Fingers on: DJI Mavic Mini review

Fingers on: DJI Mavic Mini review

Early Verdict

The DJI Mavic Mini is a featherweight foldable drone – loyal 249g – and but it indifferent manages to offer the incredibly stabilized video and reassuring form quality that DJI is legendary for. There are rather tolerable compromises: it doesn’t gain object monitoring and info at a most decision of two.7K at 30fps, which intention this isn’t a 4K drone. That’s k ought to you put it in your palm and see it’s the burden of 5 golf balls, and lasts a stable 30 minutes in the air.


  • Clear, collapsible contrivance
  • Incredibly stable video elevate
  • Spectacular battery lifestyles


  • No 4K or 60fps 2.7K video
  • No object monitoring
  • Micro USB charging (no longer USB-C)

The novel DJI Mavic Mini drone is launching on November 11, however the drone sport ain’t what it dilapidated to be.Drone authorized tips were tightenedin response to London’s Gatwick airport having been introduced to its knees by some rogue ones. Meanwhile, the competition is fiercer than ever, attributable to the heinous, however gargantuan designate ofParrot’s Anafi, turning in 4K elevate at below $800 / £630, and DJI indifferent nailing the highest rate dwelling with itsMavic-series.

That said, the Anafi weighs over 300g, and drones weighing in at over 250g want to be registered aviation authorities, enjoy the FAA in the US and Civil Aviation Authority in the UK. What’s a drone producer to kill? Originate a 249g drone finally; meet the novel featherweight favorite, the DJI Mavic Mini.

Not just like the pricier Anafi, the Mavic Mini choices three-axis mechanical stabilization (the Anafi’s third axis is EIS) and comprises at hand choices enjoy a hot-swappable microSD card slot. It additionally guarantees better battery lifestyles, with a quoted flight time of 30 minutes, which is class-leading. We’re indifferent testing that out for ourselves. 

All its specs don’t be taught somewhat so dreamily even supposing; the Mavic Mini’s video caps out at 2.7K decision with a body rate of 30fps, which could leave some videographers – immediate of 4K pictures – cold. It additionally lacks the incredibly at hand object avoidance its better siblings characteristic – so there are some definite, albeit unsurprising compromises here. After a few days testing it out, nonetheless, we are in a position to’t wait on however be, for essentially the most segment, smitten with this compact, capable quadcopter.

DJI Mavic Mini

(Image credit ranking: Future)

DJI Mavic Mini commence date and value

The legit DJI Mavic Mini commence date is November 11, however which which you want to pre-expose it magnificent now in two variations: either the irascible bundle (drone, battery, controller), or with the Lope Extra Combo, which additionally comprises a two-intention charging hub that can double up as a vitality bank, a 360-stage propellor guard, and two additional batteries. 

The irascible drone charges $399, £369, while the Lope Extra Combo is $499, £459. Even as you expect us, the Lope Extra Combo is value the additional designate for the additional batteries alone, offering you around 90 minutes of flight time. For tag spanking novel drone fliers or indoor pilots, the safety guards are additionally life like.

DJI Mavic Mini

(Image credit ranking: Future)


Admire most of as we express time’sfinest drones, the Mavic Mini is collapsable, with fingers that unfurl to transform it from a ladybug proper into a crane fly in a pair of maneuvers. The drone’s entrance homes that stabilized digicam shielded by a digicam guard, while on the encourage is an exposed hot-swappable microSD card slot and micro USB port for charging. Above these is the battery flap, and at the irascible is a button.

The immense thing here is its weight: the Mavic Mini is correct 249g. As talked about, the drone is purposely below the 250g, so it doesn’t ought to be registered with govt aviation companies, as a minimum no longer in the US, UK, Australia (review your native authorized tips).

What’s attention-grabbing is that the battery is ready 100g, so it takes up an excellent portion of the burden – ejecting it from the body of the drone makes it feel as if it lost half its weight. That’s how light-weight things gain gotten.

DJI Mavic Mini

(Image credit ranking: Future)

While there aren’t any impediment avoidance sensors on the Mavic Mini’s facets, entrance or encourage, there are a pair at the irascible, along with a battery meter and light-weight so which which you want to put tabs in your drone in the air. 

The Mini’s Lope Extra equipment additionally choices security guards, and as we talked about, we’d totally recommend you exhaust these when that which which you want to maintain. The fingers are somewhat slender, and a 1.8-meter drop left one fractured however indifferent totally functional – one thing that can well were averted had the guards been affixed.

As for the ravishing, it’s obtained DJI’s ethos written all over it; the color contrivance is gray and sad gray, there’s an insectile aptitude to its contrivance and its entrance is loaded up with a intention of ‘eyes’, nuzzled below a flat, beveled, offended-having a observe prime-side.

DJI Mavic Mini

(Image credit ranking: Future)


Admire the DJI Mini itself, its controller unfurls, making a cell phone-keeping, joystick-toting, antenna wielding hunk of plastic. There’s a micro USB on the left for charging and connecting to your cell phone, with Lightning, micro USB, and USB-C cell phone connectors in the Mini’s field. 

The controller’s plod-dial at the tip pivots the digicam thru 90 degrees, so it ought to plan forward thru to down. Not just like the Anafi, it ought to’t plan up. The Mini’s L intention off begins video recording and the R intention off takes a checklist. It’s a small fiddly hooking your cell phone as much because it – you are going to want to feed in cables, connect the joysticks and scoot up the app which takes a pair of minute, however from a portability level of leer, collapsed, it’s about as compact as we could hope for it to be, while indifferent feeling tough. 

DJI Mavic Mini

(Image credit ranking: Future)


The app we’ve been using with the Mini, DJI Lunge Lite is in Chinese Beta, so we’re keeping off being too excessive of it for now. At this stage, it covers the basics, however additionally appears to be like to gain some obstacles when in comparison with pricier drones’ accomplice apps. 

Whenever you’re logged in and it’s paired with the Mavic Mini via the controller, you in discovering an tutorial for straightforward intention-up, a suggested to download essentially the most up-to-date flight security info, (FlySafe Database) and it locks down your put of dwelling space, so it constantly is conscious of where to return to ought to the controller disconnect.  

We couldn’t receive an object monitoring probability in our time with the app, even supposing there are Quickshots, as learned on the Mavic Air. These pre-programmed flight paths can have interaction dynamic pans at the click of a button, revolving around an object. 

Modify over photography and video elevate is somewhat minimal, with no probability to tweak distinction or saturation. That it’s seemingly you’ll indifferent overlay at hand instruments enjoy a histogram and gridline to wait on with framing, however we could well perhaps gain most neatly-liked image put watch over. 

Furthermore, the gimbal supports two modes: apply mode, which keeps the horizon line level, and FPV mode, which takes the perspective of the drone itself, while indifferent maintaining all the pieces incredibly stable.  

DJI Mavic Mini

(Image credit ranking: Future)


The Mavic Mini captures 2.7K decision video at 30fps or 1080p video at 60fps. Its 1/2.3” sensor can additionally elevate 12MP photography all over a selection of modes, along with Region mode for identical outdated operation, Sports activities mode for more stepped forward pilots and CineSmooth mode, which lengthens breaking time for smoother pictures and more cinematic pictures.

Whenever you in discovering it in your computer, drone pictures appears to be like great faster than it did on the sphere, so we learned ourselves sticking to CineSmooth mode to in discovering us the lingering pictures we were after. The truth that there isn’t a 60fps 2.7K probability additionally compounds the want to sluggish things down in the sky as, unless you ought to gain to drop the total intention down to 1080p, which does hit 60fps, shedding the tempo of your pictures gained’t be doable in the editing segment. 

That it’s seemingly you’ll exhaust put watch over over photos with handbook mode, opening you as much as shutter speeds as long as four seconds, and as much as 3200 ISO. Low light video, nonetheless, isn’t one thing you’ll desire to kill with any drone, especially no longer one with a 1/2.3” sensor.

DJI Mavic Mini

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Connections and battery

The Mini connects thru WiFi, transmitting the dwell video feed to the controller which plugs into the cell phone and engages with the app interface. 

When plugged in, the controller charges your cell phone, with its 2,600mAh battery turning in enormous juice for a pair of hours of flight time. As for the Mini itself, its batteries are 2,400mAh, with a quoted flight time of 30 minutes, ambiance and usage-pending. 

We would gain cherished to gain considered USB-C charging on here, however that’s positively our greatest gripe with the Mini’s connectivity at this stage.

DJI Mavic Mini

(Image credit ranking: Future)

Early verdict

The DJI Mavic Mini is in a league of its possess, pairing a compact, light body with a well-known flying skills and decent quality video elevate in step with our first impressions.

Needless to mumble, there are some things we desire were on the Mavic Mini: 4K or 2.6K 60fps recording, more granular put watch over over video captured – distinction, saturation or a cine profile, for instance – and a apply/object monitoring characteristic, which could, doubtlessly, intention in an app replace. DJI has been known so as to add choices later on to almost all of its fresh merchandise.

It’s a balancing act that airs on the side of maintaining things light in all systems. Right here is DJI’s most more affordable and lightest drone to this level, with a characteristic-intention that has a few evident compromises. Yes, $399 or £369 for a drone isn’t throwaway money, however with a weight of 249g – below the federal weight for federal registration – here’s shaping as much as be the instructed intention for casual users and drone beginners to elevate excessive-impact aerial pictures in 2019.

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