All in the Comey Family

All in the Comey Family

Feeble FBI Director James Comey departs after giving a non-public deposition to the Dwelling Judiciary and Dwelling Authorities and Oversight committees, December 7, 2018. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Baker, Page, Priestap, and Strzok are toadies who aided Comey’s efforts to flip an election and kneecap a presidency.

By his hold admission, the lately fired FBI director James Comey leaked on the least four memos of non-public presidential conversations — on the least indubitably one of them containing some labeled secret cloth — variously to his attorneys and thru liaisons to the press. In both telephone calls and personal meetings, Comey never gave any hint to the president he served that he meant to go a written document of the conversations for what became out to be his hold egocentric agenda.

Comey mentioned his intent by leaking his versions of these conversations became as soon as to force a brouhaha that would in flip advised Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint a decided counsel. That gambit labored to perfection when, rapidly after Comey’s scripted media leaks, Robert Mueller, his predecessor, aged FBI director, and longtime buddy, became as soon as appointed particular counsel, it sounds as if to construct what the now fired James Comey would maybe well no longer.

Mueller straight away attach together a left-soar “dream group” of “all stars” — Clinton supporters, Clinton donors, and aged attorneys of Clinton pursuits. As we are able to now enact from his normally clueless congressional testimony, Mueller himself if truth be told outsourced regulate of the investigation’s path to Andrew Weissman, yet every other powerful Clinton partisan and Trump opponent.

Muller had been tasked with supposedly investigating any wrongdoing in the alleged Trump–Russia collaborative interference in the 2016 election and any apparent collateral “obstruction” by Trump of such an inquiry.

Left unsaid became as soon as that the Mueller-Weissman investigation would be defining “Russian collusion” and “foreign interference” in the election solely in partisan phrases of allegations against Donald Trump — discovered nearly completely in the fabricated “Steele dossier.”

In other words, Mueller most completely wouldno longerbe having a seek into any other construct of collusion between the U.S. govt, foreigners, and Russia in 2016 — such as Hillary Clinton’s hiring of British national Christopher Steele, who relied on conniving Russian sources to accumulate dirt on the promoting campaign of Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump. Mighty less did the Mueller group learn Steele’s prolonged efforts to seed his wild and unproven allegations valid into a beautiful receptive Department of Justice, FBI, and CIA.

Comey’s leaks, and the subsequent outrage they incurred, did no longer just be obvious a current self reliant investigation of Donald Trump, his nemesis, who had ended Comey’s long Washington profession. It also had the carry out of guaranteeing that Comey’s hold unethical role in hiring Steele and the FBI’s leaking of his salacious findings to records retail outletsearlier thanthe election — acts that defined precise foreign interference in the 2016 marketing campaign — wouldneverbe examined by Mueller and thus would never enter the media-crazed narratives about foreigners colluding with presidential candidates to hurt their opponents.

But despite taking larger than 22 months and costing over $30 million in costs, the Mueller group’s investigation discovered no collusion and no grounds for indicting Trump on obstruction of the non-crime of collusion. So, many months and tens of millions later, Mueller ended up exempting the precise Russian collusion whereas chasing in vain the fraudulent collusion.

After Comey’s firing, Andrew McCabe — his trusty and depended on assistant, who had been the deputy FBI director and who became as soon as now appearing director of the FBI, and who would later be cited by the inspector total for leaking secret and confidential records to the media after which later lying to federal investigators — reopened an investigation of Donald Trump. McCabe — in his apparent earnestness to do away with revenge for Comey’s firing and in his hatred of Trump for elevating the realm of McCabe’s hold previous conflicts of pursuits as a result of his spouse’s relationship with Clinton-connected marketing campaign donations — resurrected the as soon as disgraced Christopher Steele, whom the FBI had earlier fired for leaking confidential sources. McCabe, pretty astoundingly, asked Steele to search out more dirt on the president of the United States. Be aware, Steele’s dossier, the font for the entire “collusion” hoax, would later be termed even by Comey himself as “salacious and unverified.”

McCabe it sounds as if wished to accumulate even on the president who had fired Comey, and he nearly straight away tasked the ever-expose Trump-hating Peter Strzok and DOJ unswerving Bruce Ohr (whose spouse labored for Steele) with rehabilitating Steele, in a desperate effort to search out some verifiable dirt on the president.

As segment of these makes an attempt to fracture Trump, McCabe, whereas he became as soon as appearing director of the FBI, met with Rosenstein and others to keep up a correspondence about ways of taking away Trump from place of work by invoking the 25th Amendment and a success over enough cabinet contributors to accept as true with their very hold pseudo-diagnoses of Trump’s alleged bodily and psychological incapacity.

The inspector total issued a scathing diagnosis of Comey’s behavior in leaking the memos. However what has it sounds as if to this level saved him from indictment became as soon as the truth that whereas Comey memorialized seven confidential conversations he had with Donald Trump, none were in toto marked “secret” or “top secret” on the time he leaked them. And why became as soon as that? Right here, it gets tantalizing.

Be aware that Comey had conducted these conversations below his hold preplanned asymmetrical premises: The president had no idea that his hold FBI director, whereas assuring Trump that he became as soon as no longer below investigation, became as soon as asking and answering questions with cumbersome records that he became as soon as straight away going to write an unswerving memo touching on every little thing that had just been mentioned. Or pretty, Comey memorialized the conversation from his hold self- level of gaze just in case he wished to leak his versions to the press in some unspecified time in the future.

Extra crucial, neither Comey nor any of his subordinates had evaluated the classification location of his memos after he recorded and saved them — it sounds as if on the assumption that no FBI director in his trusty mind would ever do away with such FBI property house after which leak the memos to the press or intimates. Only after his firing and after his revelations that he had leaked the memos to his attorneys and to the media did a alarmed FBI backtrack and for first time resolve to adjudicate the classifications of all seven memos.

The group concluded that the three that Comey left in FBI fingers were secret, and the four, with some minor exceptions, that he leaked were merely confidential. And who made that likelihood that would likely protect Comey from future prosecution? An outside body of FBI attorneys and brokers from amongst the 35,000 FBI workers no longer hooked up to the Washington place of work and intimate with Comey?

Below no circumstances.

Comey’s buddy McCabe selected Comey’s chums Lisa Page and Peter Strzok (whose voluminous non-public amorous textual suppose messages would whisper such a venomous hatred of both Trump and his supporters that Robert Mueller would be forced to fire both from his group). Strzok, remember, became as soon as a construct of Comey henchman and FBI enforcer. He had interviewed Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin (both given immunity for his or her flagrant lying), been instrumental in the FBI’s efforts to plot up contributors of the Trump marketing campaign, and likewise interviewed a taken aback Michael Flynn, below the entrapment ruse of claiming that FBI brokers merely sought an informal conversation, so Flynn had no need for trusty counsel.

As effectively as to Page and Strozk, McCabe signed on Comey loyalist James Baker as an auditor. Baker became as soon as the FBI counsel most definitely accountable for leaking the contents of the supposedly labeled Steele dossier to David Corn, who printed the dirt inMom Jonesrapidly earlier than the 2016 election. The committee de facto became as soon as headed by yet every other Comey buddy, George Preistap, identified mostly for admitting below oath that he has flown to London normally and it sounds as if to pronounce over with British intelligence sources regarding the Steele farces earlier than the 2016 marketing campaign.

In December 2017, the disgraced and fired Comey issued a uncommon public protection of Baker, who became as soon as if truth be told fired from his job as FBI counsel and reassigned for leaking to the press. Comey earlier had confided in both Baker and McCabe about his conversations and his plans to memorialize the conversations with Trump. With Baker’s merit, the FBI would later resolve that the leaking of these memos did no longer describe felonious dissemination of secret U.S. documents.

As effectively as to the above, every person is aware of that Comey became as soon as influential in curtailing the FBI’s investigations of Hillary Clinton’s obnoxious suppose of a non-public email server right by her tenure as secretary of notify.

To sum up, if James Comey had just declined to abet showy, narcissistic press conferences right by the 2016 election regarding the Clinton email scandal and as a replacement done his responsibility and examined the facts of the case in quiet, if he had resisted strain from Attorney General Loretta Lynch to no longer even name the investigation an “investigation,” left out pleas from the Trump-hating Peter Strzok to alternate the language of the FBI discovering to preclude Clinton trusty publicity, and acted with dispassionate integrity in issuing an FBI discovering to the lawyer total of whether or no longer Hillary Clinton either broke or did no longer damage American law, he would never hold entered the downward correct spiral that has disgraced him and the FBI itself.

If Comey’s chums McCabe and Priestap had just told him of the impropriety of memorializing after which leaking presidential conversations, and had he taken their advice, there potentially never would hold been a collusion hoax in the famous location — and Robert Mueller’s partisan particular investigation would maybe per chance never hold existed.

If Comey had a smidgen of integrity and had just asked whether or no longer the Steele dossier became as soon as authenticated and, when he discovered it became as soon as no longer, known as off the FBI investigation and withdrawn the dossier as evidence earlier than a FISA ask to surveille Carter Page, the country shouldn’t hold long previous by three  years of partisan hysteria.

And if Comey’s chums and aged subordinates Baker, Page, Priestap, and Strzok had no longer decided submit facto that their boss and buddy’s leaked memos were mostly labeled as secret (how noteworthy more secret in total is a non-public one-on-one conversation with a president of the United States who would no longer know he’s being memorialized?), then Comey would potentially now be below criminal indictment.

When historians secret agent again on the sequence of Obama-administration officials who sought to exonerate their bosses’ wrongdoing and to fracture the promoting campaign, transition, and presidency of Donald Trump, they are going to indicate that James Comey, both straight and in a roundabout plot, became as soon as on the heart of these obnoxious efforts — together alongside with his extensive Comey family of unethical FBI toadies.

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