Amazon Echo Studio overview

Amazon Echo Studio overview

Our Verdict

The Amazon Echo Studio is a convincing offering – a natty-speaker and Dolby Atmos immersive sound dwelling cinema unit, all in a single neat kit. About a of its experiments with upmixing stereo sources can sound quite at a loss for words, nonetheless or now not it’s in any other case a extraordinarily extremely effective, feature-prosperous natty speaker – namely eager on the value.


  • Huge sound
  • Alexa smarts
  • Easy dwelling cinema feature-up


  • Higher than your common Echo
  • 3D audio is a mixed earn

It might perhaps perhaps per chance furthermore possess popularized the conception that of the converse-activated natty speaker, nonetheless the mostly-unbelievable Amazon Echo line has faced one consistent criticism – that its audio capabilities are merely common. The Amazon Echo Studio objectives to alternate all that.

With competition from Sonos and Apple in the higher-discontinue of the natty speaker pickle, the Echo Studio appears to swing the steadiness again in Amazon’s desire when it involves audio quality, aiming to place it one in every of theonly natty audio system of 2019

Boasting plucky audio credentials that consist of toughen for 3D audio mixes andDolby Atmosdwelling cinema soundtracks – at a model the competition will battle to compete with – the Amazon Echo Studio comes tantalizingly discontinuance to reaching these objectives. 

Whereas the effectiveness of 3D audio is probably going going to divide concept, namely that of purists raised on stereo mixes of their accepted tracks, the Amazon Echo Studio is one in every of basically the most extremely effective audio system you might perhaps perhaps receive for below $200 / £200. And that is the reason sooner than eager on all its converse-activatedAlexanatty capabilities.

Will the Amazon Echo Studio prepare to recall over audiophiles whereother Echo audio systempossess failed? Read on to uncover in our fat Amazon Echo Studio overview.

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  • Or now not it’s far rarely always lengthy now untilSad FridayandCyber Monday, when we are able to demand so much of the Echo range to be discounted. Shield an behold on ourAmazon Sad Fridayrecordsdata in the scuttle-up to sale season so that you just don’t omit out on a slash payment.

Worth and availability

The Amazon Echo Studio is on hand now, priced at $199.99 / £189.99 / AU$329, ready for a November 7, 2019 shipping date.

Whereas the value of the Amazon Echo Studio makes it basically the most costly of the Echo audio system except for for the hide-packing Echo Articulate units, it’s a miles extra savory model than when the comparableApple HomePodlaunched at $349.

You are getting now not only a worthy and tech-stuffed speaker, nonetheless also a natty hub controller. The Echo Studio doubles up as a ZigBee hub, that way it might perhaps per chance join to 1,000s of natty dwelling products, correct out of the field, with out important fuss. Add on prime of that the noble try to bring 3D audio into the mix, and the rising power of the Alexa converse assistant, and or now not it’s far a unheard of model proposition.

Simply just a few brief years again this form of feature feature would possess been unfathomably costly. That or now not it’s below $200 now might perhaps per chance per chance be excellent.

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Fabricate and aspects

We have develop into older to Amazon Echo audio system looking out handsome identical, namely the fashionedEchoand theEcho Plus. Whereas the Echo Studio continues that very same construct language, being cylindrical in form and lined with a material mesh, it’s considerably elevated than any Echo that’s long past sooner than it – cherish somebody’s zapped a previous-long-established Echo with a gamma ray and made it develop to now not lower than twice the scale, Hulk-model. Or now not it’s roughly eight inches excessive by seven inches extensive.

It’s a corpulent unit then, and it offers output to examine. The Echo Studio pumps out 330 watts at prime, by two two-plug aspect-mounted mid-range audio system, a two-plug upward firing midrange speaker, a 1-plug entrance-facing tweeter, and a 5.25-plug downward-firing sealed woofer. Volume buttons take a seat on the head, alongside with a mic quiet and Alexa-wake button, with the signature blue-light ring also show. You’ll also glance two minimize-aways throughout the Echo Studio enclosure, allowing air to waft freely to again it pump out bass at excessive quantity.

Amazon Echo Studio. Image Credit: TechRadar

(Image credit: Future)

Its measurement way you’re going to must mediate about where you’re going to situation the Echo Studio – it won’t fit quite so discreetly onto a shelf as other Echos possess. 

And there’s any other component to mediate about right here too – its directional sound capabilities. This potential that, you’re going to are looking out for to place quite of pickle all over the Echo Studio in grunt to grunt succor of that directional sound.

Tapping into the brand new Amazon Song HD provider, the Echo Studio can possess receive admission to at initiate to a rising library of “so much of” of songs mixed in ‘3D’, while also upmixing stereo tracks by default to a Dolby Atmos mix. 

The directional audio machine, now a mainstay of quality dwelling theater setups, makes grunt of object-primarily based mostly soundtracks to position sounds above and all over the listener. It’s an increasing number of being previous in music studios too, with the likes of Fresh Song Community and Warner Song Community offering tracks in the structure. Sony has its occupy structure, Sony 360, which might perhaps be being supported by the Echo Studio.

Amazon Echo Studio. Image Credit: TechRadar

(Image credit: Future)

To pull this off, the Echo Studio is bouncing sound all over the surfaces of your room, introducing micro-delays to sure factors of a observe to place them appear to return from all round you. The mics on the Echo Studio are continually paying consideration to its output, adapting the sound mix to your atmosphere and the output wished for each observe.

Fetch a pair of Echo Studio audio system and you might perhaps perhaps per chance per chance place a stereo pair for immersive TV audio mixes. Simply feature them up in the Alexa app as left and correct channels respectively, and you initiate up a 5.1.4 channel dwelling cinema array. Amazon says Fire TV units will wirelessly hook up for Dolby Atmos mixes by this process, nonetheless you’ll even be able to receive your TV curved up over a mini optical input (although this model looses receive admission to to the highest class Atmos mixes).

It’s payment noting that the Echo Studio acts as a natty dwelling hub too. With ZigBee toughen constructed in, the total most traditional natty dwelling units will pair seamlessly with the Echo Studio and into the Alexa ecosystem. Undoubtedly then, right here is a replacement for the Echo Plus, Amazon’s previous smartest and ‘only-sounding’ speaker.

Amazon Echo Studio. Image Credit: TechRadar

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As for the comfort of the feature feature, if an Echo speaker can fabricate it, the Studio can. Situation timers, reminders and alarms; put a watch on natty dwelling units; play again music; receive facts and trivialities, all by asking questions with your converse. That such performance has develop into 2d nature to customers, and now almost an expectation of different rival audio system, is a testament to acceptable how ground-breaking the Echo line develop into in the first situation. 

Here, you might perhaps perhaps be pleased to listen to that even with the Echo Studio’s elevated quantity output, the onboard far-arena mics fabricate surprisingly smartly to grunt up your instructions even over the din of its occupy loud music output.


Getting directional audio to work and be immersive is advanced. Doing it from a single speaker provide is way extra worthy.

Or now not it’s far rarely always with out its faults, nonetheless we had been pleasantly greatly greatly surprised with the quality of the Echo Studio’s sonic performance. It’s a extremely effective speaker, fully booming with bass power and overall quantity, and with out issues the single-sounding Echo speaker to this level. 

A dedication to extra worthy drivers, and having strived to recall the attentions of a extra discerning ear, Amazon has a speaker that with out issues stands alongside higher-discontinue natty speaker feature ups. Finally, Amazon has a speaker that can in actual fact rock a receive collectively.

However the 3D audio part of the equation? That is a mixed earn.

3D audio, produced from a “rising library” of specially-mixed tracks (said to number in the hundreds) is a feature outlandish to Echo Studio customers who model in for the company’s newAmazon Song HDstreaming provider. As the title suggests, it offersHowdy-Res Audioversions of the bulk of its catalogue, alongside the 3D audio mixes – one thing that rivals cherish Spotify for the time being can now not compete with. Exhibit that in 2020 Tidal might perhaps even provide 3D audio tracks by the Echo Studio.

So, in case you demand of a tune on the Echo Studio, and happen to be an Amazon Song HD subscriber, Alexa will pull in a model of the observe in the following grunt of preference, where on hand: 3D audio>Howdy-decision>long-established decision. And, in case you’re on the fence about giving the provider a toddle, a ‘Simplest of 3D Song’ taster playlist is on hand to all to grunt impress to, offering about 20 tracks.

[A side note: the Amazon Music app, surprisingly, seemed to struggle to connect and beam songs to the Echo Studio, where third-party apps like Spotify did not. It made for a real pain trying to line up a playlist of 3D tracks].

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We have listened to the Echo Studio in diversified eventualities, areas and areas since its announcement, from fleeting early listens at Amazon’s HQ in Seattle to a press match in London, to this prolonged overview length at dwelling. And on every occasion we possess come to the same conclusion – for some songs, a 3D mix is breathtaking, nonetheless with others, it acceptable sounds at a loss for words.

When we first approached the Echo Studio at Amazon’s press briefing in Seattle, we had been treated to 3D audio mixes of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ and Gregory Porter’s ‘Mona Lisa’. Each and every showed a spell binding situation the Echo Studio faces – the mix of the tune will be extremely crucial to the audio performance of 360 tracks.

‘Rocket Man’ sounded unheard of, nonetheless its sense of pickle develop into quite muted. But when Porter’s ‘Mona Lisa’ kicked into tools, it develop into backbone-tingling. As its orchestration swelled, the sense of pickle develop into welcomingly overwhelming – it felt as if we had been paying consideration to the tune in an trusty reside performance hall, with a unbelievable sense of depth and prime.

In the same model, ‘Rey’s Theme’ from Big title Wars, as performed by Anne-Sophie Insist, showed what’s that you just might perhaps perhaps per chance mediate of with a unheard of 3D mix. The soundstage feels mammoth, with outlined separation between all aspects of the orchestration, and a mode of being wrapped in the sound coming from the speaker. Kool and The Gang’s ‘Fetch collectively’ in the same way impressed – lead vocals take a seat in the fore, backing vocals appear to be coming from higher in the room, piano notes in the background, a cramped bit cocoon of scratchy funk guitar all round. Or now not it’s vigorous in a total new manner.

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But then you jump to one thing quite crunchier, cherish The Killers ‘When You Had been Younger’, and it feels quite messy again. Bass can growth and overpower, guitars noodle aimlessly and uncomfortably in and out of focal level. For the file, right here is a observe we’re corpulent followers of, and know completely – or now not it’s almost a criticism of knowing what we’dneedto listen to from a 3D mix, and now not having had that delivered, and the way in which jarring that can in actual fact feel.

Clearly, only part of songs are mixed this model, and where a native 3D audio observe is rarely always in actual fact on hand, the Studio might perhaps be able to doing a cramped bit little bit of post-mixing wizardry so as to add prime to stereo mixes. 

Currently, this appears to be on by default, with no way to change it off in the Alexa app – although we possess seen it performed on check apps at the again of closed doorways at Amazon.[Update: now the device has officially ‘launched’ there’s an option to turn off the upmixing by going into Device Settings>Echo Studio>Audio Settings and then flipping the toggle. Be ready for a jump in volume when you do.]

But from our brief listening session at Amazon HQ, we’re pleased to document that traditional stereo tracks sound unheard of too. Destiny’s Little one’s Teach My Name develop into wonderfully punchy on the low discontinue, with a transparent vocal cutting by and a correct sense of separation from the head-discontinue instruments.

TV audio performance

Possibly one in every of the preferrred draws to the Echo Studio over the comfort of the Amazon Echo range is its ability to with out issues, wirelessly pair with an Amazon Fire TV tool to bring cinematic audio to your TV show or movie viewing lessons. 

Must you’ve one in every of the extra freshAmazon Fire TV Stick 4Kitems, or theAmazon Fire TV Cube, you might perhaps perhaps per chance pair the Amazon Echo Studio to your TV streamer with acceptable just a few taps from the units pane of the Amazon Alexa app.

Must you’re upgrading from the easy audio system constructed into your TV, or a lowly stereo soundbar, or now not it’s an improbable and easy upgrade to place. You’re going to receive a cracking, resonant bass response, unbelievable quantity and much extra depth than a comparably-priced soundbar can provide.

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With reason-tuned Dolby Atmos soundtracks, the Echo Studio in actual fact shines. What’s unheard of is that or now not it’s far rarely always reserved for acceptableAmazon’s High Videomotion photos too –Netflixboom and other apps delivering Atmos soundtracks will work acceptable stunning. So whether or now not you’re being immersed in the sci-fi gun battles of Netflix’s Altered Carbon, or the steampunk cities of Amazon’s Carnival Row, the Echo Studio has you lined. We had been greatly greatly surprised at acceptable how smartly the single speaker unit develop into able to envelope us in – when at its only – what felt cherish being in a bubble of sound at the guts of the onscreen movement.

As ever with virtualized surround sound, we’re now not of the thoughts feature to mediate about it extra impactful than having discrete bodily speaker channels above and at the again of you, curved up to adwelling theater receiver. But that’s a extensive expense, and now not gleaming for all dwelling room preparations, making the extremely effective Echo Studio a convincing model possibility.

Some things to show – the Echo Studio is a mammoth-ish speaker, and so is now not going to take a seat down down very with out problems below a TV unless that hide is mounted above it. It will imprecise the leer of a hide if or now not it’s sat at the moment in entrance of it. This potential that, you’re going to are looking out for to likely situation it on some model of stand or cupboard to the aspect of your TV, as inserting it inner an AV rack will stifle its capacity for directional audio. But in doing so, you’re going to position these unheard of sonics off center, which is in a position to be distracting. In other words, mediate about your AV placement smartly sooner than grunt.

Alternatively, as pictured above, you might perhaps perhaps per chance carry out a stereo pair with two Echo Studios, inserting them both aspect of your TV and constructing that long-established central candy-stammer between them. 

Nonetheless, we possess but to receive aid of a 2d Echo Studio to check this configuration, and did now not receive to employ ample time with a pair for the length of an Amazon press match to give them a comely overview. We’ll update this overview with our thoughts on that feature up as rapidly as we are able to – nonetheless or now not it’s looking out promising to this level.


In the Echo Studio, Amazon has made its only speaker but. Or now not it’s plucky, versatile, serves so much of functions and springs at a low model level that only an organization with the scale of Amazon might perhaps per chance per chance furthermore competitively carry out.

It’s a bombastic speaker, packed fat of now not acceptable natty dwelling and assistant tech, nonetheless natty audio considerations too. At its only, its 3D audio outcomes breathe new lifestyles into your accepted songs, while even at its worst it stays a ferociously capable natty speaker. And that is the reason sooner than eager on its deserving situation alongside your TV, too.

The audiophile group is an with out smash choosy one, and again the Echo Studio is now not susceptible to fully recall them over. Inconsistencies in the quality of the 3D audio mixes will place that feature, for the time being now not lower than, a receive collectively trick as opposed to a toddle-to attract. 

But at this model level, or now not it’s comely to state that Amazon is rarely always in actual fact acceptable courting audiophile ears – it wantsall individuals’sears, and is asking to romance them with a moving steadiness between audio quality and affordability. Must you’ve but to nab an Amazon Echo speaker, the Amazon Echo Studio is the one to engage.

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