. But giving a separate interview is no longer any longer a phase of my nature. Because I feel in actual fact one of many explanations folks give interviews is to publicise themselves. And I’m no longer drawn to publicity. My hobby is in work. And it’s no longer that I steer clear of the media. I interact with the folks — Lok Samvaad — and media persons are contemporary there. I talk about to them then and so they’ll inquire any questions they desire to. Or in any programme. I don’t discontinue anything else that excludes them (the media). Typically they’re integrated; they glance, seek and account. But a separate interview is no longer any longer of worthy hobby to me.

    It’s a long way election season. All eyes are on Bihar. You possess got an alliance with Modi. How discontinue you glance the atmosphere in Bihar for the time being? How discontinue you glance the elections? And who might more than likely maybe well be the face in Bihar — Modi or Nitish?

    Witness, to this point because the atmosphere is concerned, one is the atmosphere in accurate terms that is at floor level. Second is the atmosphere that of us are attempting and possess. In case you desire to know what accurate atmosphere in Bihar is, then it’s within the favour of NDA. And we’re with the NDA, with the leadership of Modi. He has to became High Minister all some other time — with that honest, all people of NDA are helping him. So it’s no longer a separate recount; it’s a long way an election for your whole nation. Here is no longer any longer a command election, but a nationwide election. Here is a Lok Sabha election. And for the Lok Sabha election there is most effective one chief, and that is Modi. There ought to serene be no confusion in that.

    So that you just are announcing that election face is of Modi, the election is of Lok Sabha, so you might more than likely maybe contest on the premise of his face?
    Yes, clearly. And each command has its own contribution. That is a assorted recount. To illustrate, in Bihar, no subject Modi did on a nationwide level, or what his image is, or the conversation round his work and his phrases, that is the vital recount. But even when you happen to transfer into some other command, particularly Bihar, so any work being executed in Bihar can even be in front of folks’s eyes. So these two possess approach collectively, the work of the centre and of the command, and created a correct atmosphere.

    What discontinue you deem might more than likely maybe well be the largest agenda this election? Will you talk about model or nationalism?
    Witness, the vital predicament is model. From the starting of November 2005, when the folks of Bihar gave us the chance to work, since that day till at the present time, we worked. Work is of maximum significance. And model work. And we don’t talk about of gorgeous model, but model with justice. “Boost with justice.” Which contrivance every plan will get developed. And each allotment of society will get developed. That is model with justice. When we went out on Nyay Yatra in 2005, right here’s what we talked about and folks gave us the chance. Our honest became model with justice. And folks are seeing its implementation. They are seeing the growth in four instructions. Here is the largest agenda for us. And the work that Centre has executed for the enchancment of the nation and for elevating the nation’s stature, too, is in front of all people to peep. So we’re working our marketing and marketing campaign by combining these two issues, and we trust in it fully. From my dinky files, I don’t deem there is any recount.

    We’ll arrangement to Bihar later. You is potentially a nationwide chief, so we want to model the broad image. In case you glance within the nation, the selling and marketing campaign that is taking place is very non-public. ‘Naamdaar’, ‘kaamdaar’, ‘damdaar’, ‘daagdaar’ – this more or less talk about is taking place. After Balakot air strikes, the atmosphere has shifted in direction of nationalism. So discontinue you feel the election will be fought and made up our minds on the premise of nationalism?
    A. Witness, nationalism is a vital recount. Every citizen feels love and devotion for his or her nation, there is no query about it, no subject the ideology they educate. Those CRPF jawans who possess been martyred within the phobia attack, and the atmosphere of the nation within the aftermath, and the motion taken following Centre’s resolution, has left your whole nation happy. Of us liked it. And each time there is an attack on the nation, your whole nation comes collectively. There might be nothing political in that. Political ideologies will even be varied, but to this point because the nation’s earnings is concerned, all people’s idea and mindset is one. It’s for all people and all people feels happiness. And those within the leadership, they deserve the credit. And thanks to this, folks possess recognize for Modi. But if somebody else feels their condition is making improvements to thanks to this, they might more than likely maybe well talk about all forms of issues concerning this. But folks possess no longer take care of that. If somebody speaks in opposition to it, or says something that of us don’t take care of, or if nation’s strength is puzzled, its team spirit is puzzled, folks possess no longer take care of that.

    When Modi came to energy in 2014, the atmosphere became of corruption and scams. Elevating those components he requested for a mandate and promised ‘Áchche din’. And now also if we glance they’re talking about the an identical scams and corruption, even even though there is Modi govt for the closing 5 years. So as an different of counting his achievements, the controversy is serene of the past.
    When the atmosphere of elections arrives, then all these talks happen. Of us accuse one one more, and these issues happen. But the vital predicament is that as soon as you bought a possibility, your achievements are the largest recount for folks. In some other case, for the sake of talking, folks inform lots.

    Within the “Mission Shakti” that gorgeous took set aside, where the PM addressed your whole nation, the opposition puzzled the need to whole so ahead of elections. They requested what became the need to address your whole nation and if BJP and NDA wants to shift the conversation in direction of nationalism and mislead folks from the accurate components on the bottom.
    Witness, the strength of the nation is rising. If there’s a satellite tv for pc in home performing in opposition to our nation, we possess got the strength to hit it. And we’re most effective the fourth nation on the planet who has this functionality. So it’s a subject of happiness. And we ought to serene like with our scientists. With this, all people is conscious of that our scientists are very capable and work with dedication. Here is one more success for them. Here can even be an success for your whole nation within the subject of nationwide security. And in that plan if the chief of the nation, the PM, addresses your whole nation it ought to serene no longer became a subject subject for controversy.

    Rahul Gandhi congratulated the scientists, but he also declared it a ‘theatre day’…
    (Laughs) Witness, some folks possess a habit to inform on this form, to form non-public assaults. We don’t web into chronicle that honest. In 2014, we possess been in opposition to BJP. But we never made non-public remarks. Remarks ought to serene be ideological. There might be on the whole a correct manner to instruct issues too. But the atmosphere is such within the nation that many want to listen to to such remarks. And even some media persons also deem that if non-public assaults are no longer made, there might more than likely maybe well be no files. So, folks might more than likely maybe additionally fair inform keeping that in mind.

    The biggest recount even though is that of us trusted any individual and gave them a possibility. What work did they discontinue? Here’s what folks glance. That’s important. And what’s also important is that it’s natural that there will be an opposition. They desire to contest elections too. They too might more than likely maybe possess their claims for the enhance of the folks. Here is an on a protracted-established foundation recount in a democracy. But you ought to know, folks glance that if they handed any individual the accountability, five years later they’re going to seek and analyse and resolve to give one more opportunity.

    But the opposition need to also indicate that they are the honest different. Explore at the opposite side. What more or less an alliance is it? Explore at Bihar. In the beginning they possess been announcing that CPI & CPM might more than likely maybe well be there. Now glance the plan. Explore at UP. SP, BSP are in alliance, Congress is separate. In Kerala, the UDF front underneath Congress’s leadership and the LDF, they possess got an determining. But the resolution to field Rahul Gandhi from there, it’s creating war and Left occasions are commenting. So, when you happen to glance anywhere, be it South, North, West, East or central plan, the occasions in opposition, they don’t possess a mutual determining.

    But even in 2014 when you possess been in opposition to Modi, so you possess been also a phase of this neighborhood, underneath an ideology. This present day, they dispute that they are coming collectively because they desire to web away Modi govt. The war is at a vital ideological level. That there is an environment of polarization, mob-lynching is rising, complications linked to cow vigilantism. So how discontinue you glance that? How discontinue you review five years of the Modi govt?
    That is honest. We possess been separate in 2014 we ran our own marketing and marketing campaign in Bihar at the time of a Modi wave. But the vital recount became that an alliance became made in Bihar and we had known because it the mahagathbandan. This present day, they withhold announcing mahagathbandhan, but where is it the mahagathbandhan? It’s a long way on the whole a gathbandan but no longer a mahagathbandan. But you ought to serene glance their family people with one one more. There might be so worthy bitterness on every predicament. That’s one recount, but the elemental honest for us became carrier of Bihar. And from the very starting, we possess got said that we can neither compromise with corruption, nor crime or communalism.

    On the predicament of corruption, we had most effective requested for an rationalization on the prices in opposition to you (RJD), but they might more than likely maybe well no longer reward it. I even suggested Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to inquire them for an rationalization so that we might more than likely maybe additionally know. But they’ll additionally fair no longer reward and your whole media became showing that I became compromising with corruption. After which BJP’s offer came and our occasion licensed it, now we possess became a brand new alliance and are doing work. In case you might more than likely maybe peep at our work, it has remained consistent from November 2005. There might be no longer this sort of thing as a trade within the model. There has been no compromise with the work. Constructing with justice. But at a nationwide level, I can’t glance a team spirit (within the opposition). And their agenda can even be unclear.

    You is potentially talking about crime, corruption and communalism. Opposition accuses BJP of conserving a communal agenda. Quit you watched that is no longer any longer upright?
    No, I don’t deem that because in Bihar, they (BJP) possess been with us earlier as smartly; we first split in 2013, and now we’re working collectively since 2017. We didn’t glance (any communalism). And we possess got a coalition govt, but there isn’t any longer any compromise with communalism. If somebody tried to delivery a dispute, we took motion. No compromise in that. So the work folks wanted, is being executed. Work is mandatory.

    But even at the present time, in some ways, their ideological narrative is assorted from yours. What are your thought on Ram Mandir?
    My thoughts are obvious. And no longer gorgeous from at the present time. In 1996, when this occasion extinct to be Samata Occasion, George (Fernandes) became the chief, and for the time being when the alliance with BJP took set aside, we had made three issues obvious: In the beginning, that there will be no talk about over ending the Article 370; secondly, uniform civil code is potentially no longer imposed; and thirdly, the reply to the Ayodhya predicament will both be made up our minds by the court docket or by mutual consent. So our stand remains the an identical.

    And the government has no longer executed anything else. Of us are looking ahead to the court docket. A compromise is within the works. And that is depending on the honourable Supreme Court docket. To be capable to provide an explanation for this predicament in a assorted manner, it’s a long way on the whole a political agenda for any individual to earn votes on. But in actual fact at the present time, no one can discontinue anything else with out the court docket’s resolution. When there became talk about of a overall civil code, we wrote a letter from our parry’s side, replying to the Law Payment letter. So that you just ought to search out out what the Congress wrote on it. All these occasions, who talk about Bihar lots, inquire them what they’d written. Law price wrote it to every occasion in every command. How did all people reply and when? And we possess been in govt, we said on phase of the government as smartly. That this can’t happen, and there need to no longer be any are attempting and whole so. Nothing ought to serene be imposed.

    Likelihood is you’ll more than likely maybe well more than likely additionally withhold making it an predicament, but what discontinue you discontinue about it? This ought to serene be considered. I’d ask the media too to search out out the response of all command governments and occasions to the Law Payment letter with regards to uniform civil code. The response of Bihar govt and Janata Dal United, it’s there for all people to peep. There might be extraordinarily a variety of talk about, statements, to withhold the predicament alive within the media. But moreover that, they ought to serene talk about their accurate work.

    So the ideology will even be assorted but you too can be collectively on a overall agenda? Agenda is model, ideology will even be at its own set aside?
    There might be no longer this sort of thing as a compromise on any predicament. What became the recount? When we made the mahagathbandhan, they (RJD) ought to serene possess stayed collectively and outlined themselves on corruption prices. But they didn’t. So what ought to serene I indubitably possess executed? I couldn’t compromise. And we can’t compromise with communalism both. If this sort of plan comes, we obtained’t. Explore at our actions, analyse them. And we’re doing work to augment society, to raise model in Bihar.

    So that you just are no longer with Lalu because you can additionally no longer compromise on corruption…
    No, I can’t discontinue that.

    And likewise you obtained’t discontinuance with the BJP if there is a communal agenda?
    Clearly. There might be no longer this sort of thing as a compromise on that. But I’m seeing that at the present time there is nothing take care of that. As a long way as Bihar is concerned, I can’t glance a communal agenda. The perfect agenda is model. Constructing with justice. And so they dispute, “sabka saath, sabka vikaas.” If there is anything else lacking I that, we can positively point it out. But other than that, there isn’t any longer any communal predicament. If somebody, X Y OR Z, is bearing in mind such exercise, there is motion in opposition to them, you might more than likely maybe well more than likely glance.

    In his new marketing and marketing campaign, Modi has said ‘Main bhi chowkidaar.’ Congress, on the opposite hand says, ‘chowkidaar chor hai.’
    Now you deem for your self what more or less language they’re the spend of. This ought to serene no longer happen. I’m very much surprised. How can they spend such more or less phrases. To spend the observe ‘Chor’. There are a variety of different phrases that can even be extinct. Likelihood is you’ll more than likely maybe well more than likely additionally dispute many issues in opposition to at the present time’s ruling occasion, in line with your ideology. But these phrases indicate that there is an environment of bitterness within the nation. And what’s the work they possess got executed. Congress ruled for see you later. What did they discontinue? What did they discontinue for the minorities?

    Rising an environment of dismay in folks’s minds and gathering their enhance is one recount — you might more than likely maybe well more than likely discontinue anything else in politics. But what work possess you ever executed? And from 2005 till now, we possess got worked for every community in Bihar. No community became brushed off. We worked on women empowerment, worked for folks who’re the bottom allotment of society, Dalits and Mahadalit community, extremely backward class, backward class, and minorities. We worked for all people. There became a revolt in Bhagalpur when Congress became the ruling occasion. Then Lalu Prasad ji got a possibility. What did he discontinue for those possess been victims of communalism in Bhagalpur? When we got the prospect to work, we saw that neither folks got any reduction nor became there any motion in opposition to the culprits. We have revived many cases and plenty got punishment. We began a pension plot there. Of us can vote for somebody, any community can vote for somebody they deem deserving. This present day, folks dispute anything else no subject they need, form claims about the Time table Castes and Time table Tribes? But what possess you ever executed? You web an example of right here. Work need to happen. And when election time comes, folks will vote with their very own will, no subject the atmosphere is. And we inquire for votes according to our work.

    How would you review Modi’s work? In case you had to price his work on a scale of 1 to 10, how worthy would you give him?
    Witness, it’s no longer honest to measure it on a scale. Why ought to serene I dispute less than 10? It’s election season, why ought to serene I dispute anything else less than 10? We’re no longer an fair analyst – we’re companions. And work has took set aside, there isn’t any longer any query about it. And if we peep from Bihar’s standpoint, be it infrastructure, what they said they would discontinue, they worked on it. The leisure that became wished. And in Bihar, a variety of work took set aside that even the central govt adopted. Worship we had promised underneath our seven prerequisites, that we can give electricity in every household. That became a nationwide plot. And we supplied electricity in every home in Bihar. The goal became to whole it by 31 December, 2018, but we did it by 25 October, 2018. So work has been executed, and we recognize the Centre’s reduction.

    But there must possess been some errors alongside the model, take care of you supported demonetisation even at a time when you were not with Modi. Undoubtedly it’s thought of a turning point for your relationship, where you supported his work for the first time.
    No, no. That’s no longer a turning point. When demonetisation took set aside, the then President Pranab Mukherjee, who has been a Congress chief and the finance minister, I saw his commentary and he said that demonetisation is a large recount. So thought stunning, it’ll goal gloomy money. But from the first day we also said that we ought to serene hit Benami assets also. Now, no subject took set aside, it’s a long way touted by the central govt as an success. I became no longer within the NDA alliance for the time being. We had a govt in Bihar, with RJD and Congress. But listening to president Pranab Mukherjee, I believed he’s an financial educated, he has worked as Finance Minister and is the President of the nation. If he says that this can earnings, we believed it’s a long way certain an attack on gloomy money.

    Then all some other time it did no longer happen. Over 99% money came attend into the machine, and when you happen to glance RBI data, as a consequence of demonetisation money skills has increased by 20 % from the time of demonetisation. The economy has also been affected and GDP growth reduced by 2%, which became expected. So on the general, folks possess been skittish by demonetisation, even in Bihar. Changed into there an execution failure?
    Of us talk about the bother they’d to battle thru. I became on a Bihar poke when this took set aside and folks possess been standing delivery air the banks, but no one became opposing it. And it became no longer gorgeous our occasion who welcomed it for the time being but others too. No subject the consequence is now, but in Bihar I couldn’t glance any bother. On the time of UP meeting elections, we saw a unhappy person dispute that they most effective had coins. Who banned coins, provide an explanation for me? And how the folks suffered as a consequence of it possess been forgotten? But what the central governments retains repeating is that they’ve controlled gloomy money by a appreciable margin and tax payers possess been increased. There are an a variety of benefits. There became an impact at the time that many folks will lose their money, but that did no longer happen. It’s a assorted subject how ready the banks possess been.

    You possess been with Modi on stage at the Vijay Sankalp rally, where you said you might more than likely maybe well buy all 40 seats in Bihar. How discontinue you possess got gotten this self belief?
    It’s no longer a ask of self belief. I indubitably feel that. Of us are happy with the work that has took set aside in Bihar, and the work executed by Centre. And as soon as they’re happy, we ought to serene positively buy.

    What are the three or four components that you just are going to develop with the general public?
    I’m gorgeous going to web to web to the general public the work that I indubitably possess been doing. We do no longer possess some other agenda. And secondly, the social welfare work we did, we withhold telling that to the folks. And other than that, when we’re celebrating 150th anniversary Mahatma Gandhi, we’re spreading Gandhi ji’s thoughts. When we performed 100 years of Bharat Satyagrah, we had unfold Gandhi ji’s thoughts then as smartly. We tried to unfold thru faculties as smartly. And even at the present time, when we sail for a gathering, we talk about Gandhi ji’s thoughts. He said it became a criminal offense to chase politics with out options, and we can clearly glance what options are left in politics at the present time. There might be an ongoing is a war of phrases in assert to possess bitterness.

    And one more social depraved Gandhi ji talked about became money with out work. And glance what is taking place at the present time. Of us want to web rich with out working for it. Whether or no longer you web political energy, govt energy, in a contrivance you web some accountability for a piece, as an different of working, you delivery incomes money. Of us discontinue no longer talk about it. I discontinue no longer want to inform to Rahul ji about anything else.

    Raghuram Rajan is an consultant to them and so they possess got made a minimum earnings plot named NYAY. They are announcing the poorest inhabitants of the nation, the backside 20 per cent, will receive an quantity of Rs 6000 month-to-month. Can this be considered as a game changer? Can this be considered as a masterstroke?
    I know Raghuram Rajan, he became the Governor of RBI monetary institution, we also saved meeting him, and when he had got the accountability underneath then Finance Minister Mr. Chidambaram all thru the time of UPA. We talked about the actual command of Bihar. So I know this completely and it does no longer subject whose consultant he’s, what plot they possess got mentioned or no longer. I’m no longer inviting about that. But I gorgeous want to instruct one recount, the plot is no longer any longer indubitably there now, it’s a long way gorgeous an announcement. And secondly, they’ll most effective form the plot as soon as they web the chance. They’ll’t form the plot. And even though they form it on paper, they’ll’t possess it. Because how would you model? First you possess got to repair the machine. There might be no longer this sort of thing as a seek for, there isn’t any longer any numbers, and there is most effective a talk about.

    There might be no longer this sort of thing as a accurate data on who is incomes what and how worthy, there isn’t any longer any accurate statistics of that. There might be no longer even an official figure out there, it’s a long way gorgeous an review. The folks aren’t there. Who will you give this money? And one more recount, first that you just is potentially no longer ready to possess it and secondly when you might more than likely maybe delivery giving, insist, then the one who is the poorest will no longer receive the money, the one above him will bribe and web that money. Because of this when you deem a pair of plot, you ought to deem the execution. And I discontinue no longer disclose anything else, but each time we deem a plot we deem the execution.

    So are you announcing that if this plot comes out the execution will be very complex?
    No, more than likely the execution is no longer any longer that complex but undue advantage will be taken out of it.

    So the money will no longer reach the honest folks?
    No, the money might more than likely maybe additionally fair no longer reach the honest neighborhood of folks. Before talking of this sort of plot, glance if it’s a long way indubitably doable or no longer. Rahul has no longer became the PM yet. I heard that Manmohan Singh wanted to possess this, but it didn’t happen. I had as soon as said in 2009 that one ought to serene review accountability. Sitting at centre doesn’t guarantee work. Real execution occurs within the command govt and likewise you ought to serene skills that. If you skills of execution within the command govt, then most effective it’s a long way doable for you to to whole something at the centre. They don’t possess skills in executing such schemes. The folks will give the accountability, then what’s going to happen? Be mindful that the folks of the nation withhold an recognize on these issues. Because of this I don’t deem there is any hazard to Modi.

    What number of seats discontinue you hope to web it Bihar? If we glance the mahagathbandhan, Yadav and minority votes are with them, that is ready 30 per cent. So they possess got a head delivery. What is your votebank that is with you?
    I want to give an rationalization for you something, the minority community of Muslims that you just are talking about, the figure can even be out there, every 10 years the census takes set aside and that figure is out there. For the different of folks from assorted communities, there is a caste seek for of SC and ST also. But what seek for is there for remainder of the communities and castes? If you dispute that one caste has a undeniable quantity of inhabitants on what foundation discontinue you dispute that? The closing caste-based fully mostly seek for took set aside within the year 1931. We possess now if truth be told demanded that there ought to serene be a caste-based fully mostly seek for and the PM has given us a obvious response on that. So the following census which is able to happen, then most effective we can web to know the inhabitants of your whole communities. Then we’ll know what the inhabitants of all sub-castes that approach underneath SC is, which groups approach underneath ST, how many are there that educate a assorted faith. Yes, honest now all of us know the inhabitants of the Muslim community but we discontinue no longer know the an identical for other communities. There might be no longer this sort of thing as a consensus but in assorted media, folks form up their very own statistics.

    What is your review?
    We do no longer possess any review, glance the facts of 1931 and on the premise of the an identical you might more than likely maybe well more than likely form out about the growth no subject you hold to. But right here’s no longer caste census and likewise you ought to model that as soon as folks deem that right here’s there equation, I possess no longer deem the minority community in Bihar possess any faith left on them anymore. They are pondering that we ought to serene buy by the work — what took set aside earlier than and what’s at the moment taking place.

    So that you just are announcing that after supporting BJP, the minority will vote for you?
    It’s best to glance the work. If we enhance BJP at the present time, if we possess got an alliance with them, then what contrast did it form? What became the contrast within the work? We did all kinds of work. We don’t possess enough time to talk about all of them. I want to inquire them, what they possess got (RJD and Congress) indubitably executed for the Time table Caste and what possess they executed for the ST community? What did they indubitably discontinue for the Dalits and the oppressed? What possess they executed for the extremely backward class? What work possess they executed for women empowerment? We possess now worked for every and each one. We discontinue no longer omit somebody, all our schemes are universal. I indubitably possess stout faith that of us in Bihar will vote on the premise of work. So how discontinue I dispute if we can lose any seat? But, the general public is the boss; they’re going to resolve.

    So that you just are announcing Non-Yadav, OBC EBC, women voters all of them will vote for you?
    Quit all folks in a single caste sail one manner? But of us that analyse and form their vote monetary institution gorgeous on the premise of caste, what does that mean? In case you form your vote monetary institution on the premise of a undeniable caste then discontinue you no longer possess any concerns for other castes? And the caste on whose foundation of which you form a votebank, what possess you ever indubitably executed for that caste? What possess you ever executed for your individual caste? You possess got gorgeous manipulated them. Caste has enormous impact on society, and on minds of folks. That is human nature. But you wish that to continue? And now there are inter-caste marriages. When intercaste marriages will withhold rising, caste will be eradicated. But serene there are some of us that gorgeous talk about caste. We don’t possess any qualms with any caste. But lag, balloting is every citizen’s non-public different. We are able to inquire for votes on the premise of our work. If you are happy with the work, then vote for us.

    You took a extremely enormous initiative which became the ban on liquor, and likewise you take this subject ahead. So what discontinue you glance the impact of that?
    There could be a extremely correct discontinue of this. There are about a folks, who connect it with their liberty. That it’s a long way my non-public different, I’m free to drink anything else or eat anything else. There might be freedom to eat, but there isn’t any longer any whole freedom with regards to ingesting, in line with the Constitution of India. It’s a long way very obvious. It’s no longer phase of our vital rights, neither is the business of liquor a vital honest. So it has no link to liberty and it’s a long way a extremely execrable recount. The easier lessons might more than likely maybe additionally fair no longer feel the detrimental effects of alcohol as worthy, but it destroys whole unhappy households.

    The home atmosphere retains deteriorating. Men spent a large chunk of what they earned on alcohol, approach attend home and fight. Higher halves and the kids possess been suffering. But after prohibition, they’re chuffed. Yes, there are about a who possess a predicament with this. A WHO account detailed the different of deaths, and the forms of ailments that happen as a consequence of alcohol consumption. Of us, who’re mindful and trained, they ought to serene model this. We campaigned about this as smartly and it has shown correct outcomes. But, there are about a defaulters. And so moreover they web caught according to files. But no one can disclose that as soon as you happen to put in force a law this can even be adopted cent per cent. Fragment 302 is there for prolonged, but serene murders happen. Some folks possess that mindset and this can withhold taking place, but the campaigns ought to serene continue, so that slowly, it impacts the minds of defaulters as smartly. We ought to serene indicate them how they’re death. Don’t drink.

    Our campaigns address these issues, on banning dinky one marriage, in opposition to the dowry machine and we withhold doing. We chase social campaigns as smartly. But we discontinue no longer compromise with our model plot. Connecting every village with roads, providing electricity in every home, providing tap water in every household, toilets in every home; we’re working like a flash on these components and it looks take care of we would be worthwhile soon. We ought to serene possess by Gandhi Jayanti this year. That is our honest. Every village ought to serene possess concrete roads and lanes. We are working for women empowerment. Bihar is the first command to raise 50% reservation for women in Panchayati Raj and Nagar Nigam in 20116 and 2007 respectively. Three rounds of elections possess took set aside and over 50 percent elected officials are women. That is women empowerment.

    There could be a web within the consciousness of the folks and there is an amplify of their earnings as smartly. We did that. Easiest BPL households got pension after the age of 60, but we brought pension for all the arrangement in which thru the age of 60 and we engaged on this plot. We are doing all your whole mandatory verification, and we can put in force it by August.

    It’s in regard to those schemes and options, in 2005, that of us known as you as ‘Sushasan babu’. The crime price has increased within the old couple of years within the home and likewise you are no longer ready to instruct worthy on it, you can additionally no longer discontinue lots in past years.

    Crime is no longer any longer rising, but the reporting of crime is rising. Crime is reducing in every recount. This present day media has home to account on crime, earlier they did no longer. Digital media has 24-hour work. And now there is social media too where somebody can highlight anything else. Don’t deem the reporting, there has been a reduction in crime price. No one can dispute that it’s a long way a criminal offense-free society, but we’re making an are attempting and that is the goal that we’re searching to achieve. But to reach there it be important to work tirelessly.

    No longer gorgeous upright motion, but a social marketing and marketing campaign is wished. The majority of crimes taking set aside are linked to land disputes. Why does that happen? Because land records are no longer as much as this point. That wants to be mounted, and there wants to be new settlement and seek for and we’re engaged on it. By 2021 this can happen, and robotically crime will lower. Secondly, folks extinct to divide assets amongst family, but it became serene registered in name of their grandfathers, which ends within the within conflicts between the brothers. So the explanations of the crime wants to be assessed and acted upon. There ought to serene be a reply in assert to prevent crimes from taking place. The liquor ban can reduction these eventualities. In case you publicise your self but don’t work, what’s the purpose of that?

    If you sat down with the BJP over seat sharing, then how did you reach at 17 seats every? How did BJP agree on 17 seats, after they obtained 22 seats within the command?
    I did no longer dispute anything else on this…

    You most effective obtained 2 seats in 2014…
    So what, there became a wave at the time and we weren’t in alliance as smartly, serene we got 16% votes for the time being. It’s no longer take care of our occasion will web eliminated. It’s no longer doable. When we made the alliance with the BJP, they said they’re going to recognize us. We didn’t dispute anything else. They themselves made up our minds on equal seats. I did no longer even half this with my occasion till the time the 17-17-6 formulation became formally made up our minds.

    And likewise you licensed it? There became no negotiation?
    We are working collectively and closing time, BJP obtained the elections. So it became even complex for BJP. Out of the 22 seats they obtained, two lawmakers ran away and one died so they possess been left with 19. In those eventualities it’s a long way complex to web choices. Our occasion also agreed on the equal seat sharing. All and sundry wants more, but in overall folks agreed. BJP also had to form certain that to give seats to their archaic allies and address them as smartly. Some folks even left the BJP, but that will more than likely maybe well be a assorted subject. This has nothing to whole with my Occasion. We supported BJP keeping in mind the carrier for Bihar, its model. And that we couldn’t compromise with corruptions. And at the present time, there isn’t any longer any atmosphere of communalism. So in these prerequisites, work has took set aside in Bihar and the command has moved ahead. And likewise you might more than likely maybe well more than likely glance, the growth price of Bihar at the present time is 11.3 percent, which is the ideally suited. We possess now the ideally suited density of inhabitants, no longer gorgeous within the nation, but the sector, barring Singapore. And there is growth taking place. On the whole, the work is taking place, but some folks most effective want to play politics, by gorgeous talking. I don’t possess any hobby in that. They are saying lots about me, but I don’t reply. In case you feel talking in unhappy health of me is for your advantage, sail discontinue that. What can I discontinue?

    You broughtPrashant Kishorinto your occasion and he became given the Quantity 2 set aside as smartly. Of us said he will be your successor, but now we glance him sidelined and no longer taking price of the selling and marketing campaign.
    No, he has no longer been sidelined. He is within the occasion and he’s serene amongst the occasion’s campaigners.

    Is he quantity 2 then?
    He is the vice president. Calling any individual quantity 2 or quantity 3 is prognosis, but he’s very smartly revered in our occasion. But if he has assumptions or illusions in his own mind then that will more than likely maybe well be a assorted predicament. My family people with Prashant ji are ravishing. I fully trust him. He likes me lots as smartly, no query about that. But frequently in politics, there are a variety of kinds of talks.

    He has been a strategist till now, but being a political activist he is conscious of every political chief and occasion within the nation. He has chums within the media. That is one recount. One other recount of a political activist is on the bottom level. Any occasion, our occasion is no longer any longer a large occasion, it’s mostly in Bihar and has units in other states and folks work. The old day, in Jharkhand Salkhan Murmur joined the occasion. He has executed so worthy for tribal folks. And he wants to work with JDU. Who doesn’t know Prashant Kishor? He might more than likely maybe additionally possess gotten work anywhere he wanted? He worked with BJP, Congress, and is now working with us. He has a bunch that is working in Andhra Pradesh, one more is working with Shiv Sena too. That is assorted. That’s his group.

    In my opinion, Prashant is in my occasion and he’s a campaigner. On the 2nd, his father is very in unhappy health and he’s busy with his care in Delhi. We withhold talking, there isn’t any longer any recount. He had all those connections as a political activist, but he serene felt that he hails from Bihar and he ought to serene align with a occasion in line with his desire. That ought to serene be preferred. There are such a variety of of us that talk about to them, they all withhold announcing assorted issues. Even Lalu ji talks to him. Even whereas staying in prison he retains talking, no subject the foundations. But all people is conscious of the truth. So Prashant talks to all people, but who will dispute what to whom, this can web a dinky time for any individual who is new to model. It obtained’t web prolonged. We didn’t web him as a strategist. He most effective came with us after the NDA alliance. He came to us when we left the archaic alliance and came with BJP. He feels JDU is an much like his ideology. But right here’s gorgeous a starting as an activist for him. We don’t glance him as a strategist.

    So Prashant works with other occasions, there is nothing fishy there?
    He has correct family people with all people. And he’s with our occasion and he has no illusions about that. But since you requested, he has most effective gorgeous began as a political employee, as a political activist. The strategist manner of doing issues might more than likely maybe possess its presence for a whereas, folks will meet him and dispute issues and how this can possess an impact on minds, he’ll model slowly. He’ll discontinuance with me and slowly he will became the correct political activist. Clearly, if it’s no longer to his liking, then that will more than likely maybe well be a assorted recount. But I trust him.

    In UP, Congress has brought in Priyanka Gandhi. How discontinue you glance the Priyanka recount affecting the elections?
    That is an within recount for the occasion and the family, I don’t possess anything else to whole with it. I glance she will get even more publicity than Rahul within the media. Why that is, they most effective need to know. But all people knew this from the starting that she is active in within functioning of the occasion. And I got some facts about this from Prashant Kishor as smartly. Because he has correct family people with them and has worked with them. She entered politics formally, but we knew she had a job in political choices earlier than as smartly.

    How discontinue you glance Rahul’s candidature from two seats? It’s a long way being said that the fight became in opposition to Modi, but he’s contesting in opposition to the Left there.
    Left occasions don’t take care of this that he’s contesting in Kerala. That is natural. But that is his resolution. He has to handbook his occasion, so he need to hear to idea within his occasion or more than likely he has to peep his own condition — insist he isn’t worthwhile from his UP seat, more than likely he will buy from Kerala. There’ll even be many reasons, but I don’t deem worthy about it. It’s his own desire.

    You extinct to inquire for particular command for Bihar and talked about it lots. What’s the command of that now?
    Our ask remains the an identical.

    Enjoy you talked to the PM?

    What did he dispute?
    About particular command, an interpretation became executed on the premise of the 14th Finance Payment account. But we saved our ask in front of the 15th Finance Payment that this interpretation is executed and it ought to serene be cleared. We presented our stance strongly. Now some folks feel that I need to withhold giving statements. But the model we possess got gathered enhance — we possess got over 1 crore signatories — and we had submitted the doc to then honorable High Minister Manmohan Singh. A committee became setup after that as smartly. But they didn’t discontinue worthy. Within the occasion that they’d, at the present time’s politics might more than likely maybe well be assorted. This present day’s plan might more than likely maybe well be assorted. But who will provide an explanation for this to the Congress occasion? Their thoughts, their determining. They’ve their very own interpretation within the subject of particular command to a Narrate.

    We said all this to the new Finance Payment and we maintained that Bihar need to web particular command. We are increasing, but no vital business involves us. Non-public sector doesn’t approach right here, because we’re a land locked command. Within the occasion that they web tax rebates, then most effective any individual will approach and setup business in a landlocked command. And secondly, the enchancment work we’re doing in our command, the command half in central schemes will even lower. So we might more than likely maybe well be ready to put in force more schemes, faster. And we’d also be ready to adopt better schemes. So as that’s why the actual command assign a question to for Bihar is there. It’s no longer gorgeous my assign a question to, but the assign a question to of your whole command, the Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad both possess handed it unanimously, and it’s a long way already submitted to the central govt. Of us withhold announcing what they need from their side but the efforts are on.

    The model forward for JDU is linked with you. What future discontinue you glance for the occasion and for your self? Order there is an NDA govt at Centre day after recently, will you are making an are attempting and shift in direction of Centre?
    No, I don’t deem about myself; I deem about Bihar or about the occasion delivery air Bihar as occasion nationwide president. As a long way as JDU is concerned, many adolescents are joining it. There might be no longer this sort of thing as a recount.

    So that you just possess got gotten a succession idea?
    That occurs robotically. You don’t desire to deem that. It’s no longer a dynasty (laughs). Here your whole occasion is a family. Our occasion is no longer any longer led by one family so we don’t possess recount.

    The seat sharing of 17-17 looks to possess displeasedShahnawaz Hussain. What discontinue you deem about that?
    He ought to serene inquire his occasion, he’s the election committee member. He ought to serene inquire his occasion. Did I inquire for the Bhagalpur seat? He ought to serene sail and inquire his occasion. Why doesn’t he inquire his occasion president? Why doesn’t he talk about to the occasion accountable of the command earlier than talking take care of this? And discontinue when BJP gave a assign to Shahnawaz Hussain (from Bhagalpur in closing elections)? When the government became fashioned right here, I became an MP too, and Deputy CM Sushil Modi became an MP as smartly, he had obtained from Bhagalpur. And it became a bypoll. Likelihood is you’ll more than likely maybe well more than likely additionally sail inquire Arun Jaitley ji or Sushil Modi ji.

    Who insisted that Shahnawaz Hussain ought to serene contest elections from Bhagalpur? I’m no longer a member of that occasion, I’m in alliance with it. We had correct family people with every other. They licensed my observe and gave him a assign. What became his connection to Bhagalpur? But he might more than likely maybe additionally serene buy. But to inform this form, it looks as if the person is no longer any longer even attentive to within issues of his own occasion. When did we inquire for a seat? If one seat which we insisted on in Bihar, it became Darbhanga. I’m telling you the within subject.

    What took set aside?
    They didn’t agree! That is obnoxious. But the more or less talk about that has took set aside, BJP ought to serene plan this honest obvious issues up with these men. Unnecessary. We didn’t inquire for Bhagalpur seat; they gave it to us. To your whole seats they didn’t buy, nine seats, other than Araria, they gave them to us. And we had obtained two amongst those: Purnia, Nalanda. Now when you happen to possess been the candidate from Bhagalpur, you ought to serene possess fought. He ought to serene possess requested for a assign from the seat then. We didn’t dispute anything else. We recognize our alliance companions lots. We glance that this occasion has dinky within war. And on the premise of that they took this resolution. And we licensed it since we’re with them. But this more or less commentary is no longer any longer honest. And I desire that the BJP ought to serene reward it as smartly and that person ought to serene no longer give this more or less commentary. This commentary will most effective damage them. They ought to serene no longer inform take care of this.

    Of us dispute that you just don’t withhold true family people with one occasion or one person. You had as soon as said you might more than likely maybe never web BJP’s side. Then, you possess been with Modi, then you separated. And now you’re with him all some other time, Lalu Prasad came within the center as smartly. Of us dispute you might more than likely maybe well more than likely web a U-turn anytime. They even name you ‘Paltu Ram’. What discontinue you dispute about that? Is your relation with BJP true?
    Beneath the leadership of George Fernandes, Samata Occasion became fashioned in 1994. It later became JDU. We possess been with the BJP since 1996. We separated in 2013. And we allied all some other time with BJP. In heart, we fashioned the mahagathbandhan. Now, you gorgeous deem, when the predicament of corruptions came there became no manner to compromise with that and that’s why we made up our minds to separate after which BJP’s offer came which became acceptable to our occasion people. And now when it has took set aside, work is taking place. There might be no longer this sort of thing as a recount. Work became being executed earlier as smartly. So folks who dispute this about me, why don’t they talk about the leaders of Andhra Pradesh. The one who became with NDA and left for the opposite side, why isn’t he puzzled? That is believed of an success and I’m known as a “Paltu”. Beautiful, be chuffed with that. You’ll name me “Paltu”, but you might more than likely maybe well more than likely be the one who will trade facets. There might be no longer this sort of thing as a future for this more or less language, no one likes it. Of us gorgeous peep at your work. If I’d compromised on that basic commitment that will more than likely maybe possess been known as changing facets. And what is that this alliance? Enjoy you heard Lalu ji’s speech from 1990? When he became in Janata Dal, you might more than likely maybe well more than likely learn his Lok Sabha speech, he spoke in BJP’s favour. Here is coalition politics.

    Witness the command at the present time. What possess been Left occasions announcing – Non-BJP, non-Congress front. This present day they’re with Congress in all areas. And glance what’s taking place in Kerala. There’s war there all some other time. Chandrababu Naidu is talking about particular command and I’m talking about corruption. And that interprets to me changing facets, and him going straight? (Hum palat gaye, aur vo salat gaye?). What is that this prognosis? What is that this interpretation? Someone left one side to affix one more, and that’s a large success? That’s no longer changing facets? What ought to serene you discontinue about that? Who all possess executed what with me? They got recognize by staying end to me, then they left and now talk about me. I don’t dispute anything else on somebody. But some folks possess a fair time by talking this form. In case you web vote by this contrivance, very correct. I don’t possess a predicament. The folks are the boss and so they’ll resolve whom to vote for. Of us desire us to assist, we’ll assist. Within the occasion that they don’t desire us to assist, what can we discontinue then? We are gorgeous serving! As a minimum, we’re no longer profiting within the name of carrier (Seva ke naam pe meva to nahi kha rahe hain). We’re no longer incomes. Incomes money with out working is no longer any longer our honest. So folks who deem they’re delivery air, that they are no longer incomes, they abuse me. Beautiful, abuse me! If it will get you vote, enormous. If the folks will desire so, I’ll quit the governance to you. I don’t possess any recount.

    Quit you deem that the BJP will web whole majority by itself? Is the Modi wave that became in 2014 gorgeous as stable at the present time?
    Witness, the plan then became assorted. That point, there became severe anti-incumbency in opposition to the Congress-led UPA govt amongst the folks. They possess been offended. That’s why a single consensus fashioned in a single person’s favour. This present day, there isn’t worthy arouse in opposition to Modi govt. Now it’s a long way, you might more than likely maybe well more than likely dispute, an on a protracted-established foundation election. Some are attempting. But that obtained’t possess an impact on anything else. Of us will web their very own resolution. And I feel the alternate alternatives to Modi don’t peep stable enough to give a ambitious recount across the nation.

    At one time, you too possess been thought of an different to Modi.
    You provide an explanation for me, I’m in Bihar. Are we folks ever somebody’s different? I never had that dream. This I can’t even deem. I felt that they possess been making fun of me (as soon as they talked about me as an different).

    Many occasions wanted to develop you as an different nationwide chief…
    That is a assorted recount. I indubitably possess never misbehaved with somebody, be it in language or behaviour. Even when you happen to are no longer with me, I recognize you. I indubitably possess been a parliamentarian six cases. I indubitably possess been a union minister. No subject became doable, I tried to assist all people. Likelihood is you’ll more than likely maybe well more than likely additionally inquire any occasion chief. If any occasion chief’s phrases are honest, I work on it.

    How are your family people with Lalu Prasad now?
    What non-public enmity might more than likely maybe additionally I indubitably possess with him? I discontinuance timorous about him.

    You both possess been known as brothers…
    This he saved announcing. When Lalu obtained the Student Union elections in Patna College, discontinue how worthy I supported him? And when Jananayak Karpuri ji handed away, then what became my role in making him Lok Dal, Vidhyak Dal chief? When the chief came in opposition, what became my role in making him Chief Minister? Of us possess forgotten all these issues.

    Quit these issues, in some manner, damage you?
    When I saw that I can’t sail on with him, I split from the Janata Dal underneath George sahab’s leadership and fashioned a separate route. We did approach attend collectively one more time. I had hoped that he (Lalu) might more than likely maybe well be more careful now. We possess been working a govt. Likelihood is you’ll more than likely maybe well more than likely additionally inquire somebody. Of us extinct to give an rationalization for me, that if Lalu ji’s archaic model persevered, the government would no longer discontinuance in energy for more than a year or year and a half. And when that model became starting, quite a variety of folks said many issues about me. Even the leaders of his occasion, what did they dispute about me? And serene, I saved working. But when the predicament of corruption came, I folded my hands in namaskaar and uncover adieu. But, I’m no longer his enemy. I don’t possess any longer or less hatred in opposition to somebody. Many would feel that manner about me. But no longer me. What would I indubitably possess personally in opposition to him (Lalu)? But he’s within now and he’s working issues from there.

    You talked about George Fernandes. You possess been a phase of Atal govt as smartly. Quit you feel when he became NDA convener, the BJP of then that walked with all people, became assorted form the BJP of at the present time?
    As time strikes ahead, eventualities trade. There’s no enormous deal about it. That is nothing particular. Allies are being sorted now as smartly. They’ve most effective revered us as soon as they talked to us. I’m confined to Bihar within the alliance, so I don’t possess a predicament. I don’t deem there is a predicament and folks’s mandate will approach in line with that, I feel.

    A number of non-public questions. Of us dispute you are a loner — that you just hold to discontinuance alone. Even those end to you web separated, then approach attend all some other time. But in a contrivance, you are one who lives within himself.
    I don’t know why that interpretation exists. I gorgeous discontinue my work and I work with all people. I sail within the center of folks and interact with them. But after finishing work, when the time involves eat, or restful down for about a hours, what’s going to you discontinue in that? I discontinue my work all day and if there is a political exercise, I talk about to folks. You provide an explanation for me? In case you possess all of your work, discontinue you sail take a seat with any individual else? You restful down by your self. But I don’t know why this impact exists about me. There might be nothing take care of that. I recognize all people, more than likely folks don’t know that smartly. If I arrangement to know a pair of person’s in unhappy health smartly being — you might more than likely maybe well more than likely as somebody — it’s no longer that I’m confined within myself. Undoubtedly, I’m very minimally confined within myself. I hotfoot, I exercise, I discontinue yoga, I learn the newspaper; that is the restrict of my confinement. With the exception of this, there is nothing that I discontinue gorgeous with myself other than slumbering! And that is natural. Other cases, I’m with folks. But some folks possess a habit of talking to others unnecessarily. I don’t possess time for that. I saved getting responsibilities since 1998, that I never got a possibility to inform or discontinue something with out a motive. Of us possess given you a possibility. So that you just ought to work. Then all some other time it isn’t take care of I’m a loner or that I hold to be alone.

    One closing ask. Shatrughan Sinha, you extinct to instruct, is Bihar’s pride. Will you marketing and marketing campaign in opposition to him? He is standing opposite to you.
    Witness, he’s a large film artist. And he’s a Bihar resident, a Biharu babu. And for that, I indubitably possess enormous recognize for him. But to this point as politics is concerned, that has nothing to whole with it. That has nothing to whole with his movies. It’s no longer a pair of film hero. You sail to folks to inquire for votes and buy and became a parliamentarian. That is a political subject. So, in politics, he will be on the side of the occasion he’s aligned with. And I’m no longer on his side, so I’ll desire to marketing and marketing campaign for my side honest? But that will more than likely maybe well be a political subject, no longer a non-public one.

    Any other interests with the exception of working? What discontinue you discontinue when you don’t work? How discontinue you spend your time?
    I’m absorbed in work (laughs)! I indubitably possess so many interests that I don’t web time. I’m drawn to ambiance, greenery. In Bihar, the green quilt became less than 9 percent; now it’s above 15 percent. My goal is 17 percent. Because it’s a long way going to’t be more than that thanks to our high inhabitants density. I’m drawn to ancient past; the tradition of this set aside; our enormous archaic institutions and ancient centres. So I’m drawn to a variety of issues, and we’ve made that a phase of our governance. Archaeology, conservation. We possess now a proud ancient past, and I dispute to folks, that I want to web Bihar attend to heights it as soon as became. Because of this I’m working.

    Nitish ji, you gave us so worthy time. You gave your first interview in four years to Files18 community, for that I thanks very worthy. I’d hold to instruct your whole easiest for upcoming elections.
    Thank you very worthy.

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