LG NanoCell 9 Sequence (65SM9500, 65SM9800, 65SM9450) overview

LG NanoCell 9 Sequence (65SM9500, 65SM9800, 65SM9450) overview

Our Verdict

Whereas it doesn’t occupy the inky sunless ranges of LG’s line of OLEDs, this new-and-improved NanoCell flagship cloak is one in every of LG’s simplest LED TVs yet.


  • Incredibly trustworthy colours
  • Alpha a7 II processor
  • WebOS is finest than ever


  • As expensive as an OLED
  • Frame is a puny bit wobbly
  • Aggressive circulate processing

Sizable UHD is needless. Or… neatly, no longer no longer up to it’s in name. Now there’s NanoCell, the the same quantum dot-esque technology LG has been refining for years with its Sizable UHD monicker, now with a brand new name that makes no longer no longer up to somewhat more sense. 

Pointless to mutter, the name isn’t the supreme element that’s changed: this year’s cut of LG flagship LED monitors terminate occupy a few new tricks up their sleeves, love the addition of the Alpha a7 II processors and the powerful-enhanced WebOS with ThinQ natty platform, that accomplish this no longer simplest one in every of the most practical – nonetheless furthermore one in every of the supreme – LED TVs LG has ever produced.

Obvious, the cloak has its shortcomings love LG’s overly aggressive circulate processing, a puny little bit of fine-trying and a less actual stand than we would’ve loved, nonetheless by and big it’s a long way a dauntless cloak that performs neatly above expectations. 

Whereas you’re taking a see an even trying LED cloak for your lounge that’s furthermore supremely natty and upscales mutter material neatly, LG’s top-tier NanoCell cloak is a rock-actual likelihood.

LG NanoCell 9 Sequence impress and free up date 

By the time you’re reading this, the LG NanoCell 9 Sequence will likely be available within the market to the general public in a lot of the arena – both as the souped-up 65-sprint SM9500 reviewed here, the SM9800 series that’s available within the market in 55- and 65-inches within the UK, or as the SM9450 in Australia. 

In spite of name it goes by, the specs are identical: an IPS panel with paunchy-array local dimming, a 4K resolution with four forms of HDR toughen, the new 2nd Gen α7 Processor and essentially the most fresh version of WebOS. 

It’s a sturdy package, nonetheless furthermore a reasonably expensive one, as the LG 65SM9500PUA (the model reviewed here) is $2,499. The nearly equivalent LG 65SM9800PLA sells for £2,599 within the UK and, if you’re down beneath, the LG 65SM9450PTA sells in Australia for AU$5,399 – though the latter hasn’t adopted the NanoCell monicker yet and is composed billed as a Sizable UHD cloak.

Image Credit: LG

Image Credit score: LG


LG NanoCell 9 Sequence Specs

Conceal Sizes:55- and 65-inches |Tuner:Freeview HD, satellite tv for pc HD |4K:Sure |HDR:Sure |Panel technology:LED |Graceful TV:Sure, WebOS and ThinQ AI |Crooked:No |Dimensions: 57.2 x 32.8 x 2.5 inches (W x H x D)  |Weight:59.5 lbs |3D:No |Inputs:4xHDMI 2.1, 3xUSB, 2xRF, optical, analogue, headphones, CI slot  

The survey of the 65SM9500 is basically the the same everywhere: it’s a portly 65-inches with a slim bezel and rounded aid. The cloak is held up by a crescent-formed stand that LG has been pairing with its top price TVs for the old couple of years, which neatly accents the blueprint-age survey LG is going for. 

Problematically, on the opposite hand, once it’s on the shelf you received’t be ready to transfer it powerful – the crescent-formed stand does on the total are inclined to lunge and could well well, beneath the immoral circumstances, tip. It’s simplest to wall-mount it if you occupy the tools (and the abet) critical as it doesn’t occupy the the same balance as other monitors that exercise a more venerable develop nonetheless the stand is sufficient if that’s no longer an likelihood.

Duck tiring the SM9500 and you’ll survey a bevy of ports, a truly great of that are the four HDMI 2.1 ports with HDCP 2.2 andeARCcompatibility. 

Ports aren’t something you’d veritably dwell on, nonetheless LG’s exercise of HDMI 2.1 permits other in point of fact most important future-dealing with technologies love VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and HDMI ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode) that’s in point of fact most important for gamers who desire the supreme performance from their 4K consoles. That affords the LG SM9500 over similarly priced Samsung and Sony TVs, nonetheless it’s the construct of element that would simplest impact a puny subset of probably owners.

Here’s a minor element, nonetheless the blueprint in which the HDMI ports would be found, cables terminate jut out from the perimeters and is also viewed dangling beneath the TV. Here is an topic LG has mounted in a few of its nicer-taking a survey OLEDs’ stands, nonetheless it does accomplish the SM9500 survey a puny bit unkempt. 

Exterior of the HDMI ports, there are furthermore three USB ports, with two on the facet and one dealing with rearwards, an ethernet port, a CI slot, an optical digital output, an ATSC TV tuner for US OTA proclaims and a line out that doubles as a headphone jack. In phrases of wireless recommendations, there’s built-in WiFi (802.11ac), Bluetooth 5.0 and AirPlay 2.

The develop characteristic we in point of fact enjoyed most, on the opposite hand, become once this year’s updated Magic Distant, a circulate-comely Bluetooth distant adjust that has a mic built upright in and acts love the next version of the venerable Wii controllers. Being ready to wave the controller round to put off replacement inputs and channels made the abilities feel slicker and more intuitive than other natty platforms, plus mercurial-get entry to buttons for Netflix and Amazon Video accomplish spirited between the most well liked services a prance. (In demos, the latter is also frequent to call up Alexa with a prolonged-press, a characteristic that hasn’t rolled out yet to the general public, nonetheless desires to be coming within the near future.) 

Construct TL;DR:Despite its top price colorful and future-proof HDMI 2.1 ports, we chanced on the SM9500’s develop to be a puny bit too wobbly and messy for our liking. 

Graceful TV (webOS with ThinQ AI) 

Whereas the develop isn’t the entire lot we hoped for this year, the updated version of webOS with ThinkQ AI most no doubt – it’s by a long way the fastest, smartest and most sturdy natty platform we’ve tested on a TV.   

For starters, load time is purely about non-existent on an correct wireless connection. We were ready to zip from Netflix to Amazon Prime Video in a matter of seconds, with both apps loading their respective mutter material at near instantaneous speeds. 

Furthermore, whereas LG’s most fresh WebOS is lacking a few fringe services (PlayStation Vue being essentially the most egregious), you’ll accumulate fair about every major participant here with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and more all supported in-residence. 

Greater than both the zippy interface and sturdy likelihood of apps is the integration of both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on this year’s models. Activating Google Assistant is completed by pressing the microphone button on the natty distant whereas Alexa will likely be available within the market by maintaining the Amazon Video button when the characteristic goes live. You’ll must build both Alexa and Google Assistant to your respective accounts within the TV’s settings, nonetheless in every other case it’s reasonably soft crusing.

The final characteristic price mentioning for WebOS is its toughen of Chromecast Built-in, a characteristic that enables somebody in your Wi-Fi community to Cast mutter material from the mobile phone or tablet to the TV without pairing over Bluetooth. This characteristic is supremely functional in case you occupy firm over and you love to must ticket them a immediate clip from YouTube, or in case you’re staring at something in your mobile phone that you just judge would survey better on a 65-sprint cloak. Either blueprint, its inclusion here is extraordinarily helpful. 

Graceful TV TL;DR:This year’s WebOS makes the SM9500 a correct natty TV in every sense of the note. From puny touches love Chromecast Built-in to mountainous tips love the inclusion of both Alexa and Google Assistant, WebOS is certainly excellent. 

HD/SDR Performance 

Whereas the SM9500 is born and bred to be a 4K HDR powerhouse, it’s composed a comely cloak for staring at HD/SDR mutter material. That’s due in no puny share to the Alpha a7 II processor that does an unparalleled job upscaling HD/SDR mutter material for the bigger, pixel-dense cloak.

In accordance to LG, its 2019 processors exercise a four-step upscaling direction of that smooths out photos to diminish gradation and noise within the image. In notice, this makes motion pictures and TV presentations made years ago survey love they’ve been remastered for 4K monitors. Toss in some image enhancement courtesy of the AI’s large image library and you at final occupy an LG TV that can rival what Sony’s carried out with its upscaling direction of.

The most simple share relating to the upscaling direction of is that there’s no work in your break required to get the supreme image, as an alternative of switching from the default Trendy or Vivid image mode to both the HDR Enact environment to get a puny little bit of pop in your HD/SDR photos or both of the ISF Calibrated settings for something more natural.

Image Credit: LG

Image Credit score: LG

The goal we’re being so no longer easy on LG’s Vivid mode is that, by default, it permits TruMotion, LG’s name for its heavy-handed circulate processing characteristic. Whereas it helps accomplish immediate-spirited mutter material love action photographs or sports actions survey buttery-soft, TruMotion makes dialogue-heavy scenes or panoramas survey love they’re spirited at two-times trail – something that makes motion pictures love Gravity no longer easy to belly. That said, TruMotion is a nice instrument to occupy in your aid pocket in case you love to must occupy your mates over to see a sport… nonetheless it’d be better if among the modes didn’t enable it by default.

That being said, on the opposite hand, if you’re a gamer you doubtlessly received’t look for circulate processing in any appreciate as LG’s TVs occupy Auto Low-Latency Mode that can detect when a console is linked to the cloak, and that fully turns off image processing. That’s an correct element as, without it, LG’s 2019 TVs occupy a nearly imperceptible lag time of 12.7ms. If rumors are correct and the subsequent generation of consoles toughen more Excessive Frame Rate (HFR) mutter material, LG’s TVs ceaselessly is the sure cut likelihood for gamers – even without it, they’re already a top contender.

HD/SDR Performance TL;DR:Whereas TruMotion is composed as aggressive as it’s ever been, LG’s upscaling algorithm makes HD/SDR mutter material survey better than ever. 

 Image Credit: LG 

 Image Credit score: LG 

4K/HDR Performance 

On the opposite hand, positioned on some 4K/HDR mutter material love Lost in Home or David Attenburough’s Netflix series, Our Planet, and the SM9500 in point of fact shines. This TV is at its simplest with mercurial-witted, dauntless mutter material – and though it’s no longer its area of abilities, the SM9500 is heaps appropriate at darker mutter material, too.

But let’s initiate with the TV’s solid swimsuit – mercurial-witted, gleaming photos that would furthermore be chanced on in nature docs and spirited motion pictures. Watching Our Planet on this TV fair about took us out of seat. The perfectly saturated colours of the NanoCell cloak accomplish the rain forests and deep oceans fair about existence whereas its mountainous distinction makes night scenes simple on the eyes. 

But distinction is a double-edged sword. Whereas the TV is simply mercurial-witted, LG’s flagship cloak appears powerful more eager about trustworthy coloration replica than the next peak brightness that, mutter, Samsung’s QLED lineup is identified for or the sunless ranges of its inky OLED. Whereas gleaming mutter material is an absolute pleasure to survey, it approach that some HDR mutter material – particularly scenes with both very mercurial-witted and in point of fact darkish aspects – isn’t as impactful as it could well well be. 

It’s furthermore simple to seem for a puny little bit of fine-trying that you just wouldn’t accumulate on an OLED cloak. That’s no longer to stammer LG hasn’t carried out an attractive job mitigating the topic – in point of fact, the SM9500 makes use of LG’s Fats Array Local Dimming Educated tech the assign the SM9000 simplest has Fats Array Local Dimming – nonetheless among the brightest photos terminate occupy a halo enact that you just wouldn’t accumulate on an OLED.

Lastly, whereas the SM9500 does an correct job of maintaining its coloration in case you sit down somewhere to the facet of the cloak, you composed must sit down reasonably straight on to get the paunchy coloration enact – this is composed an LCD-LED cloak afterall, and off-axis viewing isn’t as appropriate as an OLED – nonetheless the IPS panel does a mountainous job of making the mutter material survey fair about as appropriate from any standpoint.

Most definitely the most important puny criticisms we talked about earlier could well well lead you to evaluate that, neatly, presumably this 4K HDR cloak isn’t in point of fact ready for primetime viewing – and that couldn’t be farther from the fact. Whereas these puny imperfections terminate bewitch a long way off from the abilities, a lot of the HDR mutter material you see – particularly mutter material mastered in Dolby Imaginative and prescient – will in point of fact blow you away. Dolby Imaginative and prescient mutter material from Netflix makes unparalleled showcase mutter material in case you love to must push this TV to the bounds and the aforementioned ISF Calibration modes accomplish it excellent-trying simple to get pro-stage calibration upright out of the box.

4K/HDR Performance TL;DR:Whereas it has a few minor flaws love excellent-trying concerns and a less-than-excellent peak brightness, the SM9500’s coloration accuracy is unparalleled. Flip on some Dolby Imaginative and prescient mutter material and be ready to be blown away.


Whereas the image quality is as appropriate as you’d it query it to be, the sound quality is powerful, severely better – with out a doubt, the SM9500 is one in every of the supreme-sounding TVs we’ve ever heard, and all you ought to terminate is enable AI Sound. 

AI Sound is the entire lot it sounds love – the TV uses man made intelligence to analyze the audio signal coming into the TV, and upmixes the stereo sound to a 5.1 signal. It furthermore enhances the readability of the sound and expands the soundstage. The break result of all this upscaling is then conducted thru the TV’s 40w speakers – and sounds fair about as appropriate as a separate soundbar. 

Now not simplest can AI Sound present a large boost in audio quality, nonetheless LG’s most fresh cut of TVs furthermore encompass the ability to terminate custom room tuning by approach of the Magic Distant. The setup direction of for One Touch Sound Tuning is also chanced on within the settings and, once entire, the TV will inquire if you’d love more of a treble boost, a bass boost or a natural sound. 

Pointless to mutter, a TV can terminate simplest so powerful and audiophiles will composed query more. The supreme news is that – if you’re taking a see correct object-essentially essentially based surround sound – the SM9500 has that, too. Hook the NanoCell TV up to a Dolby Atmos-love minded soundbar or speaker procedure, and you’ll be ready to get Atmos sound.

Sound TL;DR:Here is one in every of the supreme-sounding TVs we’ve ever heard thanks to AI Sound, One Touch Sound Tuning and its built-in 40w speakers. Its audio quality opponents low-break soundbars, nonetheless you’ll composed desire a separate sound procedure for Dolby Atmos.   

Other panels to ponder 

At this point there’s no query in our minds that the SM9500 is one in every of the better LED monitors of the year… though, admittedly, it’s no longer the supreme. That honor composed belongs to the brighter, more gleamingSamsung Q90R. Samsung’s flagship QLED correct handles circulate a puny bit better and in point of fact makes HDR mutter material shine thanks its brighter backlight. That said, a 65-sprint Q90R TV is drastically more expensive than the SM9500 (on the time this overview become once written, the Samsung QN65Q90RAFXZA price $2,999 when in contrast to the SM9500’s $2,499 ticket). 

As an alternate, if you’re taking a survey to bewitch something in that $2,000 impress fluctuate, you’ll doubtlessly must accept the Samsung Q80R ($1,999) orSamsung Q70R($1,599). Each and each these two TVs occupy the next peak brightness than the LG SM9500 nonetheless neither occupy the reasonably stand or image quality of the break-tier Q90R. 

But the supreme competitor to the SM9500 is LG’s possess lineup of OLED TVs. In particular this year’sLG C9 OLEDis one in every of the supreme ever made, and upright now it’s simplest a few hundred bucks bigger than the SM9500. That makes universally recommending the SM9500 a puny bit tricky as the LG C9 OLED is the better TV for many oldsters. 

Closing verdict

If the NanoCell 9 Sequence SM9500 were the supreme TV LG produced in 2019, it could well presumably stand shoulder-to-shoulder with among the supreme TVs from Sony and Samsung. It has a improbable image quality that’s leaps and bounds more trustworthy than the major Sizable UHD TV we saw at CES 2016. Thanks to the Alpha a7 II processor, the upscaling here is finest than it has ever been, and WebOS with ThinkQ has mercurial change into our favourite natty platform. 

Unfortunately, though, the SM9500 doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and it’s no longer the supreme TV LG made this year. Genuinely, the 65-sprint LG C9 OLED – doubtlessly our favourite TV of the year up to now – is correct a few hundred bucks/pounds more, and is a few hundred bucks/pounds less if you get the 55-sprint version. 

For now, the C9 OLED is composed the TV we’ll universally counsel that all individuals, everywhere buys – it uses the the same natty platform and has an even better processor – no longer to mutter an OLED panel that has severely better sunless ranges. But, that said, if you’re the construct of one who desires a puny bit more brightness from a TV on story of your lounge is on the total bathed in light, the SM9500 is an correct replacement.

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