LG G8X ThinQ review

LG G8X ThinQ review

Our Verdict

The LG G8X’s allure will most certainly be niche, but it be a charming belief that presents an different to foldable telephones that presents funds-aware investors extra conceal for no subject they are searching to produce on their mobile phone. While the core tool is now not too thrilling, it packs the main Snapdragon 855 processor and doesn’t lack in efficiency – but whether to seize undoubtedly boils down to how significant one wants extra conceal loyal property.


  • Inexpensive two-conceal solution
  • Neat gaming capabilities
  • Twin Masks to hand for staring at media


  • Seriously wonky multi-conceal tool
  • Sad fingerprint sensor
  • Exiguous multi-conceal capabilities

Two minute review

The LG G8X, strictly speaking, is a mid-year iteration on theLG G8that has respectable specs for its tag but is barely lacking in digicam quality versus funds flagships like theOnePlus 7T Expert,iPhone 11, orSamsung Galaxy S10e

But this review also considers theLG Twin Masks, which comes packaged with the LG G8X – and mixed, they provide an inexpensive and never more radical different to costly foldables that tackle to be extra than simply a stopgap solution.

It is now not a very best solution – the tool is barely buggy, the in-conceal fingerprint sensor is unreliable, and the front conceal’s two-recede microscreen leaves significant to be desired. But the combination of those two devices is inexpensive and delivers on its promise. 

Ought to you interact to get extra than two screens to work, play, or merely luxuriate in, the LG G8X is a vast seize for the value.

That acknowledged, don’t question a innovative tool – and even a few of the crucial unconventional efficiency coming withfoldable telephones. The present on the front of the Twin Masks, as an illustration, is itsy-bitsy and monochrome – in reality a most modern-day beeper – so that it is most likely you’ll furthermore’t produce issues like quick look texts or fetch your space on Google Maps, which it is most likely you’ll furthermore produce on a closedSamsung Galaxy Fold

As a replacement, you’ll must pry originate the G8X-and-Twin Masks at any time when it be a must to ascertain extra than the time. Given the miserable fingerprint scanner, right here is extra tense that it could maybe maybe furthermore silent be.

LG G8X review

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It’s in the end a two-handed tool when it’s docked, in reality running like a smartphone in a folio case – but there are easy positives to that, like being in a location to unfold the second conceal around its surprisingly tough hinge to prop it up (“tenting”) like a 2-in-1 pc to head attempting movies. 

Neat small joys like the most likely to screenshot what’s on one conceal straight into a textual shriek material message you’re composing on the different explain that LG concept of what customers would undoubtedly are attempting to produce with dual displays.

Happily, this contains the obvious gaming possibility: turning certainly a few of the screens into a controller. LG went the extra mile right here, providing some sample layouts (racing, arcade stick, gamepad) alongside with the device to invent your hold, mapping conceal loyal property to virtual buttons or thumbsticks it is most likely you’ll furthermore shrink or lengthen to your desire. 

Right here’s the LG G8X in a nutshell: a significant semi-modern smartphone with considerate capabilities that is silent hampered by middling tool. That’s mitigated critically by its very realistic tag, providing a semi-foldable expertise on the value of a extra realistic flagship. 

The allure is barely niche, but for those that aren’t ready to plunk down necessary coin for the silent-finicky first technology of foldables, the LG G8X is worth investigating. 

LG G8X review

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LG G8X liberate date and cost

The LG G8X paired with the LG Twin Masks changed into as soon as first published at IFA 2019, and will slide on sale within the US initiating November 1. While the mobile phone will sell for $699 (around £543, AU$1,017), some retailers will throw within the $199 Twin Masks for free. 

It’s unclear when the mobile phone will device to the UK or Australia, plus we don’t know the procedure significant it’ll tag there both.

That you just can furthermore get it even more inexpensive thru Flee within the US, which is offering both devices for $15 per thirty days (after a $16.21/month credit) for 18 months – in reality getting the mobile phone for $270. The mobile phone and Twin Masks combo will also be readily available thru AT&T.

LG G8X review

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Have confidence

The LG G8X by itself appears to be like, unsurprisingly, exactly like the LG G8 from which it iterated: a modern sunless rectangle (glass sandwiching a intellectual steel rim) with teardrop notch, Google Assistant button on the left aspect and 3.5mm jack poking out the bottom subsequent to a USB-C port. By itself, the handset is now not too thrilling, but it’s now not disappointing, both.

The LG Twin Masks works loads like a folio case with a conceal on the inside: slot the LG G8X in (actually plugging it in to a USB-C male discontinue and snugly snapping within it on the tip corners), set off the mobile phone, and a button appears on the lawful aspect permitting you to exclaim on and fiddle with the second present.

Don’t question a seamless present – the screens are separated by a hinge, and will most certainly be regarded as paired areas barely than a single huge sheet. There is a Huge Mode the build it feels extra like one conceal, but that is best readily available whereas browsing Chrome.

As we beforehand eminent, the hinge is tricky – you’ll be in a location to unfold to any level and fold help with out tense it’ll sag. The case-like aspects of the Twin Masks are matte plastic overlaying steel, maintaining the G8X on the perimeters and help.

LG G8X review

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The outer front of the Twin Masks homes a 2.1-recede mini-conceal, which is tastefully hidden amid an all-sunless conceal under a front glass present till you summon it by hitting the lock button. It’s a stylish system to tender over that we don’t get a elephantine-color, elephantine-space front present – but it’s likely that one could maybe maybe be both costly and sap battery. 

As is, the Twin Masks runs off the G8X’s capability with out draining it significant, which is an perfect produce compromise. 

On the least, the Twin Masks’s intellectual front glass  is reflective ample to relieve as a deem in a pinch. It is a fingerprint magnet despite the fact that.

The bottom of the Twin Masks has openings for the 3.5mm headphone jack (which ergo blocks plugs that aren’t straight) and a speaker. Within the middle is a new different: a pin-and-magnet dock, which pairs with an identical unit that snaps into converse and has a USB-C port. 

It undoubtedly works loads like Apple’s feeble MagSafe power solution, and with the same attain, breaking off to steer sure of snapping power cables or antagonistic the mobile phone. Annoyingly, it’s also loads weaker of a magnet, requiring you to brace the flexibility cable on a shut-by surface lest its weight yank it out.

LG G8X review

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Show conceal

The LG G8X has a 6.4-recede Stout HD+ OLED present (2,340 x 1,080) with a tall 19.5:9 ratio, which is curiously decrease-resolution than the QHD+ conceal of the LG G8. We question that is one other compromise for tag. Regardless, the present is sharper than many other FHD screens we’ve bump into, which will not be a surprise with LG. The conceal is vast for media, exhibiting the roughly deep shadows and perfect colors favored by space tv. 

Or barely, screens: the present on the LG Twin Masks is same to that of the G8X – even up to and including the teardrop notch, despite the fact that it doesn’t get a front-facing digicam. That’s the value of constancy, it appears, because the engineering changed into as soon as too difficult to myth for a cutout on one conceal but now not the different.

In every other case, it is most likely you’ll furthermore both pair up both screens to get the same brightness or alter them independently (shriek, whereas you’re staring at a darker TV explain on one conceal and absently scrolling Twitter on the different). Since the screens are nearly same in spec, they’re going to both plug any app, and swapping an originate app from one conceal over to the different just takes a 3-finger swipe – a gesture that’s surprisingly legit. 

To point out on the Twin Masks’s present, touch the twin-arrow gray button lying submerged on the G8X conceal’s lawful aspect – press it and the second conceal activates, whereas pressing it again brings up a itsy-bitsy menu with valuable capabilities like swapping apps between them.

The G8X contains an in-present fingerprint sensor, and within the period in-between, it is… unsuitable. It usually takes three to four pressings at diversified angles to liberate, which is traumatic. When it does acknowledge fingerprints, it unlocks quick, but it’s unclear which angle the sensor in actuality prefers.

LG G8X review

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The usage of a dual-present mobile phone

Welcome to a very significant piece in this complete review. Within the tip, is it enjoyable to make utilize of a dual-conceal mobile phone? Yes, unequivocally. The pros outweigh the cons. 

Mighty like factual foldables, it’s handy to merely get extra conceal loyal property. Ought to you want the usage of your mobile phone to head attempting video, it’s vast to get a complete separate conceal to scroll thru Twitter or textual shriek material. It’s nice to get, and the general equipment isn’t too mountainous or cumbersome to get.

Amusingly ample, the G8X and Twin Masks seize pleasure innow nothaving as evolved of conceal tech as factual foldables. No longer like the Galaxy Fold’s complex multi-apps-at-as soon as configuration, LG’s setup is discreet: two screens, and it is most likely you’ll furthermore swap between them as expected, with none confusing bleedover or slippery interface. 

It’s now not avery bestinterface, mind you – it’s barely buggy, and exchanges between screens don’t consistently slide off with out a hitch. The game pad tech is at possibility of getting wonky – you’ll must grapple with the UI when making a custom controller, which don’t consistently play nice with particular games. For event, Name of Duty Cell freaks out barely whereas you happen to’re attempting to pass, goal, and shoot on the same time – likely since the source sport itself has been tweaked to combine sure capabilities (firing and aiming) in a single press as a workaround for, well, clunky gaming on a smartphone. 

LG G8X review

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But all that apart, it’s also vast to in reality play a sport and get the elephantine loyal property unencumbered by your fingers. There’s also a handful of gaming-particular tools in a menu subsequent to the three-button nav that produce issues like disable signals, silent media, seize screenshots, and even leer up the sport on YouTube. It’s valuable and considerate in a system that extra overbearing gaming capabilities aren’t. 

Gazing media is unsurprisingly real on an mobile phone with LG screens, notably when tenting up the mobile phone to head attempting video. The sound coming from the audio system (both down from the bottom, which appears the louder one, and the earpiece) is ravishing but now not distinctive – the Google Pixel 4 silent holds the crown right here.

LG G8X review

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It’s a disgrace there aren’t extra interactions with the interface – particularly, it could maybe maybe be not most likely to get Kindle, Libby and other smartphone e book apps spill over both screens. That you just can furthermore produce this in best one app within the period in-between, Chrome, in a mode known as Huge Mode (found within the gray Twin Masks button menu). Text spills over and rotates with the mobile phone. Compared to seamless foldables displays, it is, frankly, gruesome – but as usable as it sounds, and never the worst expertise. 

There’s one other characteristic, Prolonged Stare, which potential that you can make utilize of the second conceal as a second tab of sorts for viewing photos or opening links, but this best works with LG’s Gallery and Naver Whale within the period in-between. And that’s it for new makes utilize of of the conceal. 

But take be aware of this final level: by the usage of rigid glass, the LG G8X and Twin Masks are the usage ofglass– a a long way extra durable discipline cloth than the flexible plastic dilapidated within the Galaxy Fold, which is well scarred and scored by a straightforward fingernail, asJerryRigEverythingidentified in a video. And in consequence of the Twin Masks case-folio produce, that tumbler won’t get damaged with a plunge.

LG G8X review

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The LG G8X inherits the LG G8’s pair of rear normal (12MP f/1.8) and ultrawide (13MP f/2.4) lenses, despite the fact that it dropped the megapixel tag barely within the latter in explain to ramp up its field of look from 107 to a whopping 136 degrees in this mobile phone – which outclasses the 120-ish degrees in most other flagships.

As for the portray quality, the rear shooters don’t effect them high up in oursimplest digicam mobile phonerating, which is ravishing. Their images stands out within the daylight hours, with a respectable night time mode that makes up for a shortage of sharpness with loads of color – and whereas the latter technically works for the ultrawide lens, the ensuing photos get so significant grain and noise that it’s simplest left for well-lit scenarios. 

The 32MP front-facing digicam likewise performs better with a complete bunch light, and springs with a beauty mode and ravishing but tool-simulated portrait mode.

LG G8X review

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Interior shots grunt their hold praises the digicam’s strengths, even in low light, and the depth mode could be very real, even with out portrait mode. Portrait video returns, as produce a handful of modes (slo-mo, time-lapse, panorama), but it’s the manual modes that provide barely extra than other flagships, letting you tinker with a vary of images settings from shutter velocity and ISO to white balance and even manual level of curiosity – in photos and video. Heck, whereas theGoogle Pixel 4touted its Twin Exposure settings, the LG G8X potential that you can fiddle with brightness from the usual mode.

There are a pair extra perks that are new to the LG G8X. The first appears obvious: deem mode replicates the viewfinder on the second conceal, which it is most likely you’ll furthermore then rotate around – to hand whereas you wanted to seize photos around the corner. 

Ought to you swap over to video within the digicam app, it is most likely you’ll furthermore leer a instructed for, we’re now not kidding, ASMR video mode. Turns out that LG heard followers inquiring for the most likely to fable video at concert events, which requires high sensitivity to absorb a performer from your build within the crew. Which also, it appears, is real for taking pictures the rasps, whispers, and inflections in an ASMR-sort video. Who knew.

LG G8X review

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The LG G8X packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM, which runs the twin screens simply. Clearly, extra conceal loyal property doesn’t exhaust this main chip, which is extra-impressive given what the mobile phone’s able to doing simultaneously – like, shriek, play Netflix on one conceal and HBO on the different. What? We’ve got so significant to head attempting.

The mobile phone comes in a single storage size, 128GB, which is appropriate because the baseline for 2019 telephones. That you just can furthermore lengthen it up to 2TB with microSD, amazingly.

Even extra impressive: the mobile phone comes with Android 9 Pie out of the field. Yes, you’ll must rely upon the general sweets inAndroid 10(like Murky Mode), but that also system the LG G8X got its semi-foldable expertise running with out the general foldable-particular compatibility packed into the most modern model of Android.

LG contains its normal suite of fundamental apps, which aren’t too extraneous – and heck, some are extra characteristic-rich than expected, like the HD audio recorder that could maybe info you to seize up sound from mics at both ends of the mobile phone for stereo sound. At some level of the mobile phone, there are these nice touches – the keyboard, as an illustration, splits in half when the handset is turned around, with each location placed come the build your thumbs could maybe maybe be. It makes the twin-conceal structure invisibly more uncomplicated to make utilize of.

LG G8X review

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The LG G8X packs a 4,000mAh battery; the LG Twin Masks has…nothing. It runs off the G8X, which system, unsurprisingly, the usage of that second conceal will bleed the capability even faster.

Happily, that battery goes a protracted system, lasting over a elephantine day on normal utilize. Obviously, your utilize per chance won’t be that ordinary whereas you’re taking part in with that second conceal, and we wouldn’t blame you. A small present discipline – remembering to swap off the extra lens whereas you happen to’re now not the usage of it – can slide a protracted system. 

As talked about above, the LG Twin Masks has a magnetic port on the bottom that snaps on to a connector (included within the field) with a USB-C port. It’s an orderly small solution that’s on the opposite hand could maybe maybe furthermore stand adhering extra strongly to one but any other, a la Apple MagSafe. The G8X incorporates a snappy charger within the field. 

Score it if…

You desire a low tag entry to multi-conceal and/or foldable telephones
The LG G8X plus the LG Twin Masks, packaged together, is a vast deal for its tag. Ought to you balked at costly foldables but were intrigued by the opportunity of getting extra conceal loyal property to play with, right here is an inexpensive system to get a kind of that existence.

You play games on your mobile phone loads
The LG G8X has loads of diversified preset digital controllers and the possibility of creating your hold custom one, as well to gaming-centric tools. Heck, it is most likely you’ll furthermore even just get one thing else running on the second conceal whereas you’re taking part in. It’s now not the same as having a mobile gaming controller, but it’s the next simplest factor – and extra compact as well.

You adore staring at media on your mobile phone
Even whereas you by no system discontinue up the usage of the LG Twin Masks significant, it’s an efficient kickstand and protective case all in a single which props up one (or both) displays to head attempting at very perfect angles.

Don’t interact it if…

You desire the loyal foldables expertise
Expensive foldable this isn’t – the LG G8X is a mid-evolution that items some but in no procedure the general advantages of real foldables. Its conceal is now not seamless. This can now not turn as many heads.

You desire the absolute classiest, best-performing flagship
While the LG G8X has a Snapdragon 855, the main Android chipset, it isn’t barely on par with the main Samsung or Huawei telephones by system of RAM or in-the-field storage – nor does it get the same level of polish and capabilities. Ought to you interact to get the flashiest flagship, this isn’t it.

You desire a itsy-bitsy mobile phone
The LG G8X is now not the greatest smartphone around, but at 196g and mixed with the 130g LG Twin Masks, it’s a hefty equipment that takes up a ton of pocket space – and will most certainly be too mountainous for some pockets. 


(Portray credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the major real foldable from a mountainous name manufacturer launched to the world, and spotty as its durability changed into as soon as (and fragile in loads of techniques as it silent is), the tool is being offered to patrons. It’s accessible, it’s loyal, it folds, and it’s mountainous. 

No longer so significant when it’s folded up to only its 4.6-recede outer conceal, but when unfolded flat, its 7.3-recede seamless inside present is impressive. Right here is the long plug.

Or barely, the major mountainous step in direction of the long plug. No subject refinements, the Galaxy Fold’s plastic present is silent now not as tough as glass. It packs the same Snapdragon 855 chip because the LG G8X, but packs double the RAM (12GB) and 512GB of storage with a 4,380mAh battery (4G model). It dwarfs the G8X withsixcameras. And, accordingly, it charges three times as significant. You get what you pay for.

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Huawei Mate X

(Portray credit: Future)

Huawei Mate X

The Huawei Mate X is a fitting ample different to the Fold: it’s an “outie” foldable, and thus extra effective, with fewer cameras and an inviting produce that presents a “lip” to grab whereas wielding the foldable. It also reveals you a preview whereas you happen to question someone to seize a portray of you with it. 

With a front conceal of 6.6 inches folded up, the Mate X is mountainous; unfolded flat, its 8-recede seamless present dwarfs the LG G8X. After we dealt with it, the foldable gave the affect ready to seize the Galaxy Fold to task, notably after the latter’s fragility points.

After which the US authorities intensified itsHuawei ban, which endangered the corporate’s reliance on Android. Even when it in the end comes out – at a reported 16,999CNH (roughly $2,400, £1,870, AU$3,500) – the tool will most certainly be three to four times the value of the LG G8X, unavailable on US carriers, and per chance prick off from its running machine’s characteristic and safety updates. 

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