Jaishankar says no language can be imposed, will seek the advice of states – Hindustan Cases

Jaishankar says no language can be imposed, will seek the advice of states – Hindustan Cases

Amid raging controversy over the draft nationwide training policy, which favours making instructing of Hindi compulsory up to Class 8, Union exterior affairs minister S Jaishankar on Sunday reiterated the federal government’s stand that it revered all languages and no language can be “imposed”.

“The nationwide training policy as submitted to the HRD Minister is most productive a draft legend. Recommendations can be obtained from long-established public. Inform governments can be consulted. Completely after that the draft legend can be finalised. The government of India respects all languages. No language can be imposed,” he said in a tweet.

The minister’s observation is available in the wake of apprehensions expressed by political parties and academicians in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal over the draft training policy. They’ve cautioned the Centre in opposition to imposing any language in opposition to the needs of states.

Earlier, the central government said it had no longer taken a resolution on the draft training policy and had no intentions to impose any language.

The Kasturirangan Committee has fast instructing of Hindi, English and one regional language in the non-Hindi states; and Hindi, English and one fashionable Indian language from other parts of the country in Hindi-talking states.


Vice President MVenkaiah Naidu on Sunday entreated all stakeholders to battle thru the full legend, in space of reacting all of sudden. “I aid each person… don’t be rapid sooner than coming to conclusions. Fight thru complete legend, verify, state about and evaluation and react so that government can act after the discussions,” he said while addressing the “Trade Academy Interplay for Improvement of Quality of Lecturers” organised by the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Vitality (IIPE) right here.

He said that the core considerations with training agitating minds of the americans had been needed and as well they deserve attention by all eager.

“In our country some americans for political or other reasons have the habit of straight announcing one thing by seeing newspaper headlines,” he said in an obvious reference to response by political parties from Tamil Nadu, which alleged that the proposed policy is aimed at imposing Hindi.

“We must no longer be considered quarrelling on languages,” he remarked.

“Young persons are succesful of know basics better in mother tongue. Learning English can be required but that needs to be after laying the inspiration,” he said.

He urged that north Indians must learn south Indian languages and south Indians must learn north Indian languages for nationwide integration.

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Jun 02, 2019 23: 43 IST

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