LG V60 ThinQ assessment

LG V60 ThinQ assessment

Our Verdict

The LG V60 is the most refined flagship we have considered from LG, and with its free Twin Display cowl cowl peripheral/case, 5G connectivity, and appropriate specs, the phone stands out from its opponents. Nevertheless its additional notify thunder is clunkier in execution than foldables in the market, leaving it more appealing to niche patrons. Aloof, as one of the most more affordable 5G telephones in the market, the LG V60 has allure for the moderate person, even supposing it doesn’t outperform diverse flagships.


  • Twin Display cowl cowl is enormous affordable additional notify
  • Cheap 5G
  • 3.5mm jack


  • Now not the most effective-tier flagship specs
  • Unimpressive cameras
  • Lack of dual-display cowl app red meat up

Two-minute assessment

LG’s flagship V sequence of telephones has traditionally been bellow to mimic the parts, nonetheless not the intensive flash, of diverse leading flagship devices. That’s modified with the LG V60, which has more vogue, and a few unfamiliar parts to support it stand as adverse to the team.

Whether or not these perks are ample to present it the brink over themost attention-grabbing telephoneson the market is more a matter of non-public model than a specs comparison. The LG V60 is a appropriate flagship in its enjoy correct form, nonetheless the removable Twin Display cowl cowl paired with it’s miles a novel accent that will severely allure to the multitaskers, avid gamers, and display cowl fiends of the enviornment. 

For these users, the LG V60 meets a necessity for more display cowl thunder at a relatively affordable stamp, though there are compromises in contrast to the seamless screens onfoldable telephones. Trek in with measured expectations, though, and the V60 is a succesful phone that’s gigantic for taking part in media.

Despite not having quite the most effective specs, the V60’sSnapdragon 865and 8GB of RAM with a 5,000mAh battery ensured we receive been looking at media and collaborating in games for quite awhile with none noticeable slowdown, even whereas we receive been horny the 2d notify. Honest don’t notion on taking a selection of long-distance photos, as this phone lacks a telephoto lens; as an different, take care of the nonetheless shots shut, and the video even closer to stumble on the set apart apart its camera performs most attention-grabbing. The LG V60 can file in 8K at 24fps with four microphones to take surround-sound audio.

The V60 is additionally one of the most more affordable5G telephonesto this point. This year’s slash of flagship Android handsets packing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset raise with connectivity to the budding subsequent-gen networks – and a comparative stamp bump. Whereas the V60 misses out on a couple of of the nicer perks of the comparably-sizedSamsung Galaxy S20 Plus(cherish 12GB of RAM and triple-rear cameras), it’s additionally severely more cost-effective. 

Overall, the V60 packs ample perks to distinguish itself from the competition, nonetheless not quite stand out: not all people is going to desire a Twin Display cowl cowl, though they would perhaps additionally cherish the muse of 8K video, or5Gat a decrease stamp. 

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LG V60 stamp and unlock date

The LG V60 became resulting from be unveiled for the length ofMWC 2020, nonetheless following the display’s cancellation at first of the coronavirus outbreak, LG opted for a low-key on-line commence – something many diverse brands receive imitated. 

The LG V60 officially released in the US on March 16, retailing for $899 / £TK / AU$TK. As has been the case with outdated LG flagships, this stamp involves the Twin Display cowl cowl peripheral.

Most variations of the LG V60 will be 5G-succesful, with red meat up for the sub-6 range of frequencies. In the US, this involves the units going to carriers AT&T, T-Cell, and US Cell. One other version that helps each sub-6 and the greater mmWave frequencies will be accessible from dangle out carriers cherish Verizon. 

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LG V60 produce

The LG V60 is a assured step past the conservative unlit rectangle designs of its predecessors and into more stylish territory. By itself, the phone has looks to be like we’d query on a Samsung flagship, in conjunction with a pearl-hued glass relief, gold-ish neat around the camera bump, and burnished aluminum sides. 

It’s not quite surpassing diverse high-tier telephones in looks to be like, with thicker bezels than you’ll seek in theSamsung Galaxy S20line, and a teardrop notch the set apart apart these telephones receive a minute punch-gap for the entrance-going through camera, nonetheless the phone undoubtedly looks to be like more spectacular than outdated LG flagships. 

In a departure from its predecessors, the LG V60 is closer to the size of diverse ‘Plus’-

monickered telephones, with a 20.5:9 ratio notify that makes it more straightforward to handle than, insist, aniPhone 11 Educated Max.

(Image credit: Future)

It’s nonetheless a little thicker than diverse telephones – its 8.8mm thickness is a little more than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus’ 7.8mm – nonetheless the glass relief curves step by step into the sides, giving more grip than telephones with more abrupt rear-to-aspect curvature.

The phone hundreds most of its buttons on the left aspect, in conjunction with quantity up and down buttons and a Google Assistant button, with the lock button on the suitable form aspect. The SIM and microSD slot is at the head, whereas a USB-C slot sits in the center of the backside, flanked by a speaker and – sure – a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The the relaxation of the produce’s quirks lie in the Twin Display cowl cowl itself.

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LG V60 Twin Display cowl cowl

The LG V60’s standout feature is the Twin Display cowl cowl, which functions a lot cherish the identically-named peripherals that extend with theLG V50 ThinQandLG G8X ThinQ. The Twin Display cowl cowl works cherish a firm folio case, opening as a lot as deliver a 2d notify with the particular similar dimensions as the V60’s display cowl – budge the phone into the Twin Display cowl cowl’s USB-C budge and snap it into situation, and voila, you receive twice the display cowl accurate property.

To change on the Twin Display cowl cowl’s notify, you tap the minute white dual-arrow icon (by default this is on the suitable form aspect of the notify) to magnify a minute menu with choices to swap screens or to set apart apart the principle display cowl to sleep – if, insist, you wished to stare media on the 2d notify and gloomy the first to place battery.

Doing the above could additionally be invaluable since, as it’s an unpowered peripheral, the Twin Display cowl cowl runs off the LG V60’s battery, and predictably, the exhaust of it drains the battery, even more so whereas you’re operating a anxious job cherish looking at media; this is also mitigated in the same old ideas, by dimming the brightness of both notify. The Twin Display cowl cowl will automatically turn off when the battery drops to 10% so that you just don’t fully burn up your phone, though that will additionally shut no matter app you’re in (RIP my PUBG match). 

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(A transient display: for the explanation that V60’s USB-C port is blocked when plugged into the Twin Display cowl cowl, you could perhaps additionally recharge it through a cross-through dongle that magnetically snaps to the backside of the case. This clings on with a lot stronger magnetism on this phone, making it less of an awkward compromise than the old magnets for the same part on the LG G8X.)

So what’s the Twin Display cowl cowl invaluable for? Most most steadily, simply for having two apps originate directly, so you don’t must switch as most steadily. Whether or not it’s a chat dialog, your Twitter feed, or a YouTube/Netflix video you don’t desire to pause, the Twin Display cowl cowl is to hand for multitasking, even supposing it’s simply to streamline media consumption.

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The folio aspect is accessible in especially to hand for looking at media, as you an unfold it cherish a clamshell or fold the secondary display cowl in the support of the principle notify, tent-vogue – both manner, the phone is propped originate for viewing displays or YouTube videos, or for video chatting. 

The Twin Display cowl cowl’s notify has the same teardrop notch as the V60’s predominant display cowl, even supposing it doesn’t receive a entrance-going through camera – this could perhaps perhaps seem an irregular produce different, nonetheless it undoubtedly turns out that this makes it more straightforward to swap apps from one notify to the diverse. Fancy most notches, you won’t stare it’s there after a whereas, especially as most media avid gamers will hide it in the support of vertical bars.

The appropriate news is that the Twin Display cowl cowl comes free of stamp, that implies you compile two screens for the rate of 1 flagship. The indecent news? Whenever you’re ready for a subsequent-gen expanded notify skills corresponding to that of a foldable phone… don’t. There’s a sizeable gap between the V60’s display cowl and the Twin Display cowl cowl, and they’re separate screens, each of that could additionally notify one app at a time. 

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There are a couple of exceptions: apps that notify across each screens, in conjunction with LG’s proprietary Whale net browser, apart from to quite a lot of games and most of Google’s app suite. Alternatively, whereas most of these are neat to play with, the gap between the screens is cumbersome, that implies completely some apps, cherish Google Maps, are invaluable to peep this form. 

Conversely, the two screens could additionally be passe for gaming, with the head notify operating the visuals whereas the backside is passe as a gamepad. The mountainous advantage, obviously, is that your thumbs won’t compile in the manner of the action. Racing simulators work most attention-grabbing on this form as a result of a preset button structure geared toward games of that form, nonetheless diverse titles cherish PUBG or Call of Responsibility: Cell require you to configure a custom gamepad – and even these are finicky.

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LG V60 Pronounce

The LG V60 packs a 6.8-hotfoot OLED notify with a narrow 20.5:9 ratio. Whereas its FHD+ resolution (2460 x 1080) is technically less dense than the WQHD+ (3200 x 1440) panels on the Samsung Galaxy S20 line, we didn’t stare a lot of a inequity, undoubtedly with decrease-resolution media, cherish that shown on Netflix or Hulu, anyway; in aspect-by-aspect comparisons with an iPhone 11 Educated Max and Galaxy S20 Plus, though, the V60’s notify held up by manner of sharpness nonetheless exhibited some occasional concerns, corresponding to shimmering skies that receive been blown out as an different of being rendered as refined shade gradients. 

In diverse phrases, it lacks a little by manner of dynamic range, nonetheless you’d completely stare in aspect-by-aspect comparisons. The V60’s notify helps HDR10+ for a little more clarity in movies and diverse media, which retains it more on par with displays on diverse flagships.

The V60 has an in-notify fingerprint sensor, and, cherish these on outdated LG telephones, it’s not quite as appropriate as these on competing handsets – and not virtually as correct or receptive as fingerprint scanners located on the support or chin of the phone. 

When the Twin Display cowl cowl closes, obviously, the notify is lined – so there is a minute external display cowl on the entrance of the folio case. Or not it’s about as mountainous as an outstretched finger and completely displays in digital monochrome, so don’t query to exhaust it for more than checking  the time, caller ID, or app notifications. Honest don’t query so that you just can preview texts or messages.

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LG V60 Digital camera

The LG V60 packs a first charge camera array, though it’s less spectacular than the factitious-leading setups cherish these on the Samsung Galaxy S20, shall we insist. There are only two rear cameras right here, without a telephoto lens nor any produce of depth sensor.

The LG V60’s 64MP f/1.98 predominant shooter is a succesful lens with a 0.8-micron sensor that can maximize gentle in photos by ‘pixel binning,’ a process that combines four pixels into one. Doing this reduces the resolution of the principle lens’s sensor to 16MP nonetheless successfully expands the lens’ sensor to 1.6 microns, leading to less sharpness nonetheless bigger gentle absorption.

With out an optical telephoto lens, the LG V60 depends on ‘slash zoom’ that maxes out at 10x by in truth cropping in on a part of a photo taken by the principle camera: this works a lot cherish the digital zoom capabilities of diverse flagships with high-megapixel sensors.

The V60’s diverse rear camera is a 13MP f/1.9 ultra-broad shooter that captures a 117-degree field of peep. That’s a little decrease than the widest-perspective camera we’ve considered on a phone, the 123-degree ultra-broad camera on theSamsung Galaxy Attach 10sequence.

Spherical the entrance, the V60 has a 10MP f/1.9 selfie shooter. 

The phone’s prominent feature, cameras-wise, is its capability to take dangle of video at 8K at 24fps (a 7680 x 4320 resolution), matching the Galaxy S20 line, with LG’s ‘Staunch Story’ skills accessible to stabilize photographs.

One other plus for video: the V60 has four mics (one pair at the head and one more at the backside) for a little of a surround-sound manufacture when recording, which LG cutely calls ‘Voice Bokeh.’ LG believes bellow creators will compile the suitable exhaust of this, nonetheless this can without a doubt be a nice addition for somebody shooting video.

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LG V60 efficiency

The LG V60 packs an octo-core Snapdragon 865 chipset, that could additionally be chanced on in most of the leading flagships of 2020, apart from to 8GB of RAM and both 128GB or 256Gb of storage (expandable as a lot as 2TB through microSD). Normally exhaust, the phone is rapid, and doesn’t time out up when operating intensive processing tasks cherish gaming or streaming media.

Here is extraordinarily spectacular whereas you’re the exhaust of the Twin Display cowl cowl: the V60 in all fairness succesful of operating two apps directly, and doesn’t plug even when simultaneously taking part in two displays on separate media apps. 

Its Geekbench ranking of two,762 isn’t quite as spectacular rising short in contrast to the three,034 ranking executed by the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, though it’s not exactly a efficiency disparity you’ll stare.

Oh, and that V60 ranking? We obtained it whereas operating Netflix on the 2d notify… and we then ran the take a look at again with the Twin Display cowl cowl turned off and obtained roughly an analogous results. Now not decrease than as a ways as computation is anxious, this implies that the 2d display cowl isn’t a plug on efficiency.

The LG V60 runsAndroid 10, with the latest version of Google’s OS bringing with it gloomy mode, over-the-air safety patches and a host of diverse improvements.

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LG V60 battery

The V60 packs a 5,000mAh battery, which will get you through a day of long-established usage, with commerce. In phrases of sheer ability, this is on par with theSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

As talked about, operating each displays (at or over 50% brightness) drains the battery quicker. In perfect phrases, this implies looking at a broken-down hour-long episode of a Netflix display saps around 12% battery – nonetheless as soon as we passe the Twin Display cowl cowl menu to set apart apart the principle display cowl to sleep (which dims it as a lot as conceivable), a one-hour display completely drained 6%.

For recharging, the V60 comes with a FastCharge 4.0 charger in the box, which LG claims will get you 18 hours of exhaust (or 50% ability) from 30 minutes of stamp. As an Android phone, the V60 tells you how long until a beefy stamp whereas you budge it in. When we plugged the long-established charger into the V60 when it became all of the vogue down to 16%, the phone eminent it can perhaps remove simply over an hour and a half of to stamp relief to beefy.

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Steal it if…

You wish more display cowl at a decrease stamp
Let’s face it: foldables are too pricey for most of us, and the completely manner we’re going to compile more notify thunder is by unfamiliar telephones cherish the LG V60. Whenever you remove to receive more display cowl, even to easily receive two apps originate directly, the V60 is a gigantic possibility.

You wish a more cost-effective 5G phone
Sure, the V60 has more to supply originate air of its Twin Display cowl cowl. The phone is 5G-succesful in the sub-6 frequencies, though some variations additionally red meat up mmWave – nonetheless it undoubtedly’s severely more cost-effective than an analogous-sized mountainous 5G telephones regardless. 

You cherish looking at media in your phone
The Twin Display cowl cowl is invaluable for multitasking and gaming, nonetheless we chanced on it most attention-grabbing as a media looking at assistant that 

Don’t take care of shut it if…

You wish the most effective-spec phone in the market
The LG V60 has gigantic specs, nonetheless it undoubtedly’s edged out by the Samsung Galaxy S20 line, which has each the next-resolution notify (WQHD+, 3200 x 1440), more RAM (12GB), and greater storage (512GB max). 

You cherish phone pictures
Again, the LG V60’s cameras are overwhelmed by the Samsung Galaxy S20 sequence, especially with the latter’s baseline 30x digital zoom. Whereas LG’s phone has an underrated macro lens, there haven’t been ample of these around to after all persuade patrons they’re superior to telephoto lenses.

You wish a seamless enormous notify
The LG V60 and Twin Display cowl cowl supply more notify thunder, nonetheless they don’t receive the seamless skills of foldable telephones. Foldables aren’t simply superior because they’re gapless, both: their application enables apps to spread across the unfolded display cowl in a method more fluid manner. The LG V60 is an both/or phone with completely 1 app on each notify.

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