Members with COVID-19 indicators ought to serene name 1339, test with designated clinical providers and products – ARIRANG NEWS

Members with COVID-19 indicators ought to serene name 1339, test with designated clinical providers and products – ARIRANG NEWS

Printed on Feb 21, 2020

COVID-19 발병초기에 더 전파력 높아, 외래진료 하지말고 바로 선별진료소로 가야

Members can spread the coronavirus sooner than they’re even aware that they are contaminated…, so consultants narrate public consciousness is compulsory to containing it.
Our Kim Bo-kyoung tells us extra.
Worries are rising as COVID-19 mercurial spreads by way of community transmission.
Scientific doctors are concerned with the virus spreading sooner than sufferers are identified.
Based mostly totally on the Korea National Scientific Management Community for Emerging Infectious Illness,… COVID-19 is proven to be extra infectious in its early phases in the center of first three to 5 days of infection,… when folks fetch supreme smooth indicators or no indicators the least bit.
“Since the virus comes out from the upper airway on the early stage of indicators, it spreads simply to others by way of coughing and saliva.”
Thus, to forestall the virus from spreading additional, the public desires to be attentive to what to make.
Those with indicators ought to serene name the KCDC name center by dialing 1339 for additional instructions sooner than they test with health center.
Those that mediate they’re going to were contaminated ought to serene test with the govt.-designated clinical providers and products as a replacement of going to overall hospitals or clinics.
At the second, the Korea Facilities for Illness Withhold an eye on and Prevention uses a formulation called ‘Proper Time RT-PCR’ to search out out whether a particular person has been contaminated with the virus.
The investigator wears anti-contamination clothing and takes a sample of secretion from the suspected affected person, then extracts and amplifies the virus gene.
Right here’s supreme doable in designated clinical providers and products and public health providers and products unprejudiced correct now.
If folks with fever and respiratory indicators test with overall hospitals as a replacement and are later identified with coronavirus, then these hospitals ought to mercurial stop down.
“It is compulsory to forestall the virus from spreading to astronomical clinical providers and products which fetch hundreds sufferers with critical circumstances.”
Voters can gather records on nearby clinics that produce coronavirus tests by calling 1339 or visiting the South Korea’s Ministry of Properly being and Welfare net page at www-dot-mohw-dot-toddle-dot-kr.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang Files.


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