Did Sony exact leak that AMD’s subsequent graphics card would perhaps well get ray tracing?

Did Sony exact leak that AMD’s subsequent graphics card would perhaps well get ray tracing?

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Now we get long suspected that AMD would put ray tracing toughen on the hardware stage in itsNavi 20 GPUs due out subsequent yr. But, Sony would perhaps well get exact spilled the beans on AMD’sray tracingtoughen. 

Sony exact revealed some more files about theAMD Navi-poweredPS5in an odd interview withWired, and in it, Set apart Cerny straight up talked about “there would possibly perhaps be ray-tracing acceleration within the GPU hardware”. So, everybody knows on the least one AMD Navi GPU in 2020 will toughen hardware-stage ray tracing. The gargantuan quiz is, then, how will this have faith on AMD’s desktopgraphics cards?

Correctly, we get already heard that ray tracing would be making its map toAMD’s subsequent technology of graphics cards: the Navi 20. These graphics cards, if accurate, will compete with Nvidia on the excessive-pause, which is one thing that AMD simply doesn’t gather appropriate now. But, objective no longer too long within the pastAMDdidstate it would perhaps per chance gather a graphics card for “everybody”, so perhaps that involves of us that must play Management at 4K with Ray Tracing. 

Indubitably, we assume it’s no longer attainable for AMD to assemble a GPU going within the PS5 andXbox Undertaking Scarlettthat will toughen ray tracing while leaving desktop users out to dry. We’re fully looking forward to AMD to come lend a hand out with a line of excessive-pause GPUs subsequent yr – perhaps even as early as CES 2020. 

Both draw, we’re obvious AMD will likely be sharing files on its subsequent graphics cards as quickly as its ready, we exact get to attend and stumble on. But, the draw we stare at it, the soonerAMD can consume Nvidiaon within the identical draw it did with Intel, the sooner everybody on the hunt for a brand fresh graphics card wins. 

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