LG C9 OLED (OLED55C9, OLED65C9, OLED77C9) assessment

LG C9 OLED (OLED55C9, OLED65C9, OLED77C9) assessment

Our Verdict

The LG C9 represents a triumph of OLED evolution, bettering every aspect of its performance thanks to the addition of synthetic intelligence. Right here’s without problems the smartest and most characteristic-packed 4K TV you would possibly also shield, even supposing superior photos and aggressive pricing will additionally support it stand out.


  • Exceptional characterize quality
  • Superior dim ranges and distinction
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos
  • AI-enhanced swish platform
  • Handsome produce

In opposition to

  • Lacks HDR10+ strengthen
  • Cramped HDR brightness

The success of OLED has created a bright downside for LG – at this level, the company is de facto competing against itself. That’s on yarn of LG Declare their private praises, the expertise research arm of the company sells panels to every producer besides Samsung (no shock there), leaving LG Electronics to face a crowded market plot of its private produce. So what can the Korean giant develop?

Straightforward, it makes its OLED 4K TVs the most characteristic-packed that money can shield. 

That acknowledged, the C9 represents the midrange for LG’s 2019 OLED TVs, collectively with the superior Alpha9 processor when when put next with the cheaper B9, but warding off the dear cosmetic sides chanced on on devices extra up the fluctuate. Which signifies that the pricing is as aggressive as the specs are impressive.

Even better, honest correct cherish the more dear OLED TVs in the lineup, the C9 presents a 2nd expertise Alpha9 processor with AI enhancements, improved sound with AI processing, and an upgraded swish platform with, you guessed it, added AI.

On high of every little thing else, there’s high dynamic fluctuate (HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision) and strengthen for Dolby Atmos, plus HDMI 2.1. In regards to the handiest characteristic not included is HDR10+, but in every other case these are very aggressive OLEDs.

LG C9 OLED commence date and price

In spite of the set you are living in the enviornment, the C9 comes in three hide sizes: a 55-creep , 65-creep (reviewed right here) and a 77-creep mannequin.

Whereas you are living in the UK, you have to shield the 55-creep OLED55C9PLA for £2,499, the 65-creep OLED65C9PLA for £3,299 and the 77-creep OLED77C9PLA for £7,499. Within the US, these devices correspond to the OLED55C9PUA ($2,499), OLED65C9PUA ($3,499) and OLED77C9PBA ($6,999), while in Australia you can earn the OLED55C9PTA (AU$3,899), OLED65C9PTA (AU$6,399) and OLED77C9PTA (AU$15,999). 

All sizes of the monitors must be on hand to shield beginning in April, but in most cases the simpler devices invent not nearly about shops for about a weeks.


LG C9 OLED Specs

Display hide Sizes:55-, 65-, 77-inches |Tuner:Freeview HD, satellite HD |4K:Certain |HDR:Certain |Panel expertise:OLED |Super TV:Certain, WebOS and ThinQ AI |Bent:No |Dimensions:1228(w) x 738(h) x 251(d)mm |Weight:23kg |3D:No |Inputs:4xHDMI 2.1, 3xUSB, 2xRF, optical, analogue, headphones, CI slot 

One plot that the LG C9 could well also not seem cherish a large overhaul when put next with closing year’s C8 is in the produce category – but that’s not a injurious factor. The C9 OLED retains the an analogous modern and minimalist appearance, as successfully as the sloped stand that fires sound on the listener. The bezel-less hide is surrounded by a darkish metallic shipshape, and each and every the stand and rear of the panel boast a pleasing brushed-steel attain.

The connections remain complete and, unique for this year, LG has even added HDMI 2.1. The most up-to-date version of HDMI can’t handiest tackle a staggering 48Gbps, but additionally supports better frame charges as a lot as 120Hz, dynamic metadata for HDR, eARC (enhanced audio return channel), variable refresh charges (VRR), and an auto low latency mode (ALLM).

LG is the handiest producer to encompass HDMI 2.1 on its 2019 4K TVs, giving them a leg up on the competition that could not comprise HDMI 2.1 till 2020. Other producers would seemingly retort that that you simply can well be also carry almost all of the an analogous sides utilizing HDMI 2.0b, the truth that LG’s unique TVs are future-proofed or not it’s not linked what occurs.

In complete there are four HDMI inputs: three on the aspect and one going by the rear. There are additionally three USB ports, with one on the aspect and two going by rearwards, along with a terrestrial and satellite tuner, a LAN port, a CI slot, an optical digital output, and a line out that doubles as a headphone jack. On the wireless aspect of things, there’s constructed-in WiFi (802.11ac), Bluetooth (5.0) and AirPlay 2.

Just like the remainder of LG’s OLED and Nano Cell line up, the C9 involves the most up-to-date version of the Magic Some distance away, which retains its improbable ergonomic produce. The controller is chuffed to shield and highly intuitive to make employ of, thanks to a precise onscreen pointer. 5 minutes with this zapper and all others are stone age by comparability.

The a long way flung appears to be a a lot like closing year, but LG has replaced any lettering with icons – presumably to create it relevant to all global markets. There’s soundless a constructed-in microphone that has extra than one capabilities this year, along with stutter access keys for Netflix, Amazon, and Rakuten.

Form TL;DR:The modern and minimalist produce stays as glance-catching as ever, while utilizing HDMI 2.1 ensures the C9 will shield future-proof for future years wait on.

Super TV (webOS with ThinQ AI) 

The LG C9 boasts the most up-to-date iteration of webOS and while this game changing platform stays largely the an analogous, there had been about a tweaks.

For a beginning there’s now a 2nd tier on the launcher bar that’s very paying homage to the one chanced on on Samsung’s Tizen design. It’s somewhat ironic that LG must eradicate inspiration from Samsung, particularly at the same time as you ponder about that Tizen copied webOS in the first plot, nonetheless the 2nd tier is a purposeful characteristic, making it sooner to access jabber material and collectively with an AI Preview that makes ideas in step with your viewing habits. There’s additionally a singular Shining Edit characteristic that lists your apps in step with how veritably you use them.

That’s very helpful on yarn of the C9 has fairly about a apps; not to level out a complete series of streaming services and products that involves Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Now TV, Rakuten, and all of the UK TV rob-up services and products.

The AI-enhanced advice characteristic displays and analyses your viewing habits based not handiest on jabber material but additionally the time of day. It will then create ideas in accordance its diagnosis, even supposing there’s the probability to flip this characteristic off if it will get tense.

There’s a singular Home Dashboard that collates all connected mobile, enter and dwelling IoT devices true into a single hub. You’ll seemingly be ready to visual display unit and modify honest correct about any connected design in your swish dwelling, and LG will seemingly be collectively with strengthen for Homekit later this year.

LG’s ThinQ commence AI platform already involves Google Assistant, and the company plans with the procedure to add Amazon Alexa by a future firmware update. You’ll seemingly be ready to access Google by pressing the mic button on the a long way flung, and then hiss modify your C9 or merely employ it as a swish assistant. 

Other unique sides encompass the means to setup your C9 utilizing an LG smartphone, and the means to auto-detect connected HDMI devices. There’s additionally a mini-browser, a singular TV channel banner, and an expanded Gallery mode with world famed wander attractions seasonally curated by TripAdvisor.

Super TV TL;DR:webOS stays the most complete and intuitive platform on hand, but the inclusion of AI-enhancements and hiss assistants additionally create it the smartest.

HD/SDR Efficiency

The LG C9 delivers all of the image advantages you can expect from an OLED TV: extremely inky blacks and superior distinction ratios. It’s additionally extremely upright, producing colours that are each and every natural and perfectly saturated.

The default Fashioned characterize mode is definite to please many, with its shining punchy photos and colours that pop. On the opposite hand these buying for photos that adhere to the industry requirements, will seemingly be contented by the accuracy on provide in the ISF modes. None of this could per chance near as a shock, the C8 used to be honest correct as impressive by dim ranges and characterize fidelity.

On the opposite hand the 2nd-gen Alpha9 processor brings deep finding out AI algorithms to comprise that comprise a primary impact on the image. This processing accesses a database serene of tens of millions of jabber material examples, and uses this to analyse the image and then optimise it depending on the kind and quality of jabber material.

This processing in truth works, with precise upscaling of decrease resolution photos and remarkable noise bargain and characterize enhancement. The outcomes are frequently breathtaking, and when staring atGravitythe detailed megastar fields appeared better than they’ve on every other point out.

The de-contouring characteristic first introduce closing year now has a separate modify in the menu, and it’s highly efficient at lowering banding in compressed jabber material. There’s additionally AI Brightness, a singular characteristic that uses a sensor to detect ambient light and then optimises the brightness in step with the viewing ambiance, thus bettering visibility in darkish areas of the image.

The of all this processing is an SDR characterize that is veritably staggering in its element, precision, and accuracy. The photos are swish, and freed from noise and banding, while the upscaling makes paunchy employ of all of the pixels in the 4K panel. We were additionally contented to admire that the image didn’t comprise from the blocking and flashing artefacts that comprise affected previous LG OLEDs.

The Circulate Pro dim frame insertion (BFI) characteristic is better than closing year, bettering motion going by while exhibiting less at threat of flicker. On the opposite hand in customary, motion going by is also the one plot the set LG is at a problem to the competition as or not it’s soundless fairly…aggressive. 

The gaming performance is better, and the enter jog is an imperceptible 12.7ms. That’s extremely low, and when combined with VRR and ALLM it makes the C9 an apparent preference for gamers. These making an allowance for characterize retention (veritably referred to as burn-in) shouldn’t lose sleep as LG employs fairly about a sides  constructed-in to mitigate the scenario.

HD/SDR Efficiency TL;DR:The inherent advantages of OLED combined with the 2nd expertise Alpha9 processor ends in one of the becoming SDR photos we’ve ever seen. 

4K/HDR Efficiency

The LG C9 delivered an equally impressive HDR performance, despite handiest hitting a peak brightness of 780 nits. (OLED panels received’t ever attain the ranges of brightness seen on LCD-based technologies cherish Samsung’s QLED, but they produce other advantages as that you simply can ponder about almost as we relate.)

For a beginning there are these unheard of blacks, and these are crucial on yarn of dynamic fluctuate goes from absolute dim to peak white. LG has additionally improved the performance honest correct above dim, thus revealing extra shadow element. Within the past OLEDs veritably struggled to shield cramped print as photos came out of dim, but that wasn’t a downside with the C9.

Since an OLED is self-emissive that arrangement every pixel is in my belief controlled, in actuality rising over 8 million dimming zones. This arrangement an OLED can carry an remarkable stage of element in the specular highlights frail to provide HDR its impact. The C9 additionally tone mapped the jabber material accurately, ensuring that these highlights didn’t lose element or clip.

All these components were evident when staring on the scene inFirst Manthe set the Apollo 11 plot craft first goes in to orbit across the moon. The hide is fully dim and then the lunar surface appears to be by the characterize module window. It’s a scene that handiest an OLED can in truth develop justice to, and the C9 delivered it perfectly.

The colors are equally as impressive, retaining 100% of the DCI-P3 coloration plot frail for HDR. This used to be easy to admire when staring atGuardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, which has an extremely saturated characterize that the C9 rendered in all its glory.

LG equipped a characteristic known as Dynamic Tone Mapping two years in the past, and this works particularly successfully when it involves addressing the inherent brightness limitations of OLED. It analyses every scene on a frame-by-frame foundation and adjusts the tone mapping accordingly, thus bettering the HDR journey. This characteristic has been enhanced and improved on the C9, and the implications were basically impressive.

The LG not handiest supports HDR10 and broadcast HLG, but additionally Dolby Vision. This uses dynamic metadata (not to be puzzled with dynamic tone mapping), and is on hand on a huge fluctuate of jabber material collectively with streaming and 4K Blu-ray. On the opposite hand there is one other format that additionally uses dynamic metadata known as HDR10+ and while the jabber material catalogue is in the meanwhile cramped, it’s rising.

At most modern LG doesn’t strengthen HDR10+; in truth it’s the handiest version of HDR not included on its TVs. Right here’s downhearted on yarn of every and every Philips and Panasonic provide OLED TVs that strengthen Dolby Vision and HDR10+, a indisputable truth that can definitely repeat current with these enthusiastic to comprise each and every formats on their TV.

4K/HDR Efficiency TL;DR:It will probably well not be as shining as QLED, but right here’s soundless a perfect HDR performance. Fully the inability of HDR10+ strengthen disappoints.


The LG C9 sounds remarkably honest correct, particularly at the same time as you ponder about it measures mere millimetres on the high and handiest reaches 46.9mm on the bottom. That doesn’t leave fairly about a room for speakers, but LG has applied some luminous AI processing to provide acoustical assistance.

Initially, you would possibly also in truth optimise your unique C9 for the explicit room you’re utilizing it in. There’s a singular One Contact Sound Tuning characteristic that uses the mic in the a long way flung to analyse the room from your major listening plot and plot-up the TV accordingly.

As soon as the AI acoustic tuning has performed, you would possibly also review before after prior to saving the settings. This characteristic in truth works, and the sound retains perfect element and crisp readability. There are three modes as successfully, with the Fashioned probability offering the most balanced outcomes. On the opposite hand, at the same time as you are feeling cherish boosting the treble or bass you would possibly also, and the implications are impressive.

There’s additionally an AI Sound mode that up-mixes 2.1-channel audio to digital 5.1 surround sound. Due to the luminous application of psychoacoustic trickery the sound advantages from staging that appears to be better and extra commence. The dialogue stays sure but track and outcomes are extra enveloping, while the bass is surprisingly deep.

As with previous years, the C9 supports Dolby Atmos. You can well presumably not educate AI processing in this mode, but then why would you? Dolby Atmos is natively encoded with discrete surround channels, and even supposing the TV is rising its sound discipline with handiest a pair of speakers, the implications are frequently highly immersive. The audio means of these as a lot as date TVs is nothing trying unheard of.

Sound TL;DR:The sound quality is mighty brooding about how extremely-slim this TV is. The AI-enhanced processing in truth works, as does the acoustic tuning. 

The LG C8 OLED is the predecessor to the C9 and still one of the best OLED TVs around.

The LG C8 OLED is the predecessor to the C9 and soundless regarded as one of the most becoming OLED TVs round.

Other panels to ponder…

It’s soundless early in the 2019 TV commence schedule, but that does mean at the same time as you’re on a honest correct funds closing year’sLG C8 OLEDis being carefully discounted. Whereas the C9 is an enchancment over closing year’s mannequin, the C8 stays a perfect 4K OLED. There’s additionally the probability of the cheaper LG B9 OLED coming later this year that doesn’t employ the Alpha9 processor but retains many of the opposite unique sides.

Whereas you’re thinking of different producers, Sony has already released its uniqueAF9 Grasp Sequence OLED TV. This pleasing 4K mannequin delivers impressive characterize accuracy and involves Dolby Vision, along with Sony’s luminous Acoustic Ground. On the opposite hand the panel is somewhat shadowy, and there’s no strengthen for HDR10+.

Potentially of better interest are thePanasonic GZ1000andPhilips 804 OLED4K TVs. Whereas neither of these devices is somewhat as characteristic-packed or swish as the C9, they develop strengthen each and every Dolby Vision and HDR10+, thus elegant anybody wishing to quilt their high dynamic fluctuate bases.

Sooner or later at the same time as you eradicate an LCD panel, then take a look at out the unbelievableSamsung Q90uses stutter QLED backlighting to carry near-OLED blacks, improved viewing angles and a high peak brightness. It additionally has a actually low enter jog and received’t comprise from characterize retention or hide burn, making it a spacious preference for every and every HDR and gaming.

Final verdict

The LG C9 is a in truth remarkable 4K OLED TV that takes what used to be so impressive about closing year’s C8 and builds on it. The primary distinction is the inclusion of the 2nd expertise Alpha9 processor, which uses AI enhancements to carry stellar SDR and HDR photos, and helps create the upscaling and processing 2nd-to-none with improbable ranges of element and characterize fidelity.

As is the case with all OLEDs the panel brightness pales when when put next with an LCD TV, but brightness isn’t every little thing. Completely the blacks and pixel stage of precision afforded by the self-emissive expertise ensures that HDR appears to be fair. There’s strengthen for Dolby Vision as successfully, and handiest the absence of HDR10+ disappoints.

Sooner or later, the TV’s swish platform stays utter-of-the-art, and now boasts the inclusion of every and every Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. webOS has been tweaked but soundless involves a complete series of streaming services and products, while AI powers the advice sides. Within the meantime, the unique Home Dashboard turns your TV true into a hub for your swish dwelling.

Overall, the LG C9 represents a sure evolution in the enchancment of OLED, and it not handiest delivers unheard of photos and sound, but is additionally the smartest 4K TV in the marketplace.

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