Amazon Echo (2019) review

Amazon Echo (2019) review

Our Verdict

The Amazon Echo (2019) doesn’t genuinely feel explicit unusual, given each and each its originate and characteristic is modeled on the existing Echo Plus – but it completely’s silent an very excellent tidy speaker that gives higher sound quality than the 2d-period Echo.


  • Beefed-up sound
  • Fingers-free yell commands
  • Personalized yell profiles
  • Alexa!


  • No longer mighty is unusual
  • In general the Echo Plus
  • No Zigbee

The Amazon Echo (2019) became as soon as correct one of afleet of most modern Echo products announced in September, at a enormous Amazon open tournament. With products ranging fromEcho Bodytidy glasses to Alexa rings, a refresh of thebasic Amazon Echomay maybe presumably not sound as tantalizing – but it completely marks a gigantic shake-up for the Amazon tidy speaker ecosystem.

The largest part to take dangle of is that this: the unusual Amazon Echo is definitely theEcho Plus.

What’s going to we imply by that? The Amazon Echo (2019) utilizes the identical materials and components as the Plus mannequin, and each and each devices are rather indistinguishable when inserting them subsequent to each and each various, with the exception of some hundreds of color options.

While we generally take into story unusual devices and refreshes yearly or so – that is technically the third-period Echo – we don’t generally take into story this form of merging of various mannequin identities. But it’s determined that the unusual Amazon Echo will almost definitely be key to Amazon’s plans for the Echo differ – particularly with the upcomingGloomy FridayandCyber Mondaysales role to push particular devices arduous, if outdated discounts by Amazon are one thing else to switch by.

So what did we mediate? Here’s our elephantine, in-depth Amazon Echo (2019) review.

Notice and availability

The unusual Amazon Echo (2019) retails for$99.99/£89.99/AU$149, and is on hand to bewitch now. That’s a step up from the outdated Echo mannequin, which is currently discounted at $74.99 / £79.99 (around AU$110) – although we don’t request you’ll be in a jam to bewitch that one for loads longer.

Originate and parts

Can you tell the difference? (L-R: Echo Plus, Echo 2019)

Can you expose the adaptation? (L-R: Echo Plus, Echo 2019)

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)

Describing the bodily construct of the Amazon Echo (2019) is easy, as we’ve seen it sooner than in our Echo Plus review.

The unusual Amazon Echo uses the identical bodily components, to boot to the enhanced audio architecture of the Echo Plus mannequin that previously role it apart from the accepted Echo. It makes sense from a business level of view, in that Amazon can fritter away leftover components and the identical manufacturing line it primitive for the Echo Plus, although you’d be forgiven for being a shrimp bit pressured about what’s what.

Which manner the unusual Amazon Echo parts the identical bulked-out cylinder shape and wraparound mesh casing, with bent edges making sure no inviting factors – or comparisons to the extra industrial tin can construct of the first-period Echo.

You’ll accept a energy port and AUX out in the rear of the Echo, the latter which manner which that you can presumably connect the Echo to a extra capable speaker machine in case you want – although it goes to also rather defeat the level of the Echo’s improved audio. In case you’re merely going to mosey the Echo into an AV setup, which that you can presumably dangle intention to be making an try the less expensive Echo Dot as an different.

Four buttons inputs for volume, action, and muting the micrphone.

Four buttons inputs for volume, circulate, and muting the micrphone.

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)

The uppermost aspect of the Echo has four inputs to grab from, consisting of two volume controls, an circulate button (to ‘summon’ Alexa) and a nonetheless button to cease Alexa listening out to your commands. You don’t salvage the bodily shut-off as in thePure DiscovRtidy speaker, but it completely need to gash again off any audio recording.

So, is one thing else genuinely unusual? There’s a peculiar Twilight Blue color – alongside the accepted Charcoal, Heather and Sandstone – that may maybe presumably abet the unusual Echo stand out in case you already dangle one or several older devices in your location.

As an alternative of that, the easiest genuinely distinction with the Plus is one of performance, in that the Amazon Echo (2019) doesn’t characteristic the Zigbee interface for connecting to a mighty broader differ of tidy home devices beyond core partners adorePhilips Hue, WeMo, Belkin, or Samsung SmartThings. This became as soon as by no manner genuinely the killer characteristic of the Plus, although; the improved sound quality is genuinely what made it stand out, and a minority of users may maybe presumably dangle come up against the need for that characteristic.

In a gadget market where most indispensable producers are building Alexa means – Works With Alexa, as it’s called – into their devices, Amazon is naturally having to withhold out less in this regard off its dangle abet.

Clear Assistant: Alexa

When the light is blue, you know Alexa is listening.

When the gentle is blue, you realize Alexa is listening.

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)

What’s unusual with the Alexa in the unusual Amazon Echo is genuinely correct what’s unusual with Alexa in accepted. Amazon’s tidy assistant affords the identical performance all the device thru the Echo differ, which manner that unusual parts and updates come simultaneously all the device thru all Alexa devices.

There are tons of easy day-to-day uses for a yell assistant adore Alexa, which responds to verbal commands and largely does with out a need for bodily inputs – even in case which that you can presumably expend the Echo’s button inputs in case you want. 

Asking Alexa to change on a radio jam or tune playlist – all the device thruSpotify,Tidal, Deezer, or Amazon Song – is unassuming and correct away responsive, while Alexa’s ability to role alarms and reminders, send bulletins to various Echo devices you dangle, focus on the climate, or expose how you mighty visitors is in your trek back and forth makes this Echo (adore each and each various) a hugely helpful non-public assistant and records source.

TheAlexa Talentsplatform is silent rather of a muddle, and most users can likely salvage by without delving too mighty into it. But for added genuinely excellent capabilities adore quizzes, ocean and animal sounds,Song ID, or ways to search out your cellphone, Alexa will each and each now and yet again say you to particular Talents in listing to complete your search data from. 

The Alexa app itself in general is rather an absolute labyrinth when it comes to establishing devices, connecting an Echo to your TV, or making an try multi-room and matched stereo audio – and Alexa will generally expose you to switch making an try the app in case you search data from about the parts. (Minute tip: try not to dangle a whole lot of Bluetooth devices active around you right thru setup.)

Nonetheless, the utilization of Alexa this present day also feels loads extra… human than it primitive to. Alexa’s yell capabilities dangle naturally improved after several years of intensive individual records and in-condominium R&D, and it’s easy to genuinely feel at instances that you’re having an real conversation, although the spotted strategy of the AI silent rears its head rather on a trendy basis.

Human syntax is advanced, and Alexa will generally tell sorry for “not shimmering that one” at the same time as you happen to suspect you’ve given a transparent expose. But as lengthy as you accept the restrictions, and are consuming to Google issues your self when Alexa’s failed you, you shouldn’t be left too pissed off by it.

A most modern yell profile characteristic also manner Alexa can name who in the condominium is speaking to it, and cater the results to them. Here’s not unusual to Amazon’s AI – Google Assistant and Siri lift out the identical part – but it completely speaks to the accepted magnify in personalised yell interplay.

We did stumble upon some bugs with the Alexa AI interrupting itself, or repeating an resolution twice over – but it completely became as soon as a minor downside that failed to characteristic in the 2d mannequin we examined, and we counsel you returning the merchandise interior warranty if this occurs.


You can connect your Amazon Echo to Fire TV devices for breezy voice commands, even if navigation isn't always straightforward.

It’s probably you’ll presumably maybe connect your Amazon Echo to Fire TV devices for breezy yell commands, although navigation is never always constantly easy.

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)

The sound equipped by the unusual Amazon Echo is on par with the Plus, precisely given the the same components.

We’re urged by Amazon that the 2019 Echo now boasts “the identical audio architecture as Echo Plus, including neodymium drivers, 3-slip woofer and elevated abet volume so the bass feels stronger, and the mids and highs are clearer.”

There’s a transparent enchancment over the 2d-period Echo, with extra assertive bass establishing a fuller sound, even in case you don’t salvage a gigantic amount of audio part in low- or mid-differ frequencies. The energy remains excessive-frequency audio equivalent to podcasts, data announces, or when emitting Alexa’s dangle yell from the machine.

One in every of our indispensable complaints of the outdated Amazon Echo became as soon as its unhappy audio quality, which became as soon as aimed largely at a transparent yell for Alexa over particularly spectacular sound for tune or in every other case. The improved audio right here is welcome, although it’s silent in step with (now outdated) technology from the Echo Plus. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to search data from the baseline audio quality for the accepted Echo salvage a resolve from what it became as soon as sooner than.

You can use an auxiliary port to connect to some better speakers, though a cheaper Echo Dot could do the same thing.

It’s probably you’ll presumably maybe expend an auxiliary port to connect to some higher audio system, although a less expensive Echo Dot may maybe presumably maybe lift out the identical part.

(Image credit ranking: TechRadar)

For an real audio fix, you’ll are looking out to examine out theAmazon Echo Studio, which gives an real enhance with Dolby Atmos capable audio system, and – from our restricted time with the mannequin to this level – appears to be like adore the audio-focused Echo mannequin we would like Amazon had put out sooner.

The mic array may maybe presumably be rather distinctive, with the Amazon Echo (2019) proving in a jam to prefer up even murmured commands from as a lot as a pair meters away.


The Amazon Echo (2019) doesn’t genuinely feel explicit unusual, given each and each its originate and characteristic is modeled on the existing Echo Plus. Nonetheless, as it affords those advancements at the worth of a frail Echo mannequin – and launches alongside a genuinely audio-focused Echo Studio – it marks an organization taking sound quality extra significantly all the device thru the board.

As Amazon releases a broader differ of Echo products, particular devices will genuinely feel less main than others, however the unusual Amazon Echo is positively a greater product than the 2d-period Echo – and Alexa remains a helpful tidy assistant for those that adore fingers-free yell commands.

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