Lenovo Trim Clock review

Lenovo Trim Clock review

Our Verdict

Though we omit the extra visual card form of increased Google Residence units, the Lenovo Trim Clock will get your bedroom connected in an unassuming, priceless accumulate ingredient.


  • Compact kind
  • Big tidy house functions
  • Surprisingly appropriate kind sound

In opposition to

  • UI loses visual flair
  • Lack of digicam may maybe also disappoint

Issue powered tidy speakers are now ten-a-penny, and interestingly tidy shows, whether powered by the Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, are situation to conform to suit. The Lenovo Trim Clock is the most contemporary to hitch the fray.

On the opposite hand, whether by the added expense of the insist, or the busier nature of a tool that juggles both contact and articulate controls, tidy-show conceal units haven’t had moderately the impact their speaker counterparts bear had. 

With many moreover housing a digicam (ostensibly for video chat functions, but moreover fuelling conspiracy theories surrounding privacy), there’s been some reticence to bring them into the bedroom, which may maybe presumably in every other case seem a natural house for them.

The Lenovo Trim Clock very great wishes a situation on your bedside desk alternatively, and ensuing from a couple wise kind picks, it presumably deserves the location, too.

Label and availability

The Lenovo Trim Clock is readily accessible now, priced at $79.99 / £79.99 (spherical AU$115). That’s more cost-effective than theGoogle Residence Hub, theAmazon Echo Relateand the identical price because the drawing shutAmazon Echo Allege 5, all of which may maybe presumably beforehand bear been our high suggestions for a bedroom tidy insist. Though we’ve no longer yet been ready to test the Echo Allege 5, our intestine now functions to the Lenovo Trim Clock being the in-bedroom tidy tool to beat.


The Lenovo Trim Clock wishes to smarten up your damaged-down fear clock, but actually, it’s bigger than that. It’s an economical formulation to build up a Google Assistant tidy house speaker decorated with a clock face on it and a determined ‘Actual Morning’ dashboard into your bedroom. 

You would also clearly build it wherever on your situation, but the AI-powered speaker is ideally supposed to sit down on a nightstand, as its has a shrimp 4-hunch touchscreen that shows the time with assorted clock faces. It has a show conceal probability of 480 x 800 pixels, which is sufficient for what it’s looking to illustrate at this form of shrimp size. Designed to sit down subsequent to you in bed, you’ll seemingly be shut to it when the use of it, so we didn’t procure its shrimp stature a teach. If the rest it became as soon as a bonus, making it extra discreet in a bedroom where you’re no longer going going to prefer overbearing tech to intervene. You’ll seemingly prefer a increased-screened tidy tool for assorted rooms even supposing.

Bask in the Residence Hub, there’s purposefully no digicam constructed in, and that’s actually being touted as a characteristic here. Lenovo wishes you to feel cosy bringing this into the extra intimate rooms of your situation, and senses that the presence of a digicam may maybe also undermine that. For my portion alternatively, we’d bear unruffled welcomed having a digicam onboard – albeit with a physical shutter integrated to block it off when we don’t prefer it peeping. Preference is continually ultimate.

The Lenovo Trim Clock has a subtle wedge-adore form, covered in a gray cloth mesh. A full border surrounds the show conceal, curving off the perimeters, but taking up amount of precise estate on the tool’s front face. Up high, a plus and minus signal supply volume controls. There is a microphone restful swap on attend (which, considerably counter-intuitively proclaims itself very loudly when in use), with a port for vitality and a USB port.

Why is there a USB port on this ingredient? To cost your mobile phone at night. This kind, you is also no longer losing a treasured outlet at the attend of the nightstand to your mobile phone charger. It’s payment noting even supposing that this isn’t an especially hasty charger, so you may maybe unruffled unruffled are looking to decide on your mobile tool’s long-established-field scuttle to hand. Unruffled, it’s priceless when you happen to right are looking to present some fixed juice to a mobile phone, tablet or ereader while in bed.

6W speakers are inside too. That’s no longer shockingly loud, but that’s no longer actually a teach given the tool’s reason. Determined, you’ll need one other speaker when you happen to pray to must bear a precise celebration on your bedroom (ahem), but when it’s right for listening to news reports, podcasts or the unfamiliar tune here or there, it’s pretty. It’s a transparent speaker, and the Google Assistant continually rings out when it responds to your requests.


Sure, it’s a clock. Sure, it’s an fear. However that ‘Trim’ bit of the Lenovo Trim Clock’s moniker is what sets it apart. It’s a ways also shrimp, but it absolutely’s every bit as in a position to controlling your tidy house as any assorted tidy speaker or tidy show conceal tool available.

If you happen to’re at all conscious of Google Assistant, you’ll know what to not sleep for here. After constructing the Trim Clock by the Google Residence mobile app (which ties all of your accounts and settings to the tool) you’ll be ready to articulate it to build all formulation of things. 

Want to situation a reminder? Factual inform ‘OK Google’ and query the Trim Clock. The same goes for timers or alarms, or to play any tune from your tune streaming provider of different. If you happen to’ve connected tidy equipment plugged on your situation, adore tidy lights or locks, they too is also managed by articulate. Query a inquire, accumulate an resolution, fabricate a question and goodbye as it’s solution is web based fully mostly, there’s a appropriate kind probability that the Google Assistant will be ready to fulfil it.

That that you just would be in a position to presumably moreover use the four-hunch touchscreen to decide on out most of these tasks, but you’ll build a lot of the heavy lifting with your articulate – the Trim Clock has about a panels that you just would be in a position to play with, and a pull down menu that skill that you just can adjust about a settings, but the gigantic majority of functions are accessed by articulate. Demonstrate that practically all of this functionality is Google Assistant-based fully mostly, and no longer unfamiliar to the Lenovo Trim Clock.

On the opposite hand, it’s one among the necessary units the use of Google’s tidy helper to profit from of some original functions coming to the platform. Let’s assume, are you able to no longer handiest faucet the Lenovo Trim Clock to discontinue your morning fear, but that you just would be in a position to easily inform “discontinue” too – no ‘OK Google’ wake word wished. With the worry ringing, the Clock simply keeps an stumble on out for the pertinent ‘Close’ order too, as it’s no longer going that you just’re going to be referring to the rest else. At last!

In different places there are routines that is also programmed by the Google Residence app. Yell “Hiya Google, appropriate kind night”, as an instance, and likewise that you just would be in a position to bear the Trim Clock gloomy your lights, turn down the amount and situation off a meditation app’s sleep helper.

There’s moreover a determined ‘Daybreak Apprehension’ characteristic. This slowly raises the brightness of the show conceal over the direction of the 30 minutes ensuing on your sonic fear going off. This must unruffled in enact enable you to wake extra naturally – but it absolutely’s no longer as effective because theultimate SAD wake-up lampswhose characteristic it apes. 

It simply doesn’t toddle engrossing sufficient to envelope a room with rupture of day-imitating light. That acknowledged, on the reverse cease of that scale, the Trim Clock’s ambient sensor dims the sunshine expertly at evening – shadowy sufficient to no longer distract, but with its textual insist right seen sufficient to read with out a lights on as you birth your groggy eyes.


The Lenovo Trim Clock works adore a treat. Its microphones without wretchedness elevate up our articulate requests, and Google Assistant is tidy sufficient to efficiently resolution the bulk of our queries satisfyingly. 

Google Assistant, at the coronary heart of this diagram, is slowly rising correct into a plentiful tidy helper, and the knowledge that its repertoire of abilities will continue to develop over time affords the clock a stage of futureproofing. Bask in the general ultimate fear clocks, the Lenovo Trim Clock is official – even when it’s characteristic situation is exponentially extra subtle than your damaged-down bell ringer.

However the smaller accumulate ingredient, and perception that a tool aimed toward the bedroom has to be less of a distracting presence, is a mixed accumulate in conform to.

The Lenovo Smart Clock sat next to the larger Lenovo Smart Display with its more visually-rich Google Assistant interface.

The Lenovo Trim Clock sat subsequent to the increased Lenovo Trim Point to with its extra visually-effectively off Google Assistant interface.

With a smaller show conceal than any Google Assistant tidy insist that’s long gone earlier than it, the Lenovo Trim Clock makes use of a tweaked interface compared to old Google powered units adore the Residence Hub. It’s most continuously great extra stripped attend – while key monitors adore calendar, climate and alarms supply effectively off visual feedback to accompany the Assistant’s audio responses, in other places you’re presented with right a pulsing Google Assistant emblem. 

Let’s assume, query the Google Residence Hub on data about US Presidents, and it’ll contemporary visual recordsdata alongside a spoken description. On the Lenovo Trim Clock, you right accumulate the Google Assistant emblem on a sunless background. 

It’s a shame – there’s bigger than sufficient room even on a insist this size for some extra detailed visual feedback, and it’s laborious to fathom why it’s been slice here. The same goes for Google Photographs integration and the dearth of a YouTube participant – certain, it’s designed to be as distraction-free as likely, but all as soon as more we’d care for users got the different as as to whether or no longer they wish that form of insist on their tool, moderately than prescribing the stripped attend expertise. 

That is a deal breaker for these moreover eyeing up the Google Residence Hub, which isn’t great bigger or dearer, and does supply these functions.


By placing privacy first and reducing down on distractions, the Lenovo Trim Clock continuously is the toddle-to different for many within the bedroom. It handles connected house commands with ease, is reliably alert to articulate requests, and works effectively as a bedside speaker too. The addition of a USB charging port to your mobile phone is thoughtful too, reducing down on the scuttle socket wars you’ll come across reach bedtime.

The Lenovo Trim Clock alternatively does consciously cull some long-established functions with a opinion to be less distracting reach bedtime, from effectively off-media visual cards to that absent digicam, which ideally would be contemporary but with an optional physical shutter for optimum flexibility.

However to this point as working to a characteristic situation focussed suddenly into the most intimate room of your situation, it ticks (and tocks) practically the general boxes and is effectively payment your money.

Extra reporting from Matt Swider

All image credits: TechRadar

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