Hands on: Fitbit Versa Lite evaluation

Hands on: Fitbit Versa Lite evaluation

Early Verdict

We’re gathered now no longer certain on the worth for the Fitbit Versa Lite, nevertheless in case it’s possible you will seemingly even be after an cheap smartwatch with an entire lot wisely being parts this will seemingly be some of the most sensible entry choices into the realm of wearables.


  • Minute, graceful blueprint
  • Accurate coloration selections


  • Tantalizing tag level
  • Can’t music swims

Want a smartwatch nevertheless don’t want to pay plenty for it? There are an entire lotcheap smartwatchalternatives in the market on the market, nevertheless both the Fitbit alternatives to this level – that is theFitbit VersaandFitbit Ionic– are somewhat expensive, so the firm needs to alternate that with its Versa Lite.

The Fitbit Versa Lite Edition is a new edition of closing year’s handiest-selling Fitbit Versa, nevertheless comes with a few parts stripped away to make certain a somewhat decrease tag.

It’s now no longer the most price-efficient smartwatch in the market, nevertheless it’s very a lot lower than the fashioned selling tag of the Versa and plenty extra and plenty lower than the Ionic, potentially making it a high replacement in your first smartwatch. Plus it’ll also additionally be a colossal technique to leap into the realm of wearables and birth monitoring your wisely being.

Fitbit Versa Lite open date and tag 

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Describe Credit rating: Fitbit

It is possible you’ll maybe pre-order the Fitbit Versa Lite now and it would per chance seemingly be on sale from some level this month (March) in the US and UK. We don’t currently know the right open date despite the reality that.

The tag is the effect this gets sharp with it handiest costing $159.95 / £149.99 / AU$249.95, when in contrast to the frequent Fitbit Versa’s selling tag of $199.95 / £199.99 / AU$299.95.

We’ve considered the Versa’s tag fall a lot now no longer too prolonged previously despite the reality that in some places, so we’d hope for the worth of the Versa Lite to fall quickly after open too.

Truly, Amazon equipped the Fitbit Versa for handiest £135.99 / $145 over the Christmas gross sales length. So we’re hoping retailers will settle on the Fitbit Versa Lite and in the following months fall the worth decrease than what you’ll be paying on day one, nevertheless there may be no guarantee that incessantly is the case.

Respect and blow their own horns

If you occur to’ve used the Fitbit Versa, you’ll know a lot of the blueprint that’s on offer here. The Lite edition is – no surprises here – the firm’s most gentle-weight smartwatch yet, even supposing we don’t currently know the right measurement of the instrument. 

In our restricted checking out time it gave the influence gratified to assign on, and this is able to seemingly be in particular correct model in case you hold got smaller wrists. This may be grand extra suited to you than the Fitbit Ionic turned into.

There’s a touchscreen on the entrance, and whereas we don’t currently hold the specs we’re mindful of it’s a paunchy coloration blow their own horns and we search files from it to hold a resolution of 300 x 300 (that’s what the Fitbit Versa has). It gave the influence certain and intellectual in our checking out time, nevertheless Fitbit’s show cloak tech has never gave the influence as vivid as theApple Look 4or some Assign on OS gadgets.

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There are thick bezels around the blow their own horns here, nevertheless in case you’re the advise of a dusky peruse face it’s piquant to search these. The Fitbit logo is additionally emblazoned along the bottom bezel.

The left hand side of the peruse comprises the most sensible button that you just’ll be the advise of on the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, that can also wake up the peruse ready so that you just can cycle via the menus it’s worthwhile to to see.

Your peruse will reach with a silicone band in the box, nevertheless there are a chain of assorted straps it’s possible you will seemingly preserve alongside it in case you desire to mix up the vogue. It is possible you’ll maybe additionally preserve present Fitbit Versa instruments to pair with the Versa Lite.

The peruse itself is in the market in white, lilac, mulberry and marina blue colors. Fetch it in a single of the latter two and the peruse physique incessantly is the identical coloration (in position of silver), offering a sharp compose we haven’t considered on outdated Fitbit merchandise.

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Image Credit: Fitbit

Describe Credit rating: Fitbit

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Image Credit: Fitbit

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Very comparable to the Fitbit Versa, the firm has opted for linked GPS here, so you’ll hold to settle on your mobile phone out exercising in case you suggest to make advise of this to music your home and route whereas running or biking.

The Versa Lite Edition has the firm’s hold PurePulse 24/7 coronary heart charge tracker on the rear and comes with a diversity of workouts that it’s possible you will seemingly blueprint comparable to yoga, running, biking and extra, with a few films being all it’s worthwhile to to birth monitoring them.

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It must automatically music your workouts too, so in case you halt for the length of your urge the peruse will perceive and assign you on stay till you birth lively again. There are no on-show cloak workouts here despite the reality that, which is one thing reserved for high-stay Fitbit merchandise.

Other parts on offer with the Fitbit Versa Lite embody guided breathing workouts, cardio wisely being stage and female wisely being monitoring. You are going to procure a transparent describe of your day-to-day stats on the peruse, nevertheless the app is the effect it’s possible you will seemingly also rupture down knowledge over a longer length.

Smartwatch parts

Fitbit’s smartwatch platform is now no longer as used as Assign on OS or watchOS – that’s what the Apple Look uses – nevertheless it does offer a diversity of third-event apps alongside the firm’s hold products and companies.

You is now no longer going to procure Fitbit Pay or be ready to add song to the Fitbit Versa Lite. To procure those parts that you just may hold to preserve the Fitbit Versa Particular Edition, or the frequent Fitbit Versa for those in Australia.

You are going to procure notifications pushed out of your mobile phone to your Versa Lite despite the reality that, plus in case it’s possible you will seemingly even be on Android it’s possible you will seemingly also make advise of clear replies too. We’ve yet to ascertain these out despite the reality that, and we will guarantee to dig into these for the length of our paunchy evaluation.

Battery existence

Fitbit is claiming the Versa Lite Edition will closing for four days from a single tag, nevertheless you’ll want to undergo in mind that will alternate searching on how grand you’re the advise of it. If you occur to’re constantly the advise of it for workouts, you won’t procure such colossal battery existence.

The identical outdated Fitbit Versa came with the identical inform, and in our evaluation we found the peruse would closing for somewhere between three and four days searching on how grand we used it.

Early verdict

The Fitbit Versa Lite Edition offers a mode for folk that desire their first smartwatch to preserve one from Fitbit without having to utilize a fortune, we’re correct now no longer certain the worth is lovely.

Involved with we’ve considered third-event retailers fall the worth of the fashioned Versa below what the Fitbit Versa Lite costs, and equipped that there’s no certain unfamiliar selling level for the common particular person, we’re now no longer 100% certain you’ll want to preserve this over ready for the Versa to look in a sale.

However, that seemingly won’t be taking place again for a whereas equipped that the gargantuan gross sales are around the stay of the year, so it’s possible you will seemingly also want to seize the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition in position of ready.

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