Don’t race by polls, surprise awaits on Would possibly well well 23: Congress

    Don’t race by polls, surprise awaits on Would possibly well well 23: Congress



    rubbished exit polls predicting a landslide for the BJP-led NDA, asserting the outcomes on Would possibly well well 23 would surprise the ruling party at the same time as political circles believed that even the decrease finish of the projections could per chance well successfully rule out any opportunity for an opposition coalition.

    Despite the undeniable reality that every

    exit poll

    pointed at some stage in an NDA clutch, Congress spokesman

    Rajeev Gowda

    acknowledged, “Please wait except Would possibly well well 23. We are in a position to surprise you. Your total vote portion to seat portion conversion is a posh job. There is also a dismay


    within the nation and folk discontinuance not repeat their views.”

    Trinamool chief

    Mamata Banerjee

    called the exit polls “gossip” and acknowledged, “The game notion is to manipulate or replace thousands of EVMs via this gossip.”

    But rhetoric apart, the consensus amongst the polls just a few BJP victory left the opposition gripped with doubt and hoping for a repeat of 2004 when predictions proved wide off the build. In 2004, the pollsters had long gone with a victory for the NDA however the outcomes noticed Congress emerge because the one-greatest party.

    Insiders did betray concerns over that that you just have to well be ready to take into accounts outcomes. Many had been scared that submit-poll predictions had handiest attested to the reality identified by in-condo surveys — that Congress used to be doing badly even in states where it defeated BJP in December elections final 365 days. Congress strategists judge that if NDA touches 230, it’d be advanced to entire BJP from forming the government all once more. But if the figure drops beneath 230, then noteworthy would depend on the tally that Congress notches up. A figure beneath 100, moreover being embarrassing, would render the party weak to the requires of regional satraps to cede leadership to them.

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